Chapter 27

A lot of people did stay. Most stayed for about an hour and then left, including the Taisho and Okami-san. Kuon and Kyoko would love to say that they danced together for the rest of the night, but that wasn't true at all. In fact, the moment the music started, they were torn apart with people wanting to talk and dance with the couple. Their parents received the first dance with them, Kyoko smiling happily with the stoic Taisho as he concentrated on his steps and then getting swept away in Kuu's arms. Kuon, as charming as ever, danced with both of her new mothers with such elegant grace. Next song, Kanae and Yukihito came up. Kanae hugged her again, and Kyoko was overwhelmed with such open affection. Apparently, Kanae was a sucker for weddings.

Kuon bowed and offered his hand to Kanae, and Yukihito did the same to Kyoko. Both ladies accepted graciously. Yukihito was a wonderful dancer as was her next partner Lory. Kuon twirled the ever growing Maria-chan in her beautiful purple party dress, and danced with Jelly before returning her to Lory. She was able to see the entire cast of Dark Moon, the show that gave her start. Ogata was still as enchanting as a princess, and she got to meet his mother and father, them being friends to the Hizuris. All of her co-starts new and old came and hugged her again and danced with them. Even Kijima came up and danced with a little warning glare from Kuon.

"You look absolutely beautiful, Kyoko-chan." He smirked his little playboy smirk.

She laughed. "Be careful Kijima-san. You are hitting on a married woman."

He laughed. "Oh please, don't tell Kuon-kun. He hasn't forgiven me for the bachelor party."

The night and the guest seemed endless. Moments would pass as Kyoko smiled and danced with some man now related to her by marriage and the next with an old family friend that told Kyoko of how Kuon use to love playing in the mud when he was three. Each time she danced, she felt like she was slowly moving away from the man she married, and suddenly, he would appear next to her, dancing with his aunt or a friend of his mother's. The music was by far the best part. Anyone who wanted to sing could come up and sing. Ruriko came up and sang a sweet upbeat love song for everyone and even Hikaru went up and sang. She didn't know he could sing as he sang a tragic love song. Sho blessed the crowd again with his one of his number one hits making the guest go crazy with his rock song.

Kyoko didn't know what time it was. The crowd has gotten thinner, but there was still about half of the people dancing away. There was constant food for the guest at a serve yourself buffet table, the alcohol was flowing into everyone's glass and down everyone's throats. Kyoko looked around and for once couldn't find her husband. She found a brief moment in which someone didn't come up to her for a dance. She slipped through the crowd trying hard not to be seen and ducked into a corner. She sat on a box and relieved her feet from her heels. She groaned as she wiggled her toes and rubbed her foot.

"Is it too late to ask you for a dance?"

Kyoko turned up to find a devastatingly handsome man smiling down at her softly. She smiled up at him and started to put her shoes back on.

"No, leave them. You don't need to dance with me with those on." He held out his hand, and she tentatively took it. "I promise we won't move far." He helped her to her feet and led her to the dance floor. He held her right hand up in the air, her left going high on his bicep and his at her waist. She danced on the balls of her feet and found words stuck in her throat.

"Why couldn't I have seen it sooner?" Sho spoke softly as he gazed down at the woman who ran away with his heart.

"Sho, please don't," she whispered and looked to the crowd. She felt his hand squeeze hers, his fingers knead her waist.

"You are so beautiful. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as you came out the perfect Japanese bride."

Kyoko snapped her head up and looked up at him in surprise. "You were there?"

He barely nodded. "No matter what we have been through, you are still the closest person to me, Kyoko-chan."

She couldn't look at him. The raw feelings he was showing her were too much, and she didn't have the heart to meet his eyes. "What's with the -chan, Sho?"

He smiled sadly. "Distance. It's part of my Kyoko anonymous 12-step program." He chuckled. She danced slowly with him. They spun around as he gazed at the woman he foolishly let go. His thumb absently caressed her hand, and he ached to hold her closer but refrained. He messed up and lost the only thing in his life that music can come in second to.

"I don't know what to say, Sho. What do you want me to say?" She looked up at him with unshed tears.

Sho shook his head. "Say that you'll be happy, that you'll come to me if you need anything… or if you desire a weekend affair," he teased, making her glared angrily at him.

