A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

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Chapter 1: We Convene

As George Weasley sat in his empty living room, he knew that he'd have to move on. She was gone and wasn't coming back. He knew it and had partially expected it since they'd first come together, but it still stung.

Well, hell, at least both of the kids were out of school.

George grimaced and headed into the kitchen. How could Angelina have treated him as such? Well… Angelina had been kind, but she'd never been the spitfire with him that she'd been with Fred. He'd known all this time that she'd seen him as Fred's replacement, but it still hurt that she'd finally left him. After two kids and a little more than twenty years of marriage, George thought that maybe he'd managed to hold the woman on his own.

He wouldn't make that mistake again. Nope, now he knew a guy couldn't win acceptance from a woman whose heart would be forever held by someone else. Though he missed his twin like he would miss a limb, he admitted he was jealous of Fred—after all, wasn't it bad enough that Fred had left him alone? Did he have to hang on to Angelina, too?

The wizard gave up trying to find food. There wasn't anything in the kitchen he wanted. There wasn't anything in the house he wanted. What he wanted had stood up and walked right out the front door.

"Dad, are you okay?" his twenty-year-old son, Fred, asked. He wore an uncharacteristic frown on his face.

George looked at him and sighed. "I'm fine, Freddie. I just… I think I'm gonna go to Florean's, or something. I kinda want chocolate."

Freddie, still frowning, nodded and moved out of the doorway to let his father by. "All right. I'll see you later, Dad. Roxie and I will fend for ourselves, but I'll see that we leave something out for you."

George numbly nodded his head. He reached for a jacket on his way out and then thought better of it, remembering that it was summer. He scolded himself; he should get out of this funk. Angelina had left at the beginning of spring.

He actually Apparated to the Leaky Cauldron, not to Florean Fortescue's. As he mulled it over, firewhiskey and not Chocolate Frogs on top of ice cream would better comfort him. Besides, who would care if he made a ruckus at the bar?

Eh, besides the other patrons, he meant.

Honestly, George found himself wishing that Angelina had been with another man. Erm…in a way, she had, but George meant in an affair sort of way. That he felt he could handle. But when one's wife is just in love with one's dead twin—yeah, no amount of therapy could get him through that. With the exception of firewhiskey therapy.

"Hey, there, George."

The Weasley muttered under his breath. Did someone have to join him? Why couldn't he just be all mopey like Moaning Myrtle on his own? He turned and saw Lorcan Scamander, Luna's older twin son, take a seat beside him and order a butterbeer. Lorcan's face was creased with sadness. George knew that look all too well. Lorcan had women issues, too. "So what're you in for?" he asked the blonde wizard.

Lorcan grimly smiled. "Do I look that bad? … Hah, I guess I do." He gazed into his mug. "It's Dominique."

"My niece? Jeez, she takes after her sister."

Lorcan gave him a disgruntled look. "Dom's nothing like Victoire. Vic's a user, as much as Bill and Fleur would like to be blind to it."

George shrugged in agreement and sipped his drink.

"Dominique's planning her wedding to Lysander."

George's hand rested on his mug's handle. That was something else, another thing that didn't surprise him. Whenever two brothers were in love with the same woman, one was always chosen over the other. It was rare that both brothers lost, but normally one would win. In George's case, his twin Fred would always get Angelina in the end. In Lorcan's case, his twin Lysander would get Dominique. Sometimes George thought it a curse to be a twin. But he also knew how much he loved and missed Fred. Curse the contradiction.

Lorcan heaved a large sigh. "It was stupid of me to fall for Sander's girl."

"Eh, we're all stupid at some point." He paused, wondering. "Did you fall for her before she was Sander's?"


"Then we're the same. Being a twin is a cursed fate," he muttered darkly to himself.

"But I'd die if I ever lost my brother," Lorcan commented.

"Then you'd know how I feel."

There was a moment's silence. "Is she really gone?"

George nodded. "Yes. Once Angelina makes up her mind, it's set. She's not going to return."

"It was a shocker when Roxanne and Teddy told me about it a while ago…"

"Life goes on," George replied, finishing his second drink. He glanced at the younger wizard. "Do you want to talk about Dominique?"

Lorcan briefly smiled. "Yes…but some other night."

"It smarts, doesn't it?"

"Just like a band-aid freshly ripped off the skin."

"A what?"

"Never mind."

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That was how the summer began for George. It turned out that Lorcan made an excellent drinking buddy. After that initial sulking, the two men met nearly every night to share stories and sympathies. After almost two weeks of this monotony, their routine was interrupted.

"Dad, this is where I find you? I thought you were at Florean's!"

George turned from Lorcan and met Freddie's eyes. Freddie stood behind him, looking more than a little worked up and disappointed. Luckily, Freddie hadn't brought Roxanne along. If Roxie had come with her twin, George probably would've already been chewing on the bar's stone floor.

Freddie sent a disapproving look Lorcan's way, as well. "And Lorcan. How could you indulge him?"

"We're not getting drunk," Lorcan scoffed.

"Then why are there four empty mugs on the table?"

"One of them was my butterbeer, I swear!"

