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"It'll Be All Right"

Featuring: Teddy & James Sirius, with a T rating & an angsty, dramatic, & slightly romantic overtone. Drabble. About 950 words.

Summary: Most people will find that one great love in their life. Teddy had three. He just wasn't sure if any of them were really the right fit. Light slash. *For all slash fangirls, but this is dedicated to HarryPotterResidentEvilFanJnL. (Thank you, Kylie, for getting me hooked on them! XD)


"Watch the comfort surround you…"

You Say Party! We Say Die!, "You're Almost There"

Teddy's first love was Sirius. Perhaps irrational, as he'd never met the handsome devil, but it was Sirius.

Since he was young, Teddy Lupin knew he loved tales of brave knights and wizards. Harry was the best at supplying them. Teddy's godfather knew it all—Muggle and wizard—so the remaining Lupin savored each night that came with an even more wonderful bedtime story. Best of all, Harry told his godson tales of fact and fiction. After all, the best stories were always true.

So Teddy fell for the not-so-fictional character Sirius Black. Harry regaled him with the bits and pieces of history he knew from their fathers' days and with what he, Harry, had seen with his own eyes. Sirius was everything a girl dreamed of: handsome, clever, witty, brave, loyal. Sirius possessed a strong sense of family, though it only came up with his friends and not his true relatives except for his brother, Regulus. Sirius was the only one who had ever kept Teddy's father on his toes, and as Teddy grew older, he got the feeling that many of Harry's later Sirius stories implied something more than friendship between the two. Teddy was grateful for his parents' union, but he sure as hell wondered why Remus had never made a move for the only person in the world who knew him like he knew the back of his own hand.

It was on the unimpressed notion that Sirius belonged to Remus that Teddy moved on.

When the Metamorphmagus approached adulthood, he began to see his admiration for his godfather as very-certainly-possibly something more. Merlin knew that this was certainly off-limits. Not only was Harry married, but he had three children not all that much younger than Teddy (James was the oldest and only seven years separated him and Teddy) and he'd been the one to really raise Teddy. It were as though some imaginary line had been drawn that damned day Remus had asked Harry to be his son's godfather.

Still, Teddy dared to test those waters…to no avail.

He could've been as subtle as a Dementor at midnight and Harry still would've seen him coming. The Boy-Who-Lived was sharp; he'd have to be to have defeated Voldemort. So it shouldn't have been so surprising or stinging when Harry just calmly told Teddy one day, "No. I'm not your number one." Because Harry had Ginny, just like the first James had the first Lily. They were a match made in heaven and Teddy had never felt so lonely.

To add insult to injury, Teddy took longer than the necessary years to become an Auror. Exactly one year before Teddy became certified, Grandma Meda died, purportedly just from the stress of having all of her family die for "the cause"—Grandpa Ted in the war, Dad in the Order, Mum as an Auror. Teddy was signing away his life, too, and it suddenly felt as if his entire support system had been yanked out from under him.

Then someone else went against his family's wishes. James, little James (though he wasn't so little anymore; he could almost look Teddy in the eye) didn't want to become a Chaser like everyone expected. He apprenticed himself to Ollivander so he could become a wandmaker. Ginny saw more reason than Harry, but they showed next to nothing but disappointment in their eldest. Because yes, he was the eldest son, but he was first and foremost their eldest child; he was supposed to set an example for his younger siblings.

What was the real use of being a wandmaker?

But James liked being a wandwright. Sure, he had squat for money, but at least he was doing something he loved. So was Teddy. Naturally, the best thing for these two young wizards to do was for Teddy to hang on to the Tonks house and for James to move in. It wouldn't be too bad; they'd grown up together, anyway.

And it must've been only a few years down the road when it came to Teddy's attention. James. Sirius. Potter. James Sirius Potter. Why hadn't he noticed before? Right underneath his nose was all the things he'd loved most, rolled all into one. The Sirius mischief. The James wit and cleverness, for what had Harry been but a near carbon-copy of his father? The Potter name. It was all there, just waiting for Teddy to seize the right opportunity. He'd suffered enough; now it was time for him to find a piece of happiness.

James, however, was not those three things in one. He was more like his mother than his grandfather or Sirius. He was more Weasley than Potter. Sure, he didn't have freckles and he had his namesake's hazel eyes, but James was all brown-hair&stocky-build&stubborn-as-Grandmam Weasley. As the years flew by, Teddy came to accept James as his own person and, gradually, James lightened up.

Then his world came crashing down.

His mentor and friend, Ollivander, died. Finally the torture the old wizard had borne during the war got to him, and James became a wreck. Never before had Teddy seen James so emotionally uninhibited, so vulnerable. Never had Teddy thought this would drive James—somewhat—into his arms, because it was one thing to seek out comfort and another to demand a special kind of touch. So Teddy stayed with him and kept his own feelings in check, sure that James was coming to a realization, too: All the dependence and trust he had could be put into one person, Teddy.

For Teddy, he knew things were right when he felt comforted comforting James. So he'd had three loves—but this was the only one he needed.


Kyoot! XD Slash is usually a delight for me to write, and I guess it's surprising that I hadn't written Teddy/James until now. But…here they are. :3 And angsty love is always best, huh? *lol*

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