He laughed. "I was joking… a little." She shook her head trying to hide her smile.

"You've always had a beautiful smile," he admitted making her blush. Sho sighed, "Step two." He took a step back and bowed over her hand. He kissed it lingering a little longer than necessary.

"I love you, Kyoko." He looked up into her eyes as he said it. After a moment he stood up releasing the breath he as holding. "That was the last time I will ever say that to anyone, including myself." He paused and touched her cheek, "Smile, laugh, love, live your life to the fullest, because you deserve that and so much more." Her eyes glistened with tears catching the light and a single drop fell on his finger. They felt more than saw the taller man come to reclaim his crying wife. Sho dropped his hand, turned to him, smiled and bowed.

"Congratulations to you," Sho said and stood back up. "The better man won." He took a step towards Kuon to merge back into the crowd, but paused and placed a hand on his shoulder. He leaned in and whispered, "If she were to fall from your arms, I'll be there to catch her," he looked up at him, "and I won't let go."

Kuon nodded. "I would be cold to the world before I let that happen."

Sho laughed coldly. "Don't give me any ideas." His hand slipped from Kuon's shoulder and he disappeared into the crowd.

Her back was turned as Kuon approached her. He leaned down worried as she hid her face. That handy little handkerchief came out again, and she took it with a big smile. "I broke his heart," Kyoko admitted and started crying more.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her gently. He couldn't say anything, nothing would help her. He enclosing her in his love until her eyes dried and her heart slowed from the pain of hurting someone who is so dear to her.

"Do you want to go?" He whispered as she finally pulled away.

Kyoko shook her head. "No, I'm fine. I'm not the one who is hurting, he is. I'm just sorry it had to happen like this." She took a deep breath and looked up at her new husband making her heart swelled. Her face tilted adoringly as she looked at him.

"Unless you want to go." She stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She sighed happily, finally getting to hug him and laughed, "I feel like I haven't seen you all day."

He smiled and returned her embrace. "I know what you mean. It's been a very long day but a very good one." He reached up and caressed her check with the back of his fingers. She tilted her head against his hand closing her eyes with the sweetest smile. She pushed herself up and offered her lips to him without opening her eyes. Kuon smiled softly and kissed her.

There was a cough behind them, and they turned to find the closest people to them blushing and staring at them. "Save it for the honeymoon, guys," Yukihito teased.

"No, it's sweet. Never mind us." Julie gave them big goo-goo eyes, and the two laughed.

Kuu came up to them to be heard over the music. "Go home. It's almost over. We will take care of things here. Enjoy your vacation and call us when you get back." Both of them grinned and were more than relieved to hear that.

Kyoko stopped Kuu as he turned around. "Are you going to be here when we come back?"

Kuu smiled softly at her and replied, "No, we'll be heading back sometime next week." Kyoko pouted sadly, her eyes getting shinny again. "Please, don't look at me like that." He leaned down and hugged his new little girl. Julie walked up tears already falling and hugged her as well.

"I'll miss you so much, sweetie." Julie hugged her for all she was worth. "Promise me, you will not disappear and never talk to us for five years! My heart couldn't take it," she cried.

Kyoko laughed and shook her head. "Never. We'll call all the time and visit when we can."

They said their goodbyes to their closest friends and family and snuck out the back door with Julie and Kuu. Kyoko looked around for their limo but couldn't find it.

"Where's the limo?" She asked as they stopped. She looked up at the three of them. Kuon looked at his parents.

"We wanted to give you something, Kyoko. For our appreciation to you for everything you've done for our son," Kuu started

She smiled and shook her head. "I didn't…"

"Stop," Julie ordered and wrapped her arms around her. "You helped him over come his past and brought our baby boy back to us. If it wasn't for you, I don't know how long it would have been for him to come out of his self loathing. Please, accept this." Julie put something bulky in her hand.

Kuu came up and smiled. "We want you to be safe and no daughter of mine is riding a bike everywhere she goes." They stood back, and she looked into her hand. In it were keys, and Kuon and his parents stood back to reveal a brand new silver Jaguar.

Kyoko's eyes grew wide in shock. "I can't! It's too much. You paid for the wedding and the honeymoon. I can't take a new car and not one as expensive as this." She held out her hand with the little pouncing kitty keychain dangling.

