Ichigo woke slowly. It was dark. How long had he been asleep? He felt surrounded by heat and comfort. Gradually he blinked awake and saw Aizen slumbering across from him.

And then he remembered.


Ichigo bolted up with a cry of anguish, eyes wide in panic. He clutched at his neck, his chest, his face, his hair in a frantic attempt to confirm what had become of him. Struggling to free himself from the tangle of sheets and blankets Ichigo stumbled from the massive bed to find a mirror of some kind. Finally he found one mounted tall by a dressing table and leaned in mouth agape. Ichigo ran the pad of his fingertip down the smooth enamel of the now very real fangs embedded in his mouth. The sides were razor sharp and came to a severe point. His brown eyes had a glow behind them. A soft light like a dying flame in a tinted lantern. He then craned his neck to reveal a dark scar that had already healed over where the deed had been done. Or had it? Ichigo scowled more, still breathing heavily. From what he remembered the frenzied urge for blood had come after he had kissed Aizen's bleeding lip and the bite came after. That made no sense unless what Aizen was saying was true; that he had always been a vampire, waiting for that first taste.

Ichigo did not have time to ponder this further as Aizen appeared behind him in the reflection and draped a heavy bed robe over his shoulders. It was only then Ichigo noticed that all he was wearing was the torn undershirt he had fallen asleep in. Quickly he pulled the robe closed and whipped around, furious, but cautious.

"It's been three nights, but I told you I would be here when you woke." Aizen smiled and kissed him on the forehead, gently pushing away Ichigo's shaggy bangs. Ichigo flinched and looked away. His initial panic had diminished and he was collected enough to know that trying to fight him at this point would only make things worse for himself, or worse, his friends.

"Why start telling the truth now?" Ichigo felt heat coming from Aizen's body and mingling with his. He felt his heart fluttering rapidly as his breaths were still coming down from shock. None of that made any sense if he was a vampire now, yet he had a feeling that would be explained away by his dhampir blood.

"I never lied to you. My Curse may have had you see things differently. Yet I never lied."

Ichigo scowled harder. He had a feeling that Aizen's alleged honesty was cobbled together from half-truths. He had accused him incorrectly. The king was not a liar as much as an outright deceiver.

"Alright then since you're being so damn honest then where are my friends?" If it had really been three nights he was afraid of what might have happened to them while he was asleep.

"They are waiting to see you. I cannot say they have much freedom to wander, but they are presently well."

"What happened to them during the ball?" Ichigo remembered what the plan had been, but his memory between the carriage ride and Aizen's dance was patchy.

"They were detained promptly in the tower where Hallibel had sent them. We couldn't have them making any unnecessary interruptions to the festivities."

"What do they know?" Ichigo asked.

"They were told that you tried to slay me after the ball. You fought valiantly, but when you were defeated, with my sword against your neck, you pleaded to serve me in exchange for their freedom and safety. I was moved by your selflessness in the face of defeat. I accepted and turned you then and there."

After they had spewed so many lies during their journey to keep them safe he was spewing another. Ichigo would have trouble admitting it, but he would rather they believe that than the truth. The truth was that he was too weak and foolish to avoid Aizen's plot and dragged them in with him. That he had been a vampire, of sorts, this whole time, like Ishida had feared. Ichigo frowned harder, he wondered if Ishida would try to drive a wooden arrow through his heart the moment he saw what he had become.

"Then let me see them now," Ichigo insisted.

"Are you sure you want to see your human friends when you are so famished? You might be in control now, but you haven't had time to hone your instincts."

Ichigo hadn't noticed in his initial panic, but he was hungry, quite hungry in fact, it had been three days, but he felt the pang of hunger in his heart rather than his gut. At the moment he could control his urge to feed, but it might not stay that way. The thought of losing that control in front of his closest friends in the world was horrifying. Ichigo understood what Aizen was hinting, it was time to feed again, but he still had too many questions and doubts.

"We'll take care of that later," Ichigo blushed and broke away from his Sire. He pulled his robe tighter and stared out into the horizon off the balcony so he wouldn't have to look at him. The view out the balcony was magnificent. The setting sun stained the sky crimson and gold against a silhouette of dark black peaks. Misty purple and blue clouds gathered to the west. "I still have a ton of questions. First off, why is my heart still beating?" He noticed his heartbeat again when he pulled his robe tight and his fist brush against his chest. From his years of hunting he had been sure vampires had no pulse to speak of.

Aizen sighed and smiled. He relaxed in the velvet upholstered chair near the balcony doors. A silver tea set had been placed there by a servant as it was every night at dusk, whether he was around or not. Since no one in the palace could keep track of when their king was present, they just brought it nightly regardless. He poured a fresh cup of breakfast tea and wrapped his hands around it. The king had expected a volley of questions from the boy, he couldn't blame him for being overwhelmed by all of this. Aizen had just hoped it wouldn't come so soon. He was just as hungry as Ichigo, but he was far more patient.

