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Tony is not at all surprised to find Ziva gone when he wakes up in the morning.

He dresses and grabs the last of the coffee she left for him and runs out the door.

Palmer nearly crashes into Tony when he gets off of the elevator.

"Whoa there, Gremlin. Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Ziva is teaching Abby how to throw a knife… and well, it's kind of hot," he grins sheepishly at Tony.

Tony doesn't answer as Jimmy hurries into the elevator.

It turns out that Abby is better than anyone expected at throwing a knife.

Set up in the evidence locker is a makeshift target and an assortment of knives spread out on the table. It's the second display of weaponry that Tony has seen in less than twelve hours.

Abby comes close to hitting the dead center of the target and Tony whistles in approval.

"Nice job, Abs. Uh, Ziva, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Wrapping a hand around her arm, he drags her out of earshot.

"Why the hell are you teaching Abby to throw knives? What do you think is going to happen the next time Little Timmy forgets her birthday?"

"Tony, every woman should be able to protect herself. Someone needs to looks after Abby," she answers.

"First of all, Abby is more capable of protecting herself than you give her credit for. Second, women in this country take kickboxing. They do not throw knives. And third, why now? Why today?"

Ziva looks away.

"You think something bad is going to happen, don't you?"

She doesn't answer for a minute and he can feel the tension rolling off of her. She flexes her hands in a gesture of helplessness. He touches her arm, not caring for a moment that they are not alone.

"I do not know, Tony. Something is not right."

She leans into him without actually making contact for the briefest of moments before returning to Abby.

Two hours later, they are out in the field when Ziva and Gibbs get called back to the office by Director Vance.

By the time Tony and McGee finish processing the evidence, Ziva is gone and Gibbs tells them that they are to be back at 0700.

She's waiting for him in his apartment when he gets home with a glass of amber colored liquid. Wrapping an arm around his neck, she doesn't give him the opportunity to ask questions as her mouth closes over his.

She's on him in an instant. Pulling and pushing and ripping off clothing, she comes at him desperately. Kissing each inch of skin she exposes, his body responds to her insistent hands as she strokes and teases him. He knows he should stop this - whatever this is - but he just isn't that strong. Besides, he learned a long time ago that when it came to Ziva, sometimes it was better not to ask questions.

She's simultaneously soft and tense and he doesn't know quite what to make of that. She kisses his neck and reaches into his pants, stroking and distracting him. Falling onto his bed, she has him mostly undressed before he even has a chance to unbutton her shirt.

She is soft and warm as she straddles him, sliding down his body to kneel between his thighs. Before he can even think, she has him in her mouth. Soft lips stroke and tease and if he could just focus…

He pushes her hair aside so that he can see her face, but she still doesn't look up. Doesn't really acknowledge him at all as she works her tongue over his erection. His hips twitch beneath her and he's so close.

He grabs her arms and drags her up against him, finally pulling the rest of her clothing from her body. His hands slide along her flesh and his fingers ease between her legs. She's hot and wet and certainly more than ready when he flips them over so that she is pressed into the sheets beneath him. Legs locking around his hips, she lifts hers so that they join easily.

Wrapping her arms tightly around his shoulders, she urges him faster and harder. He slams against her - more forcefully than he originally intended - but she's pushing him and making these rhythmic little whimpers against his ear. And that's when it finally dawns on him what is really happening. Everything is just a little too rehearsed. A little too practiced. And more than a little too precise.

He slows for a second, which only causes her to clutch at him more tightly.

"Don't stop. Don't stop," she rasps into his ear as she bucks her hips upward, urging him to continue.

But he's already losing momentum. Still sheathed within her body, he stops completely.

"Ziva, are you even enjoying this?" he asks, bluntly.

Feeling desperate and trapped, she squeezes her hands between their bodies and shoves her palms against his chest. Hard. Pushing at him, she squirms for a minute before he uses brute strength to keep her still while echoes of harsh breathing fill the space around them.

She reverses gears on him just as quickly, wrapping her arms once more around his neck and grasping him tightly. He feels one shudder and then another snake through her body.

"Tell me," he whispers against her temple. "Tell me what is happening to you."

Another shudder ripples through her. And then another until she is a shaking mess beneath him.

"My father, Tony," she chokes against his neck, her nails scraping his shoulder as she clutches at him. "My father is coming."

And for the first time in five long years, Tony sees Ziva cry.


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