Kuu sighed. "Unfortunately, it's a custom car specifically for you. We can't take it back, and we can't take it back with us to America. So it's either you take it, or we have to junk it."

Kyoko started to cry and laugh at the same time. "What a horrible lie." She went and hugged them again, thanking them over and over again. She turned to Kuon a little eager to get into her new car. He opened the driver side door for her, and she jumped in. They took a few moments to explain some of the normal functions of the car. Lights, wipers, gears, everything that she would need to know, so she could drive the car. There was GPS, satellite radio and other toys she would have to explore.

She couldn't stop squirming in her seat as she drove home. Kuon laughed softly, playing with some of the features a little jealous. "I think I'm going to have to get a new car," he mumbled.

She laughed. "Why?" she asked and puffed up in pride, "Are you jealous?"

He growled playfully. "Don't blame me if your car is suddenly gone, and you have to drive mine."

She gasped outraged, "You wouldn't dare take my car!"

He laughed. "I might if you keep teasing me." He leaned back and smiled at her. They arrived at their apartment building, and Kyoko had to look around for a spot. The apartment had one official parking spot, so she was forced to find a guest spot to park in. They stepped out, and she clicked the little button on her remote to lock her pretty new car. They started to make their way up to their condo, and she had this big goofy smile on her face.

As they entered the main lobby, the elderly door man held the door open for them. "Have a good night, Hizuri-kun," he spoke to Kuon and turned a smile to the sweet girl he's seen so often now, "Welcome to the building, Hizuri-chan."

Kyoko blushed and giggled at the older man, "Thank you, Kondo-san. Please take care of me." She bowed her greeting to him. Kuon stole his wife away and swept her into his arms as he opened the door to their condo.

"Welcome home, my wife," he said brightly and crossed the threshold. She laughed, her face shinning brightly and wishing she could smile wider. He slipped off his shoes and she toed off hers letting them thump to the floor.

"What should we do now, my husband?" She said shyly, and he grinned at her.

"I hear the bed calling our names." His voice was deep, and she flushed as he carried her into their bedroom. She laughed as he eagerly dropped both of them onto the bed and started to crawl over her. She licked her lips nervously as she lay back onto the soft sheets.

"Wait," she suddenly said. He groaned, falling to her side and onto his back. Kyoko laughed and turned towards him. "I'm sorry. Let me take a really quick shower. Please? And I can put on the nightgown I bought. I promise, really quick!"

He raised his hand and cupped her face. He nodded, and she stormed off. She quickly took the one box she didn't unpack and went into his bathroom, while he made himself more comfortable. She stripped off her clothes as the water heated up and jumped into the shower.

Oh did the water feel good. She sighed as the day's sweat and dirt washed off her skin. She washed her hair twice getting rid of all the hair products Jelly put into it and scrubbed her skin till it was pink. She paid special attention to certain parts to make sure she was squeaky clean. Kyoko knew she was still salon perfect from everything, but she still check herself over as she dried off. She dried her hair as quickly as she could, throwing precaution out the window and setting the hair dryer on high. She combed it a few times to try and get it to fall in the right place.

She let the towel fall from around her and took out the satin slip. It was still as soft as the first time she put it on and still looked as classy as ever. It actually came with a simple white thong but she went out and bought white lace panties for it instead, something she was more comfortable with. She also thought it was much prettier. She looked in the mirror and smiled at her reflection.

"Hizuri Kyoko," Kyoko said softly to herself and giggled. She ran her hands over the front of her slip and took a deep breath. Why she was worried she didn't know. He's always been able to calm her nerves and make her comfortable in his arms and in his bed. She was announced his to the world and under God today, and tonight she would be his - mind, soul and finally body. Her head peeked out, and she found Kuon lying on the bed with the covers pulled back wearing only his slacks. There was only one light on, the lamp on her side of the bed. His face was covered in shadows, but he was facing her way.

She came out shyly, her body wanting to run up to him, so she wasn't on display. She licked her lips and took a shaky breath, "What do you think?" She could feel the fabric clinging to her subtle curves, the softness of it caressing her thighs as she walked and slide against her breast as she breathed. She crept closer to him and turned her head.


She bent low to see his face and found him asleep. Her hand flew to her mouth to stifle a laugh. "Kuon," she whispered as she sat down on the edge of the bed. He didn't move. She watched him sleep for a moment, the dark strands of his hair covering his right eye. She ran her finger down his temple and forced the hair back. Kuon shifted slightly, and she spoke again, "Kuon, aren't you going to make love to me?"

"Hmm," the sound escaped his lips with his steady breathing. She smiled, leaned over and kissed his forehead. "Good night, my prince," Kyoko whispered. She stood up and looked over him. She wanted to take off his pants, so he could sleep comfortably but that would wake him up. While she would have liked to spend the night in his arms making love, she also didn't want to wake him up. Instead, she unbuttoned and lowered the zipper of his slacks. She stepped to the foot of the bed, grabbed the thinnest sheet and pulled it over him. She walked around and sat on what would become her side of the bed, and then looked around the room and flushed.

My room

She ran her hand over the large bed.

My bed

She turned off the light, swung her legs up into the bed and pulled the sheet over herself. She turned her head to her left, at him, and smiled.

My everything

The sandman came quickly for her. She couldn't believe how heavy her body felt and she entered that dreamless sleep quickly or so she thought. She felt like she was being embraced by this warm living cream. It felt like it was all around her keeping her warm and safe. It felt on great on her skin too, so soft and smooth. It was as if it was alive though, not something she wrapped around herself. It moved across her body gliding along her skin softly, up her thighs over her hip and her back arched in pleasure as it moved up over her stomach, her ribs and over her breast to her shoulders and then back down. The warmth didn't stop touching her, never speeding up or slowing down simply running up and down her body like the finest silk.

Kyoko felt herself turn onto her back, the dream taking hold of her. She felt it hold her waist and lifted her gently off the bed and set her back down. She felt something hot pressed against the flesh of her stomach and move up and that same something on her thigh and slide up to cup her bottom. She moaned as it molded against her right breast, and she saw a shadow above her as her eyes cracked open.

The shadow came closer to her face as her eyes blinked away sleep and found the most ethereal face looking down at her darkly. His mouth moved but she couldn't understand or hear what he was saying. Kuon's face filled her vision and forced her eyes to close once again as his wet lips softly brushed against hers. Her hands reached out and found bed warmed flesh. She sighed as he swept his lips down her neck softly suckling her skin. His hand stroked down the side of her body, sliding effortlessly across her skin. She gasped as his arm pulled her up into a sitting position. Her eyes flew open and meet with his.

"Kuon…" Kyoko breathed as his hand slipped up her body and pushed off the slip that covered her. His left arm supported her, keeping her up with his forearm pressed against her spine, his hand splayed between her shoulder blades.

"You fell asleep," she whispered to him as she started to finally wake up. He ran his right hand up her body making her arched her back against him, her breast thrusting towards him in an offering.

Kuon laughed softly, his hot breath blowing across her chest as they ached for his mouth. He spoke softly to her breast, "I did. I'm sorry." His right hand moved up and circled her breast, squeezing it gently. "I'll make it up to you," he spoke and wrapped his lips around the tantalizing offer. She cried out as his mouth sucked and licked her. The tip of his tongue circled the dark hardened bud making her blood rush through her veins. He set her back down on the bed, his hands running down her body to the lace panties she still had on. She felt him roll the fabric off her hips and down her legs.

Kyoko looked up at him as he knelt before her. She didn't know when he had stripped off, but he was before her completely naked. Her eyes ran from his handsome face down his body, his thick wide shoulders, his muscled chest dipping to the solid mass of his abs, his slim waist and the little V shape that came together to the part of him showing her how very eager he was to be with her. Kuon moved back and shifted down. He kissed her knee and started to nibble and lick the inside of her right thigh. Her legs moved on their own to accommodate his advances.

She started to pant as he crept closer, her body anticipating the warmth of his breath, the soft press of his lips, and the slick touch of his tongue. His hands wrapped around her thighs, and he tilted her hips up, bringing her legs up into the air and kissed her making her throw her head back. Her fingers grasped to the bed sheets as he fed from her. Kuon licked her slowly as she moaned and tried to contain her movements. She glanced down at him; his eyes were closed as if he was enjoying the sweetest of creams.

His tongue swept inside of her causing her to rock her hips against him. He ran his hand up and down her thigh, petting her soft skin. Her breath quickened and her hips started to rotate with his movements. He took her between his lips and sipped softly until she thrashed against him, crying out as she climaxed.

Kyoko felt the bed move, heard the rustle of the sheets as he moved over them. His body caged her in as he crawled over her. She shifted her legs to fit him between her and wrapped them around his waist. He leaned down, her sex pressing against his stomach, and he kissed her shoulder. He ran his fingers through her hair as he kissed up her shoulder to her neck. He licked her skin and sucked the flesh at the crook of her neck. Her arms embraced him, wrapping around his shoulders as best as she could. Kuon supported himself with his forearms pressing on the bed. He leaned in and kissed her lips, her mouth opening to take him in. She slipped her tongue out to meet with his and tasted herself.

Kuon shuddered above her as she ran her nails down his back. She nipped at his lips and grew more forceful with her kisses. Kyoko ran her hands up his back, her fingers sinking into his hair as he moved to the other side of her neck. His hands ran over her breast and rolled her nipple with his fingers. She thrust her hips against him and squeezed him around his waist with her thighs.

He groaned and bit her breast in revenge. She gasped, but it was not in pain. He moved up and kissed her. Her mouth moved from his lips and started to kiss his chin and nibble down his jaw. Kyoko slowly worked her lips down his neck, lightly sucking his salty skin. He rose up as her mouth kissed his chest, her little tongue licking him. She moved herself lower and turned her face up to look up at him. She slid her leg against his and shifted her hips against him.

Kuon moaned as she slid the hot wet heat of her womanhood across his straining shaft. Her mouth continued to taste him as her hips made him rub against her. His breathing grew short and ragged. She reached up and slid herself across him slowly until she felt the tip of him at her entrance, and he took over.

Kyoko cried out as he joined their bodies in one swift motion, a loud moan escaping his lips. The pain was sharp, and she clenched around him, her arms, legs and body held onto him as she gasped for breath. He held still above, inside of her. He kissed her forehead softly and ran his fingers across her skin.

He leaned over her, and she flinched as he moved. "We can stop if you want," he whispered to her, and she immediately shook her head.

"It won't hurt next time. You don't have to do this," he spoke softly as he slowly started to pull out. She gasped, her body arching as he moved, and he frowned watching her in pain. She shifted back down and pushed him in slightly. She moaned and tightened her legs around him. She lifted her hips to stop his retreat and found that it only hurt after a certain point, but the pain overall wasn't bad.

"Go slow," Kyoko whispered, "but don't stop." She ran her hands up his chest and glided around his back. She pulled him in closer to her. She wanted to be completely wrapped around him, to feel nothing but him as he loved her. Kuon did was she asked and shifted his position. He moved his right knee up to give himself the leverage he needed and slowly moved. It took every ounce of strength too keep this slow rhythm. He closed his eyes and felt every little muscle around him tightly squeeze every little bit of his length. Her arms clung on to him, making him stay as close to her as possible. Her hot breath puffed against his skin every time he moved inside of her.

The more he moved, the easier it got. She relaxed around him, and he could tell she was enjoying it more. Still, he didn't want to change anything. He made long sure strokes, leaving only his tip inside of her and slowly slipped in to her again and again. Oh, it was driving her mad. Kyoko loved it when he rocked inside of her, wanting that to happen more than him slipping out. When he started to slip out, she thrust her hips before he was halfway out.

Kuon groaned and stopped his movement. He looked at her. She was flushed, air rushing in and out of her full throbbing lips. He changed and made shorter thrusts in side of her but still slowly, softly. She gasped and her legs fell from around him. She widened her thighs, and her nails ran over his ribs and into his skin. Her breath came in short shallow pants to his measured, insistent rhythm.

"Faster," she whispered, and his mind disappeared. Kuon increased his tempo and her breathing became moans, small soft sounds that crawled out of her throat as he moved. Kyoko lifted her legs higher up his waist almost touching his ribs. He raised himself and her voice got louder as he leaned back. His hand captured her right leg and pushed it forward against her.

