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"They're coming, they're coming!" Maria exclaims, catching my attention. I turn from my conversation with Shawna to watch the victor emerge from the maze. "Bet it's Cedric," Maria says smugly as someone suddenly appears on the lawn in front of the hedges in a flash of blue light, rather than walking out of the maze. Two someones, actually. "Wonder why they're... coming with a... a portkey..." But Maria's voice trails away as we watch. Only one of the two people rises from the ground. It's dark here in the stands, but there's lights on the field, and I can see that it's Harry standing and Cedric on the ground.

"Oh, my God," whispers Shawna next to me, then screams as Harry drops to the ground again and grabs onto Cedrick. "Ohmygodohmygod!" Her voice grates on my ears for an instant, and then it falls away, everything falls away and there is only me and I'm looking in front of me and oh my God he can't be dead.

And then I'm the one screaming. "Cedric, Cedric!" Maria grabs me as I try to run to where he is, the boy who is everything, the boy I love. I fight out of her grasp and I'm sprinting down the steps, faster than I've ever run before in my life, and why does that even matter? "Cedric!" The name echoes through my mind until I reach the person lying on the ground. "It's not him, can't be it can't be him," I whimper, but Harry's gone and Amos is wailing and Jenna has her hands over her mouth and is shaking her head and Dumbledore is looking around and striding away and the teachers are standing around at a loss.

Someone is laughing hysterically, deliriously and I want to smack them until they shut up because there is nothing funny about this. Flitwick and McGonagall are coming towards me and they're waving their wands and that's when I understand it's me who's making that crazy, high-pitched noise that's really only half-laughter. But before they reach me I fall to the cold hard ground and I crawl to Cedric. I rub his hands and touch his face and moan as I rock back and forth. "No, no, no no no no no!" This isn't real, this isn't happening, he isn't dead. "He's okay, he's okay, he's not dead, he's okay, Cedric, baby look at me, you're okay, oh please God, you're okay baby, baby, look at me, stop, pleasepleaseplease," and finally someone drags me off of him and everything disappears.