Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Between Christmas vacation, school, and my new found obsessions for "Glee" and the Hunger Games series; I just don't seem to have as much time. I suppose it's also that I just couldn't seem to get the character right. The last character is always the most important, you know. So I pretty much had to come up with the whole basic story line before I could finalize the character. He is one of my own, but I pulled a lot of stuff from other's characters that they submitted. I think that RC1121 deserves some recognition for their idea of Operation: New Generation!

Spike (an OC)-

Spike could hardly concentrate over the terrible stench of his opponent. Maybe that was subject 32's entire purpose, to smell so bad that most enemies would pass out with one whiff. The white coats had pinned him against a lot of different creatures before, but he had never smelled something as bad as "Minnie" the Minotaur. She was a mutated mix of human (must be one with extra sweat glands) and bull and her stench was probably best described as moldy onion garlic pizza wrapped in a skunk's gym socks in August.

While holding his breath, Spike found that his mind was clear enough to analyze the situation. Minnie had terrible eye sight and still hadn't yet pin pointed his location through smell, but it wouldn't take that long. When she did locate where he was, she would charge, and he would need a plan.

Under normal circumstances, he would have used the old duck the blow, somersault, and pinch the artery move; but Minnie was built differently. Her skin might be so thick that he can't even reach an artery to pinch. And while Spike was trying to formulate all of this into an attack plan, Minnie charged.

He looked up just in time to follow his instinct. Right when she grabbed him with her overly large and furry hands, Minnie was met with extremely sharp and pointy spikes. Being part blowfish, Spike could do stuff like that. Did he like to? No. It was so much less elegant and strategic than say, knocking someone over the head with a big rock. Blowfish spikes (or at least Spike's spikes) were also poisonous and it took an agonizing hour for someone to die from it, and most of the time they made a lot of alarming noises within that hour. Compare that to the rock where you could just shut someone up in 2 seconds.

Minnie crumpled to the ground and made a sound like a dying cow (cause that's pretty much what she is) cradling the wounds on her hands and arms. She threw her head back and mooed in what might have been surrender. That is how the white coats interpreted it as, anyway. Two interns with a gurney stretched between them walked into the arena, grimaces on their faces as her stench hit them in a wave. They rolled Minnie onto the gurney and, with great difficulty because she was very heavy, lifted her up and carried her out of the room. Hopefully for her, they would exterminate her on the spot as opposed to letting her live her last hour in a dog cage.

Once again, Spike had one a round of Operation: NewG, and he almost couldn't think of anything worse.

This was a little confusing because it not only introduced Spike (that won't be his name for very long; by the way), It also had to introduce Operation: New Generation. There is a lot more detail on both subjects in the actual story, because this is the last taster chapter.

But if this is the last chapter, why isn't the story complete; you ask? Fine question, young Padawan. It is because I will conclude this story when the actual story is up in the Max Ride Fanverse; which will hopefully be soon!

Finally, I would like to thank DiedLaughing, for all of their support during my recruitment for Fang's Army.