She turned her head towards the blankets, her hands clinging to the sheets around her as he made her body bounce against him. Her lips felt numb and her head felt light. This was too much. It felt too good. Kyoko wanted him to stop and to never stop. He kept going, driving in to her with this motion that would not stop driving her higher. Kuon took her other leg and hooked it around his arm, and the pleasure intensified. He went faster and harder inside of her, and she screamed at the exquisite feeling. Her body rocked with an overwhelming rushed, but he kept moving. Her soft moans turned to loud cries. Her body was this huge throbbing nerve. He leaned over her, his head resting next to hers as he held her legs and thrust mercilessly into her. She grabbed him and tucked her face into his neck, muffling her loud moans.

His movements started to become harder, faster and shallower. She felt him slap against her and small sounds started to escape his lips. Kuon clenched his fist and moaned as he pulsed inside of her, his movements coming to a screeching halt. He released her legs, and she lowered them down slowly, the euphoria still in her body not revealing the aches inside of her just yet. His breath was loud against her ear, but she was sure hers were the same. After a few moments, he ran his hand down her side and back up. His fingers moved up her sweat coated body to her left breast. He rolled it gently and pinched it making her whimper softly.

Kyoko lied limp beneath him as his hand touched her skin. He smoothed his palm over her hips and to her thighs. She felt him shift up, the cold air hitting her skin. Kuon looked down at her. He held her thigh against him low on his hip and looked at her as he pressed into her. He never pulled out of her, and she didn't even notice that he was still half hard. He grounded his growing arousal into her. She gasped as he quickly started to fill her again, growing harder at each movement.

Her hands reached up and pushed against his chest. Kuon rose up and continued those strong sure strokes into her. He took her hand, brought each one to his lips and then held them down with his hands. Her grip tightened around his fingers as he shifted. He spread his knees wide and started to rock his hips the same way he did when he was dancing for her. Oh that dance meant so much more now. With her free legs, she pushed herself up to match his fluid movements and soon he was lost inside of her again. His movements became raw and frantic. She tried to keep up but her body was taken by the current of pleasure that he was making inside of her.

The night turned to day. Kyoko didn't know when Kuon had woken her up. They could have been at this for hours or minutes. She had no concept of time. He embraced her and took her. He would fall panting beside her, and her body would grow heavy from their actions, then he would start kissing her two seconds later. His hands would play with her body, touching her, making her skin feel alive and crave more of his touch. Her thighs were sticky with their play, the bed sheets were slowly being pulled from under the edges of his mattress. Her eyes would start to drift closed, and he would pull her up into his arms.

"Don't go to sleep yet," Kuon whispered to her. Kyoko would feel his hands run down her body, and his mouth would start to lick her. No matter how long it took for him to get a rise out of her, he would do it. He would lick and play with her until she was begging for his body once again. It wasn't until he fell asleep, that she was able to rest.

Kyoko woke up dreaming of food. Her eyes opened to find her husband still asleep. He was snoring lightly with his face buried in a pillow. She smiled noticing that he didn't even bother with a sheet to cover up. She turned towards the clock and regretted it. Pain and stiffness shot down body. She groaned as she rotated her neck and her shoulders. She crawled out of bed and found her legs and places deep inside of her very sore. She put on the closest thing which happened to be the slip she was wearing last night. She turned her head to the clock trying to read it for the second time. It was no wonder she was hungry. It was almost four in the afternoon.

Kyoko slipped out of the bedroom, careful not to wake him up. She padded into the kitchen and found the first thing she could munch on while she made something to eat. She pulled open a bag of chips that father didn't eat yet and almost hesitated eating them. Her stomach screamed at her loudly and demanded her to eat them. She put the salty chip into her mouth and almost died from joy. No one should be this hungry. She wanted something quick and everything was frozen. She saw a sweet potato and thought to make daigakuimio. She cut up the potato and started to fry them up still snacking on the chips. It was a large bag, remember it was for Kuu.

She heard the door open down the hall. She smiled knowingly and blushed as memories of earlier that day rushed to her head. She saw movement come from the corner of her eye, and her face split into a wider grin. She concentrated on frying the bits of sweet potato getting the pretty brown color all around. His hands crept around her waist, and he pressed her back to him. He bent down and kissed her cheek. "Good morning," Kuon whispered.

She laughed. "Good afternoon," she corrected him.

