Seemingly Simple

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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The oldest feud is


everyone else is all…


but even ambivalent friends eventually take sides

And eagles were never meant to strike



Okay, so maybe there was only one side in those days

("Potter Stinks," remember)

And Ravenclaws didn't have much to be happy about then

(the Gryffs had their champion,

the Huffs had their hero,

and the Slyths had a delightful spectacle to watch)

So what did the geniuses have?

A quiet library, for once

(except for those goddamngigglygirls

tailing Krum like a horde of

P u f f s k e i n s)


Actually, it was all a slow

b l u r

One day there are dragons,

the next there are menacing merpeople


But as strange as the already otherworldly

Wizarding World


the "relations" Hogwartians had to endure with the newcomers

just seemed infuriating for most

(after all, the Ravenclaw girls looked excellent in blue—

must the Beauxbatons bitches sit at their table?)


As the excitement built up, maybe…

(just maybe)

the lines of loyalty

b l u r r e d


and all anyone wanted to see was a

h a r m l e s s


But, as the years had proved

(and seriously, had only a few Ravenclaws wondered about the castle's curse?)

Victory does not come without a




It happened all at once


What was supposed

to be a mindless (mind-numbing) wait&celebrate

turned into



was a body…

a boy…

A hero

& someone who shouldn't have



r E w I n D

Wasn't it just days ago?

That he and Hannah had been talking with such an awed tremor?

About how their House

would finally get their due recognition?


But this wasn't


to happen!



What is that word?


When all is said and done,

Confusion still reigns as king

& heads hurt as much as

h e a r t s

So he didn't notice

when those gray and blue-sleeved arms

wrapped around him

He just knew that he was the reason they were damp

& that she didn't care one bit that he hid his face

as he cried

(for lost victory,

for lost fame,

for a lost brother, really)

The only question he had left was—

Why had he wasted so much time on Hannah,

when Padma had just as much compassion


she had brains to understand him?


One day, when it stops hurting,

Ernie'll try to find out why.


Awww… Who knew that Padma and Ernie could ever possibly work? :D I'm just extremely happy, as I already love Zachvati, and now Padma has her Huff, too! :3 And I like this FV a lot…even though I should've been doing a history paper instead. :P Bad, mew, bad! XD …or maybe not?

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki :)