In this chapter, Aurora is a little bit sadistic... I'm sort of basing her on a certain reviewer. So she will have a little bit of a weird attitude.

Chapter 1

The car came to a stop.

"Well, this is it," Alex muttered.

"Be nice," I said.

I was first out of the car and I gasped. It was a beautiful mansion. As everybody else got out, I walked up to the house. Annabeth started babbling about the architecture of the building and I rolled my eyes. Once I was in front of the door, it opened. A girl older than me opened it. She stuck a hand out.

"Hi, I'm Lupe!" She said.

I shook her hand and she ushered us inside.

"Everyone is in the living room. Right that way!" She pointed.

I walked into the living room and was met by a lot of couples. Then, the Redfern siblings came in.






Everyone in the room got up and greeted each other. My group kind of just huddled in the back awkwardly. Once they had all said hi to each other, they remembered about us.

"Oh! Everyone sit down!" Rowan yelled.

Everyone went back to their spots and Kestrel, Jade, Ash, and Mary-Lynette found seats.

"Okay, like I told Thea on the phone, we have found two more of the Wiccan Warriors. Amber and Alex Garcia," She said.

Some of the people ooh-ed and ahh-ed.

"Go ahead and introduce yourself and say what you are," Rowan told us.

"Well, we're all demigods. Have you heard of those before?" Annabeth asked.

"Like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades?" One of them asked.

"Yeah, we're some of the kids of the Gods."

I stepped up.

"Well, I'm Amber and I'm a witch and a demigod. Daughter of Poseidon," I said.

"I'm Alex! I'm a witch and a demigod too. I'm also a daughter of Poseidon," Alex said.

"I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon."

"Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena."

"Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus."

"Nico di Angelo, son of Hades."

"Luna, daughter of Artemis."

"Aurora, daughter of Athena."

"Kimberly, daughter of Hades."

"Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter."


"And Connor Stoll," Connor finished.

"Sons of Hermes," Travis said.

"Okay, your guys' turn," Rowan said to the group of people.

"I'm Poppy!" A girl with short copper colored hair said.

"And I'm her soulmate James," A boy said, looking at Poppy with amused eyes.

"Oh! And I'm a vampire and a witch. And James is a vampire," Poppy added.

"I'm Rashel, a vampire hunter, but only bad vampires," Another girl said, adding the last part.

"I'm Quinn, Rashel's soumate. I'm a vampire," The guy next to Rashel said.

"I'm Thea, the first Wiccan Warrior. This is my human soulmate, Eric," One of the other girls said.

"Hi," Eric said.

"I'm Gillian and a witch," Another girl said.

"I'm her human soulmate, David," The guy next to her said.

"I'm Hannah, a human," The next girl said.

"You're much more than a human," The guys next to her told her.

She blushed and looked away. The guy turned to us.

"I'm Thierry, lord of the Night World," He said.

"I'm Maggie, a human. This is my soulmate, Delos," The next girl said, looking at the guy she was holding hands with.

"I'm Jez and this is my soulmate, Morgead," The next girl said.

"Her proper name is Jezebel," Morgead said, smirking.

"Do not call me Jezebel," She said through her teeth, glaring at Morgead.

"Anyway! I'm Keller, and this is my soulmate Galen," The last girl said.

"Raksha..." Morgead muttered.

Keller turned and glared at Morgead, who was now under the pressure of two girls' glare.

"Okay, well I believe it's time we-"

From out in the car, Erica screamed again. The Night World kids all froze.

"I got it," Luna grumbled before she went outside.

"What was that?"

"Long story short, Luna's cousin, a human, followed us and now we're stuck with her," Alex said.

Some of them shot us weird looks. Then, Luna screamed. Uh oh. We all rushed outside to see a bunch of wolves outside.

"Werewolves!" Jez yelled.

Everyone took a fighting stance. The demigods took out their weapons while Keller, Galen, and Seth changed. The wolves snapped at us. We all fought back. One had snuck past us and was now going towards the human in the back of the group. I tried to go but another wolf stopped me. I saw Katie run over to them so I kept fighting. That's when another wolf snuck up behind her. I tried to run, but the wolves kept coming.


Katie's Pov

The wolf started towards the humans, but he didn't see me coming. I had the vines wrap around it and hold it to the ground so we could question him later. That's when the humans' eyes widened.


I turned. The wolf jumped at me and I screamed.

Amber's Pov

The wolf lunged. Chaos broke loose. We finished off the wolves and everyone rushed towards Katie. She had her face facing the ground and she was obviously unconcious. Travis fell to his knees and gently flipped her over. She had been bitten in several places on the arms and there were scratches everwhere. She was bleeding heavily.

"Katie, no, no, no! C'mon! Wake up, Katie," Travis begged.

"Bring her inside! Quick!" Thea said.

Travis gently picked her up and carried her inside. Thea took them into a room and we had to wait out in the living room.

