Best of mew, Vol.1

A collection of fanfiction

By mew-tsubaki

A note on the series & a blanket disclaimer: Yes, this is a collection of vignettes, oneshots, and freeverses (if I feel like it) linked together in some way through music. Either inspired by a song, a line in a song, or some lyrics, these fics range in genres, ratings, and pairings. All characters (unless otherwise noted) belong to J.. Only the stories are mine. Any pairing denoted an M&MWP has special recognition as it was discovered by my buddy, Morghen, or me, and I'll address that when I get to one. I'll keep my A/Ns/comments saved for the end, and each chapter has its own little summary.

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Featuring: Draco, with a K+ rating & an angsty tone. Oneshot. About 550 words.

Summary: Things were awfully quiet in the sixth movie. Yet chaos and ruin ran amok. See the thoughts unsettling Draco as his emotions ran amok.


"…they use you"

Woodhands, "Under Attack"

It's just like that.

It's just like that, that scenario you once heard from one of your father's cohorts. Someone—Greyback—had stumbled into a meeting, drunk. Another body—Nott—told you there was one way to tell if someone was high or inebriated. Nott proceeded to tell Greyback that Greyback was walking down a hall, he would take a left, a right, another left, and then there was a wall! The werewolf freaked, seeming to think he had hit a real wall.

Well now you wish you had a real wall. Because here you are, marching down these near-empty corridors with a dry heave sitting, waiting in your stomach. You wish you had that damned wall to walk into and wake you from this godforsaken n i g h t m a r e.

But this isn't any dreamlike state. Things are not going to go your way. If they did, so many things would be different… So, so different…

You understand now that you never had any friends. Crabbe and Goyle? That's a load of bull. They were your lackeys and nothing more. But here's the kicker—they weren't all that stupid. They were smart enough to become associated with a Malfoy, weren't they?

The same goes for Pansy. As starry-eyed as she was, that nearly summed her up. Did she care to learn the dark and despairing thoughts you could keep from everyone but Snape and the Dark Lord? No. She looked at your face and family money and told herself, "I'm set." But you took that away from her. You won't let her sink her nasty, little gold-digging claws into you again.

The rest of the Slytherins—Blaise, Daphne, Nott, Bulstrode, Davis, etc.—were just mindless sounding boards. When did any one of them get called upon by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Did any of them have the Dark Mark seared into the skin of their left forearm? No, and they didn't really care. To them, you were probably just some hopeful upstart who'd make things interesting.

Well, you've certainly done that right.

If more students were up at this hour, there'd be an uproar. It would become more of a game for Aunt Bella, Greyback, Dolohov, and the others. Yes, a g a m e… After all, most of these students are just fodder, just prey anyway.

Yep, just prey, so swallow past that lump in your throat, you pathetic excuse for a wizard.

Honestly, you have nothing of which you ought to be ashamed. So what that you didn't have much of a childhood? So what if you grew up a little too fast? You're not a "special case." Your parents were the same way, and look at how proud they are of you.

Proud. Yes…

Ah, here we are. Let's leave the school now; run away like the little simpering house-elf you are, with your pillowcase bunching up like a tail between your legs. Because the only emotion besides pride and love that your parents ever felt for you was f e a r. Fear of their master and what he'll do to you, fear of what will become of you, fear of what you will become

Because, in the end, fear overrides everything—and instruments have no need for such emotions.


How sad… I thought that Draco was so emo in the 6th movie, but this I feel is more genuine, more Draco-like. It's a nasty and dark realization he's come to, with no one to tell him he's wrong. So, for that, I pity him, like I'm sure most of us do. :(

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