Freddie sighed and sat down beside his friend. "This is about Mum and Dominique, isn't it?"

Both Lorcan and George grumbled and turned away. George crossed his arms. "You wouldn't understand, Fred."

His son frowned. "And why shouldn't I? I have a twin, too! I've been overshadowed by her in love just like you two have!"

Lorcan raised an eyebrow and inched away a bit. "You, er, like Teddy that way?"

"What? No! I'm not saying I've ever been in love with the same person as Roxie. I'm saying that I understand when my twin is put in the spotlight for romantic recognition!"

"So…you don't like Teddy that way?"

"AGH! I'm not in love with Teddy!"

"Oi!" groaned a new voice. "I will pay you to shut up!"

George heaved an exasperated sigh as he was forced to make room on his side of the booth for the Indian woman. "Oh my Merlin… Parvati, what are you doing here?"

"Is that any way to greet an old fellow Gryffindor?" sniffed the Patil twin. Actually, she really did sniff. Her eyes were slightly red-rimmed, too. "Who's buying?"

"We're buying our own—"

"My treat," Lorcan slid in soothingly. He didn't miss a beat as he gave her a winning smile. "Anything for a pretty lady."

Parvati snorted. "Not working, little boy. I knew your mother."

Lorcan scowled. He turned to George. "See? I'm losing my womanizing ways!"

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe that's why Dom is marrying Lysander?" Freddie interjected.

"Oh, sod off, Freddie."

"I'm just saying…"

"Hey, can I have my drink already?" Parvati asked. Automatically, a firewhiskey appeared before her. "Now that's more like it."

"So again I ask: What are you doing here?" George asked her.

"I'm in the same boat as you lot." She glared into her drink. "I'm nothing but a ghost when my twin sister's around."

George furrowed his brow. "Wait, what? I thought you're with Dean Thomas."

"'Were,' 'were' with Dean," she corrected. "It turned out he'd been seeing Padma on the side the whole time. Same face, nicer personality."

"That's horrible!" Freddie stated.

"That's basically what happened to me," Lorcan mumbled. He had his cheek cupped in the palm of his hand.

"I was always told I was the nicer one," George thought aloud.

"I know I'm the nicer one," Freddie remarked to himself.

The table was silent a while. A heavy mood settled over them. Finally, Parvati broke the silence. "So what do you boys do? Just sit here feeling sorry for yourselves?"

The three wizards nodded.

"I have an idea—why not work together? We can help get each others' love lives back on track." Her proposal was met with sounds of indigestion. "Like getting drunk is the best way to handle your problems."

George and Lorcan pretty much nodded. Freddie looked squeamish, but shrugged. "Why not?" George retorted.

"Because you'll kill those two brain cells you have left."


"How about you two?" Parvati asked the younger ones. "At least you'd be doing something."

Lorcan made a face before succumbing. "I don't think we have anything left to lose at this point…"

"And it'd be better than doing nothing this summer," Freddie mused.

"I'll join on one condition," George stated. He looked at all of them before he elaborated. "I want us to have a really cool name."

Parvati rolled her eyes. "Oh, good Merlin, George, must we? It's not like Dumbledore's Army. We're not standing up to Umbridge."

"I still want the cool name."

"Then you come up with it! Wait, no, forget I said that. With you as the creativity, we'd probably end up being called something like the 'Pouting Pygmy Puffs.'" She grimaced and downed the rest of her firewhiskey. "Merlin, it was incredibly stupid of me to decide to join in your conversation."

Lorcan drummed his fingers on the table quietly, contemplating. As the only Ravenclaw there, it should've been easy for an idea to hit him. "We're all…inferior to our siblings."

Parvati stopped bickering with George. All eyes were on the blonde wizard.

"There's something from history… It's been told in tales, too. Whenever twins were born into royalty or to parents who were gods, it was known that only one could become an heir. No matter how often the family wanted both children to succeed in life, only one would get the crown. So it was decreed that the one to get the throne would be the prince or princess. Meanwhile, the twin could keep their title, but he had to remain a ghost in the background."

"Hang on," Freddie stated. "I remember something like that in History of Magic."

Lorcan nodded. "Not many remember or know this, but the ghost twin was kept as a kind of doppelganger for the other. If anything happened to the first, then the second would step in as a replacement. No one would ever know the difference since the ghost twin had been groomed to be just like his brother. The second had only ever lived his life as his brother's shadow. That's what we are, mates: We're shadowmen."

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Well, I think I used all the prompts. How'd I do? :D I hope to keep this to about 10 chapters, so please enjoy the story, though I might be slow in updating. A few notes:

The mention of Lorcan/Parvati? I already wrote a fic for them ("Tandoori, Please") and I found the pairing.

The joke of Freddie/Teddy? Yup, I found them, too! The story's "A Crap Ton of Firewhiskey and One Good Cry Later." So please, I only ask for a little mention if you decide to write fics for them! Thank you so much! Xo

And the shadow thing was partially inspired by Arina Tanemura's manga, Gentleman's Alliance Cross (Shinshi Doumei Cross), but it's a theme I've seen in other places, too, I just can't remember the names…! . But it's a little like The Prince and the Pauper, too.

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