He grinned as he nuzzled her hair. "Your voice sounds good, anytime of the day." Kuon looked at the pan. "That's all you are making?"

"You want food?" Kyoko said shocked, "That's not the man I married." She reached into the chip bag and held it up for him. He quickly ate it and looked at her.

"And who is this woman in my kitchen, wearing nothing but a slip?" His hands slipped under and found her bare hip. "She isn't even wearing underwear. That's not the woman I married," he teased with a husky voice.

"Haha," Kyoko laughed sarcastically. She turned off the heat to the food finally cooked and turned to him. His hand stayed at her waist making the slip lift as his hand rested on the small of her back now. "As if you couldn't pick me out of a line by touching me after everything you did to me this morning." She side stepped him to get a dish to put her potatoes in.

"I didn't hear you complaining," he said as he followed her to the cupboard. She reached up getting a bowl, and Kuon pressed his body against hers. "In fact, I remember you asking for more." Kyoko sighed as he raised her slip and ran his strong fingers up her back. He slipped his hand over and cupped her breast from behind and dipped his body, pressing his hard length against her butt.

"Kuon, wait…" she breathed, waiting to warn him but failed. His hand was running down her inner right thigh, and he lifted it high on the counter. Kyoko started to lean over slightly, and she felt his fingers sneak down to her folds. She gasped in pain as he touched her.

"Are you okay?" He let her go immediately, his voice filled with fear and concern.

She turned around blushing. "I'm a little sore. I'm sorry."

He shook his head and cupped her cheek. "It's my fault. I got carried away this morning. You sort of changed my plans."

"What was your plan?" She asked curiously.

"Just once and let you heal up for the start of the honeymoon and then…" Kuon lifted her up onto the counter and ran his hands up her thighs. "Then you can handle the things I did to you this morning." His hands continued up her body, and he started kissing and biting her neck.

Kyoko smiled as he started to make her feel very good. "I think I did well enough," she said with a sigh. Her eyes fluttered close and her hand reached out to him.

He laughed and pulled back to look into her face. "You were wonderful. I couldn't get enough of you." Kuon took his hands from her body and cupped her face. He kissed her hungrily, his tongue slipping into her mouth passionately. "I want more," he admitted and kissed her again. "I don't want to stop touching you." His hands ran down her shoulders taking the little straps of the slip off her shoulder. "I love the way you taste," he licked her, "The sounds you made as I buried myself into you." She whimpered softly, her body remembering the filling.

"I already miss being inside of you." Kuon breathed against her lips and ravaged them again. The slip hung at her elbows, her breasts getting cold from his lack of touch. Kyoko moaned as he embraced her. She started to lean back, oblivious to where she was and smacked the back of her head on the cupboards.

"Ow…" She reached up and rubbed her head, and they both laughed. He sighed as he pulled the little straps back on her shoulders, the little bang on her head reminding him to not take advantage of her yet.

"So how does this change things?" She asked. Kyoko watched him as he put her slip back on.

"It might take a little longer for you to heal but this might be a good thing." He smiled at her as he picked her up and set her on the floor. "This way we can get all the sight seeing done on the first few days." She took the bowl and walked over to the stove to get the food she made while he spoke.

She frowned confused. "Isn't our honeymoon two weeks long?"

"Yup," Kuon replied.

Kyoko turned with the little bowl in hand. "So if we do all the sight seeing in the first three days, what are we going to do for the other 11 days?" She lifted a piece of sweet potato to her lips and looked at him. His lips split into a sexy grin and looked at her with dark, heavy lidded eyes.

Her eyes grew large, and her face burned up, "You can't do that for 11 days straight," she whispered incredibly.

He sighed. "You're right." Kyoko glanced up at him thinking that the emperor left but he didn't. He suddenly appeared next to her. He took her chin and lifted her face towards his. She felt her face burn as she swallowed nervously.

"Three weeks would have be better." Kuon smiled dangerously at her and sealed his lips upon hers.

Oh, what have I gotten myself into?

A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading about their wedding as much as I did writing it. This story was difficult for me. I wrote several pages worth of storyline and deleted it all completely unhappy with it. Rinse repeat. Insider info: There was going to be a bank robbery in this story. Can you believe that? As you all just finished reading, I nixed that idea. I can only hope everyone had fun reading this.

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