"The vitae that flows in a vampire's veins trick the body into continuing on as if It were living. Breath and pulse continue like old habits, they are unnecessary otherwise. In life you cannot command your heart to stop beating as you command your hand to flex or your legs to walk. For a vampire that was turned from a human their heartbeat is exceedingly slow to the point one might not even detect it. For those who were born damned it beats more like a human's."

"So that's why these dead monsters can still do…other things…"

"Oh Ichigo, I'm sure more than half the vampire population would have slain themselves by now if they couldn't do 'other things.'" The honey was thick in Aizen's voice.

"By other things I meant having children." Ichigo snapped with a blush. "Though that still is ridiculous in the first place."

"You are correct, it is strange. Vampiric children are a result of a mutation in the infection. It arose among clans with strong Curses over a thousand years ago. In fact the first known case was among a clan that had a penchant for taking in fallen members of the Order. Today there is a schidm between noble clans who select and adopt their members and those who boast their own birthline, but until the arrival of sucklings the latter did not exist in vampire society. Most suckling vampires originated from that clan and would be both our ancestors. Thus it did not surprise me later that Masaki had mistaken me for her brother. We were both sucklings and would have been distantly tied to that first clan. Our best guess is that such an accumulation of potent vitae through that clan bloodline supported the most life-like qualities including the most miraculous of all. Even then it is rare. And the children age slowly. Vitae's magic sustains the body, it does not promote life and growth like nutrients. For example, Toushiro is slightly older than you, but you would not know it from looking at him."

Ichigo figured the same must have been true of the Aizen from his dream the night before. No normal kid who looked that young could be so level headed and analyzing in front of his parent's murderer.

"If I'm the same as you then why did I age like a human?"

"Your parents took every precaution to make sure you never tasted blood. It had been hypothesized a couple time in the Seeker's research that a proper dhampir could be raised on human nutrients this way, yet never seemed to test it. Thus your body stayed human and you thrived on human nourishment."

"And if my mother was one of these Suckling vampires does that mean my sisters are like me as well?" He hadn't even given himself enough time to say goodbye to Karin and Yuzu. Ichigo hated talking about them in a place like this, but he had to know.

"They are, but as long as they do not taste foreign blood they will remain human."

Ichigo bit his lower lip in worry, nearly nicking it with his new fangs. He looked to where the last traces of the sun were dipping below the horizon, now fading the sky from red to purple to black. His town was east of here, he had his back to his family now. The next question pained him, but he knew what Aizen had gone through to draw him into his lair.

"And what are they to you?"

Aizen smiled as he watched the expressions race across Ichigo's face. The poor boy had no reason to think his words were a lie. He had Karin and Yuzu watched since their birth. Karin had accidentally tasted foreign blood several times in ball games and fights with the village boys. Yuzu had not, however, yet he doubted either were affected. In the notes he had confiscated from his birthplace there were two instances where the cult of Arguas had twins, and though the conditions were perfect, neither were true dhampir. Thus, he had little need for the Kurosaki twins, other than latching another chain to Ichigo's will. But Ichigo could be spared those details.

"I had not anticipated their birth. However, it was already difficult enough to prepare you from afar. I allowed them to mature as ordinary humans. Yet, if anything were to happen to you it is reassuring to know there are suitable replacements."

There was a silence. Only the distant howl of the night wind through the mountains could be heard in the dark room. Ichigo dropped his folded, protective arms and turned slowly back towards Aizen. His eyes were now wide in disbelief and disgust at the implications of the threat. His lips were slightly agape and beginning to tremble with rage. Aizen set down his cup and saucer, well aware he had struck a nerve, hard.

Ichigo staggered towards him, hands balling into fists. Aizen just sat there, hands folded in his lap, with the most confident, relaxed smile imaginable on his face. Ichigo's anger flared and he dropped all semblance of reason as he threw a punch at Aizen with all the weight of his anger, shame and dignity behind it.

Aizen merely ducked his head out of the way as the boy's fist landed among the velvet upholstery. With a sweep of the arm as he stood Aizen flipped Ichigo's trajectory so he landed in the chair with a gasp of dismay. Yet that barely hindered him as Ichigo flung himself forward from the chair, sending it toppling over and unleashing a flurry of blows at the king, his amber eyes flashing, his teeth gritting and his voice cracking with vitriol as he screamed in rage. He had let go all sense.


Yet Aizen would just flicker out of the way and reappear a few inches away. Ichigo kept swinging at the images with the determination that one of them would have to be real.

