Love Me Or Leave Me

Eiji looked down the long drive of his brother's home.

In a small town aout an hour outside Tokyo, there was a rather large (at least, large for Japan) house and in that house lived Kikumaru Keisuke—or as his family and friends called him, Kei. Kei was the eldest child of Kikumaru Mameha, whose family had owned the estate for generations. And while Mameha had had no interest in the place, writer Kei had welcomed it with open arms. His wife hadn't been the happiest when they'd first moved eight years ago but now, she'd adjusted to it rather well.

But that wasn't why Eiji was at the house. Oh no, he was there for something else. His older sister, Saki, was getting married and quite honestly, Eiji thought, it was about time. She'd only been dating Shotaro for five years.

"Man, this kinda sucks;" a female voice sighed loudly beside Eiji. He looked over at his oldest sister, Yumi, a curious look on his face. "My baby sister's getting married and I'm not even dating anyone yet," the woman went on.

"Nya, Yumi, I don't think you can really call Saki your 'baby sister' when she's only a year younger than you," he pointed out, turning his attention back to the drive. Unfortunately, there was still no dark blue sedan.

"She's younger than me—she's my baby sister, got that baby brother?" She raised an eyebrow as if daring him to challenge her statement.

"Can you really call me your baby brother when you're handing me that?" Eiji nodded towards the two cans of beer in his sister's hands.

"And how do you know that one of these is for you?"

"Because you don't really drink that much and I highly doubt that the extra can is for Daisuke," Eiji answered, gesturing towards his three-month old nephew who just looked back up at him. Eiji readjusted the infant, his arm getting tired.

"You got me there," Yumi relented, setting the can down on the porch rail in front of Eiji. "So, I take it that Shuuchiroh-kun still hasn't arrived."

Eiji just gave his older sister a look. Of his four siblings and various other family members, she was the only one who knew about Eiji's relationship with Oishi Shuuchiroh. It was fairly impossible to hide it when the two siblings lived together.

Eiji had met the other man back when they'd been kids, only eleven or twelve years old. They'd had a rocky friendship but as they'd been forced to work together, they'd grown to be good friends. As they'd grown up, they'd gotten closer until the day Eiji realized his feelings for his friend went beyond those of a simple friendship. Before Oishi, Eiji had always wondered about his sexuality. He'd never really been into grils but he thought it'd had more to do with having two older sisters who told their little brother everything. And, you know, he thought to himself, that he'd always been preoccupied with tennis. But then came the day when a girl confessed to Oishi.

Eiji had been there when it happened. He and Oishi had been walked to Oishi's to study for a Math test when the girl had stopped them. Eiji stood nearby but not part of the conversation. He heard Oishi not turn the girl down but not say yes either, instead requesting time to think about it. They went to Oishi's house, not talking about what had happened. But Eiji had been ornery. He'd been annoyed and angry and he hadn't known why. Oishi had picked up on Eiji's change of attitude. When he'd tried to ask about it, Eiji had blown up.

Readjusting his nephew, Eiji opened the can of beer. "I'm gonna go bug Ken," Yumi broke the silence. "Want me to take the little guy?"

"Nah," Eiji shook his head.

"See ya then," Yumi said as she disappeared into the house. Eiji nodded and went over to the porch bench, the can of beer left behind on the rail.

As he sat down, shifting carefully so as not to wake his sleeping nephew, he returned to his thoughts of the past.

That night, Eiji had blown up at Oishi. Looking back, he wondered why he'd done it—all the yelling and screaming about how terrible a friend Oishi was. As an adult and with the knowledge he had now, he knew he'd been jealous and afraid Oishi would decide to date that girl. Eiji had left the Oishi household and went back to his home where he'd almost immediately ran into his big sister Yumi.

He'd alwas been close to her. In their family, it'd been Eiji and Yumi, Ken and Saki, and then their big brother Kei off by himself.

Yumi, 19 years old and full of worldly knowledge—or at least, that's how it had seemed to the then 16 year old Eiji, took him upstairs to his room, now empty due to Kei married and living in the country and Ken off at his university in Kyoto. That night, Eiji cried. He asked her why it had happened. Things had been great with Oishi but he'd screwed things up and they could never be friends again. And somewhere in the midst of it all, she'd figured things out and held him close, even after he'd cried himself to sleep.

When he'd woken up the next morning, he'd realized why he'd been so upset. Kikumaru Eiji was in love with none other than Oishi Shuuchiroh.

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