"It's all my fault! I tried to go help her, but there were so many wolves! And I saw the wolf, but it was too late! And-"

"Amber! Enough already!" Luna snapped.

I started breathing fast.

"Shh, it's not your fault. You tried," Nico said, hugging me.

"I know, but still..." I trailed off.

"Travis has some Ambrosia and Nectar right?" Alex asked.

"He always carries some around," Connor said.

Aurora's Pov

I looked outside. Katie had gotten a prisoner. I marched angrily outside, knowing the others would follow me. The wolf was still struggling. It started raining. I froze the rain and it made a cage out of ice around the wolf. I made sure he couldn't get out. Right on time, he finally got out of the vines.

"Change back!" I yelled.

He snarled back at me.

"Change or else!" I shouted.

He showed more teeth and growled. I took one of the sharp ice shards and willed it at him. It hit his side, making him fall over.

"Change back now!" I yelled again.

Slowly, he changed back. He was weaing a plain white t-shirt and jean shorts.

"Who are you?" I asked.

He just glared at me.

"I said, who the hell are you!" I shouted.

"Let me go!" He snarled.

I grabbed Amber's sword out of her hands. I ran back over to the wolf.

"You know, it has silver in it," I said, looking at him.

"No, please don't," He begged.

I slashed, as quick as lightning, at his arm. The cage seemed to let my sword go in and out, hurting him. He cried out in pain, and I could see some of my friends with masks of horror on their faces.

"Aurora, what are y-"

"Who are you?" I shouted.

"My name is Gabriel Karato," He yelled.

"Who sent you?"

He didn't answer so I held up my sword again.

"Wait! Okay, okay! I'm working for Hunter Redfern!" He said.

Ash, Quinn, and a few others started growling at that name.

"Why did you come here?" I asked.

"We were sent to take out the reinforcements!" He said.

"Now what's the next plan?"

He didn't answer. I held out my sword and he didn't do anything. I swung and it hit him again. He cried out in pain.

"Tell me!" I screamed.

"Go to hell!" He yelled, and threw something at me.

I felt it pierce into my skin, but I didn't care. I charged, but Nico and Percy held me back.

I swung my sword, but Annabeth grabbed my hand and made me drop it. I screamed and fought, but they wouldn't let go.

"You better hope Katie doesn't die! Or you're dead too!" I shouted at the werewolf.

I was getting a massive headache and I gave up. I let them drag me back inside. My head was killing me now. Some of the others looked at me in concern. Then, I realized what the werewolf had thrown at me. It was a needle. It had drained it's contents into me. The room started spinning. I started laughing weakly.

"Holy shit... he poisened me..." I muttered.

I blacked out.

Amber's Pov

My eyes widened when she blacked out. Of course, someone caught her and took her into another room to heal her or something.

"Why is everything so tense now?" I asked my brother.

"I don't know Amber," He said.

Thea came out of the room Katie was in.

"Well?" I asked.

"Katie is going to be fine," She said.

We all let out a breath, relieved. Except me.

"What about Aurora?" Alex asked.

Thea looked away.

"What? What's the matter?" Annabeth demanded.

"There's a special plant in the Night World that we need for the antidote," She said.

"So, why don't we go get it?" I asked.

"That particular plant can only be found in one place," Thea said.

"Where's that?" Nico asked.

"Maya's cave."

Hannah gasped.

"Hannah, what's wrog? Wha are you seeing?" Thierry asked, holding her.

"We can't go there. They're bringing her back. They're almost done!" Hannah cried out.

"You don't have to. I'm going. Who's coming with me?" I asked.

All of the demigods said "Me."

"Kimberly, stay here. You can guard Aurora. Travis is staying with Katie too. Everyone else, let's move out," Percy said.

I led the group outside until Quinn, Ash, Thierry, Morgead, Jez, Keller, Galen, and Rashel stood in front of us.

"You can't go! You'll be killed," Rashel protested.

Annabeth took an angry step forward.

"In this family, we don't give up because things get hard. We keep going. And if one of us is hurt, we'll fight until we get what we want. She's my sister, and I'm not letting her die," Annabeth said.

I walked around them.

"You don't even know where you're going!" Quinn yelled.

"You want to bet?" I asked.

I turned around and held a hand out in the air. Then I felt it.

"That way," I pointed.

They looked at me astonished. We started walking.

"Wait!" I turned around again.

"We want to come with you," Jez said, coming towards us.

Morgead, Ash, Rashel, Quinn, Keller, Galen, Thierry, Hannah, Mary-Lynette, Poppy, James, Maggie, and Delos nodded in agreement.

"What if it's too dangerous for them?" Annabeth asked, looking at the mortals.

"Well, Mare wouldn't forgive me if I left her here," Ash said.

"Hannah can handle Maya. She's the one who killed her last time," Thierry said quietly.

