Part 12

Once the trio got home, the whole family sat down to discuss what the lawyer had said. Rachel had even retrieved her pro/con lists as evidence she had thought this through. Hannah thought it was an amazing idea and was ecstatic about the possibility of Rachel becoming her sister. Mr. & Mr. Berry were a bit more reluctant while Mrs. Puckerman was stuck between seeing her dream of Rachel as a daughter in law come true and the fact that both Rachel and Noah were so young. In the end, Rachel and Noah went upstairs to talk alone because it was their decision to make.

"I think we should do it, Noah," Rachel insisted as she paced before her bed where Puck sat.

"I know you do," Puck replied, grabbing her hand and pulling her between his legs. "Like I said before, it isn't like I haven't thought about it, but I was thinking in another 2 to 4 years. Maybe graduate high school and get some college under our belt first. I just don't want you to regret anything. I don't want you to wake up one morning and realize what a huge mistake you made. I know you will love Beth forever, but, well, I can be kind of an asshole."

"Noah!" Rachel immediately admonished. "If you want to start comparing negative personality traits, I am certain I can outmatch you. I am overbearing, bossy, a bit egocentric, driven, loud…Should I go on?"

"But those are all part of your charm," Puck smirked. "You have no idea how hot you look when you get all bossy and shit. Plus, I kind of need those things in my life. You keep me in line, kind of."

"And you keep me from being too overwhelming," Rachel countered. "You don't take 'my crap', as you like to call it. You stand up to me when it needs to be done. See, we balance each other out. I know we are young, I know this will only fuel the fire of the people at school, but I think we really could make it work. I love you, you love me and we both love Beth."

"I know we could make it work," Puck agreed, "but when we get married I don't want it to be because we were forced into it and the best thing we have to say about it is that we will make it work. Makes it sound doomed from the start and shit. I'm not saying it won't happen, I am saying I want it to happen on our terms and not because Quinn fucking Fabray decided to go super bitch on us."

"I know what you are saying makes since," Rachel sighed as she moved to sit on Puck's lap, "I'm just worried if we don't do everything we can…"

"I know baby," Puck assured her as he held her tight. "Just remember what the lawyer said. We have all the legal rights."


Two weeks after the initial summons, it was their day in court. Rachel was nervously flitting around her bedroom getting ready. She was on her third outfit and considering changing again when Puck knocked on her door and stuck his head in.

"C'mon Rach," he said slowly taking in her appearance. "We gotta get to the courthouse."

"I know," Rachel fretted as she looked into her closet one more time. "I'm just not sure that this outfit is right. I don't want to look like I am trying too hard to look proper, but I still want to look like I put in some effort. The red dress just seemed a bit too risqué and the blue one seemed too 'get thee to a nunnery'. I just want to make sure the judge seems me as responsible and mature."

"You look great," Puck assured her. "The judge and everyone else in that courtroom is going to love you and see without a doubt that you should be the one raising Beth."

"Right," Rachel tried to sound confident as she agreed. "I can do this. We can do this."

"Damn straight," Puck agreed and moved to give her a quick hug and kiss. "My mom and your dad are waiting for us. Your Daddy and Hannah are all set up with Beth. Let's get this show on the road and kick some Fabray ass!"


Rachel had to hand it to Quinn, she was really working the innocent all American girl thing. She had been on the stand going on and on about how she had made a mistake and was scared and panicked, never meaning to actually give her daughter away. She cried about being such a good Christian girl, having a loving boyfriend and then getting taken advantage of by Puck. Rachel could almost hear the violins playing when she spoke. However, once Mr. Smith was allowed to cross examine, things went downhill very quickly for Quinn. There were enough witness statements from people there both during the pregnancy and once Quinn found out about Puck and Rachel getting custody that by the time Mr. Smith was done, there were more holes in Quinn's story then a slice of Swiss cheese. Add to that the fact that Mr. Smith got Mr. Fabray on a rant about how homosexuals will be the downfall of society, clearly showing his prejudices while not being able to substantiate any of his claims regarding the lifestyle of Rachel's fathers.

In the end, the judge didn't even leave to deliberate before dismissing the case against Rachel and Puck and even going so far as to bar any member of the Fabray family from attempting to contact Beth. Quinn left the courtroom in a huff with Finn chasing behind her.

Once everything was taken care of all Rachel and Puck wanted to do was get back to Beth.


"CONGRATULATIONS!" everyone screamed as Rachel, Puck, Mr. Berry and Mrs. Puckerman entered the Berry house. It kind of looked like a party store had exploded in the living room. The whole Glee Club (with 2 obvious exceptions) were there along with Mr. Shue and Miss Pillsbury. Rachel's dad was holding a clapping Beth while Hannah was bouncing around excitably. Puck and Rachel went and immediately scooped up Beth before thanking all their friends and family for their support.

"I love you Rachel Barbra Berry," Noah whispered in Rachel's ear as they watched their friends and family celebrate. "It's you, me and Beth forever."