Ichigo wheezed and gasped as he was thrown to the ground on top of his arms with Aizen's hand grasping his neck. It was so fast that he didn't even recall his wrists being grabbed.

"Are you quite finished with your tantrum?"

Ichigo thought he might cry, but instead he felt too hollow, too numbed by his weakness to even shed a tear. Everything he knew and loved was dangling under Aizen's blade, and he was the string that kept it from falling. His mind was a swirl of the despair at what he had become, hatred for this monster and his threats and anguish that he had been caught, no matter how well the trap had been lain.

And yet in the crucible that was his collected anguish and hatred was born a strange determination. This wasn't the end, not in the least. Ichigo would play this game. It's not like he had a choice. He would give himself over to Aizen's hunger, needs and whims. He would learn his secrets and weaknesses and gain his trust. Whatever path Aizen had paved out for him he would follow like the puppet he had become.

And someday I will kill you with my own hands. The dhampir boy swore to himself.

Ichigo shakily drew an arm from it's painful spot beneath him and cautiously placed a hand at the one at his neck. Aizen's grip relaxed hesitantly, and his eyes narrowed. Ichigo sat up and took his hand with his two and kissed inside his wrist.

When Ichigo plunged his fledgling fangs into the veins of the dhampir king's wrist he repeated the oath in his head. He drank in the thick, glorious fluid, sealing his silent vow that he would end him one day. He glanced up at Aizen's face, who was smiling again, and wondered if he was smiling for he could read his thoughts or amusement at what he did.

Aizen was not certain of why Ichigo chose then to feed. Perhaps some act of defiance or attempt to cause him pain, or he was just fed up with the hunger after expending all that energy. Yet he was not concerned, for all that mattered was that he fed from his body of his own free will. And that was more than enough to please him. Aizen decided he had been punished enough for his defiance, and now was the time for a reward.

Ichigo noticed the blood didn't taste nearly as good as it had on Blood Moon, and maybe that was to be expected, but it was still thick and savory and satisfied the hunger in his heart. In a strange way he was a little relieved that Aizen was allegedly the only being he could feed from. He wasn't sure he could harm anyone else like this. Ichigo continued to suckle the wound, hoping that if he had more now, he could wait longer until he had to feed again.

By the time he pulled his mouth away Ichigo had not realized how flushed and fatigued he had become. He sank back to the carpet on the floor trying to ease the lightness in his head. He was regretting that bite now, yet it was something he had to do eventually. It felt as though it had not only eased his hunger, but his hatred as well. As if his loathing was no more than a scab that had fallen off. It was a unsettling, but relieving as well.

"Will it be like this every time?" He murmured as Aizen lifted him back into bed. Aizen laid him on his side and pulled away his robe and shirt tatters to kiss softly along his neck, back and arm, searching for where he would feast on him next. Ichigo begrudgingly realized he probably hadn't fed since Blood Moon either.

"Not always. You haven't grown a tolerance for my vitae yet. If you were a common vampire you would have been asleep many sweet suckles ago." Ichigo shivered as a hand slipped into his robe and caressed his thigh brushing along the curve of his rear. He was pushed onto his back as kisses started traveling down his thigh. Ichigo scrambled to cover his arousal with the robe. Even though he had mentally committed himself to this charade he still couldn't help but be embarrassed as someone else explored his body. He still felt incredibly exposed as Aizen knelt on the bed and spread Ichigo's weak but still resisting legs apart. Each kiss on his inner thigh made Ichigo twitch and cover his mouth, trying to restrain the pathetic sound that tried to escape. Aizen seemed to have finally found a spot he liked and smirked with those glowing, golden eyes.

"The last time I had a taste you came as soon as I pierced your flesh. Will it be like that every time?" He mocked.

Ichigo's face burned as the shameful memory of what happened on Blood Moon only made him harder. With his anger numbed there was nothing to feel but humiliation and lewd curiosity.

He twitched and tried to brace himself as he felt a tender caress on one inner thigh and the tips of Aizen's fangs gently grazing the other. A gasp of pain and delight was muffled by his hand as the fangs sunk into the meat of his thigh.

Aizen bit him slowly this time, allowing his canine upper and lower fangs to sink in smoothly before withdrawing. His lips closed around the flowing vitae and he suckled gently against his smooth, taut skin. To his delight the blood tasted nearly the same as it had on Blood Moon. A heady, rich flavor that far surpassed the substance that had sustained him for so long. The boy's trembling and noises only added to the experience.

Ichigo pulled his hand from the robe as his hardness had started brushing against it. He wouldn't allow himself to touch it, even though it begged for release and weeped drops of clear fluid. A fresh wave of sensation washed into his core with every slow, rhythmic suckle upon his skin. Each one threatening to take him over the edge whether he wanted it or not. After a minute or two of the slow, sweet torture Aizen sealed the wound with his blood magic.