"Maggie would be mad at me forever," Delos said.

"And Rashel can kick ass," Quinn laughed.

"You sure?" I asked.


"Then let's go."


Quinn started humming 'On the Road Again' about aminute ago and I was ready to cut his head off. Ash started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Alex asked.

"Nothing," He answered.

I watched him suspiciously. We kept walking.

"On the road again!" Quinn sang that part.

I bet those was the only lyrics he knew. Ash started laughing again.

"What is your deal?" Alex hissed.

"Your sister," He got out between laughing fits.

"Ash can read minds," Rowan said.

"Oh great. Another one," Percy grumbled.


I turned to see the arrow that hit the tree next to me.

"Ambush!" I yelled.

We all took cover.

"Why do we always get into fights?" Nico muttered to himself.

I concentrated and stepped out into the open. An arrow flew at me, but it froze in mid-air. I waved my hand and it was sent flying back at it's shooter.

"Amber, that's Telekinisis," Thierry said in awe.

I just concentrated on the arrows. One hit my shoulder and I winced, but I didn't back down. Alex came and stood next to me and helped. Turns out, we have the same powers. Soon enough, the arrows stopped. The enemy was dead. I sighed.

"I'm getting tired of this," I said.

"We all are," Percy said, helping me get the arrow out of my shioulder.

Nico gave me some Ambrosia and I instantly felt better.

"Well, let's keep going... and Quinn?" I turned to him.

He looked at me.

"Please just shut up for once," I said.

All the vampires, except for Thierry and Quinn, burst out laughing. Quinn crossed his arms and pouted. Rashel kissed him and he got over his pouting. We started off again.

Travis's Pov

Her eyelashes fluttered as her eyes opened. She blinked and slowly sat up.

"What's going on?" She asked.

I put my hand on her arm.

"Relax Katie, you were just-"

She yanked away from me.

"Get away from me! Who are you?" She asked.

"Katie, it's me! Travis! Your boyfriend!" I said.

"I don't have a boyfriend!" She said, as if it would be the most horrible thing in the world.

"What?" I asked.

Thea then walked in.

"Thea, she doesn't know who I am!" I exclaimed.

Thea nodded and walked over to Katie. She caught Katie by surprise and made her drink some kind of potion. Katie coughed and looked at me again.

"T-travis?" Katie asked.

"Do you remember who I am?" I asked.

"Of course I do! You're my boyfriend!" She said.

I hugged her.

"Thank the Gods for that," I muttered.

Amber's Pov (Later that night)

"We should set up camp," Annabeth said.

"I don't want to sleep," I said.

"Me either," Alex agreed.

"Well, you two need sleep. So we're going to set up camp," Thalia said.

"And I'm cold!" Mary-Lynette exclaimed, shivering.

"Really?" Ash asked.

Mary-Lynette nodded and Ash hugged her.

"Feeling warmer?" Ash asked.

'Yeah, but you could've given me your jacket," Mary-Lynette said.

"I like doing this better though," Ash said.

Mary-Lynette blushed.

"Okay, that's enough you little lovebirds," Quinn said.

Rashel smacked the back of his head.


We set up the tents. We could fit about three people per tent. Well, until Alex messed with it.

"Oh my gods! I did it!"

I groaned.

"What did you do now?" I asked.

I walked to the tent she was in. I walked in and my eyes bugged out. It was a mansion. Only, outside, it looked like a tiny tent.

"Everybody in here!" I yelled.

Everbody came in and gasped. There was a kitchen, two bathrooms, one for guys, one for girls, and two main rooms full of beds for each of us.

"Girls in this room, boys in that room!" I said, pointing.

"SLEEPOVER!" Poppy screamed and dragged us all in the big room.

Several girls groaned as we were dragged outside.

"Get changed everyone!" Poppy exclaimed.

We all got changed into our PJ's and sat in a circle on the ground.

"Truth or Dare time!" Poppy laughed.

I leaned over to Rashel.

"Is she always this cheery?" I whispered.

"Always," Rashel whispered back.

I sat back normally and mentally sighed.

"Okay, Annabeth Truth or Dare?"

"Um I pick..."

Third Person's Pov (Boys Room)

"Guys, guess what I did!" Quinn said excitedly.

"What?" Ash asked.

"I put a camera in the girls' room!" Quinn giggled. (A.N: O.o? Does Quinn giggle?)

"You did what?" Percy yelled.

"They're going to kill us!" Nico hissed.

"Not if they don't find out," Morgead flashed a smile.

Quinn took out a laptop and started it. Then, it showed a picture of the girls. Hannah was blushing feriously.

"You so do, Hannah!" Jez laughed.

"Don't deny it. I mean, it's not like none of the guys is going to hear us," Rashel said.

"So wrong, my poor naive Rashel," Quinn smiled.

"And the night's still young!" Ash boomed.

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