Another Series Of Unfortunate Events

Book, the Third

The Dastardly Diner

For Beatrice, everything made no sense until I met you; and now nothing does

Dear reader,

If you have ever wanted to spend a pleasant evening with friends or fellow volunteers of a certain secret society than you will find visiting a restaurant or diner can be the best place for such an event.

During their time at the Anxious Clown restaurant as volunteers for V.F.D. the Baudelaires however did not get to spend a pleasant evening or even a boring day while working to uncover the truth, a phrase which here means, "Discover more about their parents and Mr. Dominic's vile plans with little or no success." Instead you will read about snazzy waiters, a famous dish, an abandoned aquatic station and ice cubes.

It is my solemn duty to write down the Baudelaires story, as it occurred to tell the public, you however could attend to other events; such as recycling waste or mowing two thousand lawns,

With all Due Respect,

Lemony Snicket