"Did you have to bite me there?"

"It would be dull to drink from the neck every time. I intend to sample every part of you unless you find you have a favorite spot. Now, shall we do something about this?" Ichigo made a sound and slapped a hand over his mouth again as Aizen's long, firm fingers traced lightly along his length. It was the lightest of touches, but he was already on edge. "I can make this whole thing a great deal more pleasant in exchange for one little thing."

Ichigo looked up into those golden eyes with their vitae glow. "And what's that?" he asked hesitantly through his fingers.

Aizen chuckled and leaned in, his fangs showed a bit, still tinted with Ichigo's vitae. "You have not addressed me properly yet, my young Thrall," he murmured.

Ichigo pondered a he was going to be honest with himself he would have to admit he had wondered what it would feel like to have someone else's hand touching him, relieving his . He turned his head away and muttered, "Please...Sire."

"I could not quite hear that, you must not mumble so."

Ichigo took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Just say what he wants to hear. "Please, touch me Sire." No sooner had he said it and he felt Aizen's palm against his shaft, fingers stroking up to slide against his wet tip. Ichigo nearly bit his hand in surprise so he grabbed a stray pillow and hugged it close. Aizen used the wetness to quicken his strokes. He smiled at Ichigo's endearing, flustered expression as fingers and fangs dug into the pillow, absorbing his cries as he came. Aizen grip relaxed, but he continued to stroke until the throbbing in his hand subsided.

For what felt like an eternity Ichigo lay there trying to pull himself together. He was still holding the pillow, bits of feather down swirling from the small tears in the material. Aizen wiped him clean with a length of silk from a bed stand. Ichigo curled up on his side, but Aizen put a hand on his chest, golden eyes glinting with mischief. "Oh we are not finished yet."

The words sent a thrill through his body. "We...aren't?"

"You have a habit of trying to hide your adorable sounds from me." Aizen sat on the side of the bed and flicked his pointer finger. Ichigo's arms suddenly fell limp by his side and the pillow tumbled to the floor. Aizen then stretched out his hand over his form and drew it slowly back towards him with a gesture. Ichigo's breath hitched as blood began to engorge his member once again. He had forgotten about how Aizen could seize control of his body, and that was before he had drank his blood.

The blood was being manipulated to feel like it was being pumped and stroked again. Somehow it felt deeper than before when it was just Aizen's hand. He recalled drawings of the human body from science textbooks. In the cross section of the male genitalia, about half of the length of the penis was embedded inside the body and could not be reached. At least by ordinary means. A cracked moan came from Ichigo as the stroking spread across his body. It was like a massage, deep in his muscles. Whatever tension he held after the fight melted from him as he sank deeper into sinfully soft bedding. He felt knots that had tensed his back for years come undone little by little

"H-how…." Ichigo managed to stutter.

"Those well practiced in hemomancy can reach out to their own vitae and manipulate the body or performs other feats. My vitae seems to have settled very nicely into your veins. If I wanted I could make you feel excruciating pain, but I prefer to see you like this."

The complete relaxation enveloping his body made the tightness and pleasure in his cock even more prominent. He legs twitched, knees knocking together and the faux stroking sensation quickened and deepened. Ichigo whined as he felt all that pleasure pool and strain in his groin. He had never gone off twice in a row, he had never bothered to try. Small hiccups of blissful sounds fell from Ichigo's parted lips with each spurt of his throbbing, untouched member. Eventually it subsided and he was left bare and thoroughly satisfied. Perhaps playing along with Aizen's plan wasn't such a terrible idea so far.

Aizen covered Ichigo's body with his own and softly kissed him. Ichigo closed his eyes and accepted it, weary of fighting. Unless it was another trick, Ichigo could feel Aizen's heartbeat through his chest. It was slower than a human's, but felt more resonant through his torso. Not only did he seem to breathe as he did, but he was warm as well, feverish even, as if there was a black fire where his heart and lungs should be. It wouldn't have entirely surprised Ichigo if that turned out to be the case. Vampires had cold bodies that warmed slightly after they drank blood. But it would seem dhampirs burned with something else. It was annoying how despite what he was capable of and the crimes he had committed, Aizen was still very human.

Ichigo still had too many questions, and he still didn't know what was to become of him from now on. Yet, he was pretty sure that many nights were going to be a lot like this one. And at some point Aizen would probably get bored of doing all the work. How he felt about that Ichigo hadn't quite decided yet.

Aizen broke the kiss and rested his forehead against his. "I could show you more, but I think that is plenty of excitement for one evening and your friends are waiting."

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