This story takes place after the events of Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

(Polaris news report on Angela is direct script used in ACiT)

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As they flew from the great clock, Ratchet turned to face Clank.( Aphelion had just taken the wheel )

"Thanks for coming with me Clank," he said, "I mean you're my best friend, I don't know what I'd do if you didn't come. But, Alister..." Ratchet's eyes glazed over and he looked away from Clank.

"I... I can't believe he's gone, and with him, anything I could have found out about my past, my family, or any other lombax." He hit the dashboard in front of him with a clenched fist.

"If his plan worked, I could have had my life back. But, It didn't, and now he's gone too. Why didn't he just listen to me! We had a family, a small warped family but, we were a family" his eyes were still layered in unshed tears as Clank tried to comfort him.

"Ratchet," He turned back to Clank, "We will find them, some way, we will find the other lombaxes." Ratchet wiped his eyes and smiled at his friend.

"Thanks Clank."

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Ratchet ®

C: "So, where are we going?"

R: "I dunno, home I guess. I haven't been to Kerwan (or Veldin) since Tachyon invaded." wipes eyes on his arm.

C: "You did not return there for sleep?"

R: "It was too far, and all the clues that led to you were still in Polaris. Solana was too far to travel. Talwyn did give me a room to stay in at the station while I was looking for you though."

C: "Miss Apogee? How is she?" Ratchet had a sudden realization.

R: "Uh," smacks his forehead and shakes his head. "We're hosed, I haven't contacted her since I crashed on planet Quantos. She's probably worried about me.

C: insert trademark laugh

R: "What? We're pretty good friends now, she did help me look for you for two years!

C: "I did not say anything."

R: glares at Clank and turns forward. "Aphelion, set a course for the Apogee Space Station."

A: "Affirmative adjusting course now."

Ratchet moved his hand toward the comm link, then changed his mind. Clank gave him a questioning look.

R: "I should see her in person, that way I can get all of the anger out of the way at once. Turn the radio on, It'll be a little while till we reach the other end of Polaris."

Clank turned the radio dial.

(Polaris news jingle)

"Good evening, I'm Kip Darling!" (K)

",and I'm Pepper Fairbanks" (P)

(new jingle finishes)

P: "Tonight's top story, new information on the disappearance of lombax rebel Angela Cross."

K: "I'm sorry, have we confirmed that Angela Cross is, in fact a lombax? I know that was the assumption but, she doesn't have a tail."

P: "Female lombaxes don't have tails, Kip, haha In fact, this just in, lots of females don't share the same anatomical traits as their male counterparts."

K: "Oh I see, hence the set horns sprouting on that dome of yours, eh Pepper?"

P: "Why don't we just finish the story."

K: "Well, very well then Pepper. As many of our listeners know, lombax rebel Angela Cross, has been missing for almost 3 years. She was a victim of former dictator Percival Tachyon's vandeta against the lombax's, and was last seen flying from the Cerrullian sector, in Max Apogee's starship."

P: "You are speaking of course, of the famed lombax historian and seeker of the legendary lombax secret"

K: "Indeed I am Pepper. Apogee himself vanished from Polaris and was believed to have been killed by space pirates."

P: "Well, Galactic authorities now claim, they have recovered Apogee's starship. The vessel was discovered on autopilot with it's flight registry pinpointing planet Jasindu as it's place of origin. Kerchu ambassador Bugo could not be reached for comment.

K: "What do you think Pepper? Did the Kerchu offer Max and Angela sanctuary from the deprivations of Percival Tachyon? Did they use the so called, lombax secret, to escape to some other cosmic plain of existence?"

P: "I don't know Kip."

K: "Way to theorize Pepper, when we come back, we'll chat with former gladiator and recently released prisoner, Ace Hard-light. Is he truly rehabilitated, or is it only a matter of time before he's discovered inside the Polaris Galactic bank, wearing a couple of stockings on his face? We'll find out, right after this.

(Polaris News jingle)

R: "Max Apogee... and Angela?"

C: "It appears that both may still be alive and well."

R: "I... thought she was dead... When Tachyon said I was the last lombax, I figured he got to her before I could..."

C: "It also appears that we should tell Miss Apogee about this and ask for assistance in locating Angela, especially if she may be able to find her father."

R: "When we find them, I got to ask what they know about the lombaxes being sent to another dimension. Hey, maybe Apogee knows something about my family! Why are we always the last ones to find out about stuff that's this important!"

Clank shrugged.

C: "I do not know Ratchet. But, we must inform Miss Apogee as soon as possible."

A: "Now approaching Apogee Space Station."

R: "We're here. Aphelion, disengage the defenses of the station so we can land.

A: "Affirmative, submitting Apogee override codes." (Talwyn gave them override codes so they could come visit the station anytime they wanted) The stations defenses turn off. "Override codes accepted,"

Aphelion landed on the top pf the maintenance grid of the Apogee Space Station. Ratchet and Clank get out of the ship and Clank looks at Ratchet. His green eyes were dulled, his ears were slightly lower, and his head was tilting slightly down.

C: "Ratchet, are you alright?"

R: "I'm fine Clank, I...I'm just thinking, I'm fine, uh, let's just go see Talwyn okay?"

Ratchet gave him a half-hearted smile, then turned and pressed the button for the elevator to the main part of the station. Clank couldn't help but feel guilty, especially since he could not help him get his family back. He was the son of Orvus, the being that enabled the flow of time to be kept. He wished he could make it up to his friend. The elevator doors opened and Ratchet and Clank stepped onto the platform. When they got to the top Ratchet was the first to walk in the station.


Ratchet walked up to the window overlooking the terrarium, he seen Cronk and Zephyr fishing in the lake. He knocked on the glass.

R:"Hey guys! Up here!"

After a brief glance Kronk and Zephyr ran toward the central part of the station. A few seconds later the door to the left of them opened and Talwyn ran through.

T: "Ratchet! You're alive. Oh, Ratchet, I thought you were dead, (hugs him then realizes what she's doing)I thought Clank was still prisoner, being held by Dr. Nefarious, I can't say how glad I am to see you Ra-, both of you, I'm glad to see both of you."

R: he smiled. "Nice save Talwyn, it's good to see you too. Where are Cronk and Zephyr?"

T: "Oh, them? They were fishing, but they likely didn't catch anything. That lake hasn't had anything but security mines in the aqua-ducts. So, now you gotta to tell me everything, it seems I've missed a lot and I want to be brought up to speed. I want to know what was so important that you couldn't even tell me where you were."

Z: "And so, our hero's explained the events leading up to the great clock. A mastery of machinery of spacious time and timeless space..."

T: "Ugh, that's enough Zepher!"

Z: "Oh, uh, sorry."

T: "So, where is Alis-... ?" Ratchet shook his head and flattened his ears to his head. "Ratchet, I'm so sorry, If you need anything, just ask, okay." She gave him a tight hug.

R: "Thanks Talwyn, … I feel like kinda weird about asking but, you don't mind if I stay a while do ya? (he smiled) I'm not in the mood to see my place back on Kerwin, Tachyon must have blasted it to bits."

T: "Of course you can stay. Cronk, Zepher! Don't just stand there, get the guest room ready!"

Cronk and Zepher stumble towards the door.

C and Z: "Yes miss Talwyn!" they stumble out.

Ratchet followed the two war-bots down the hallway.

"Talwyn must like you a great deal, eh rookie?" said Zepher. Ratchet blushed a bit and scratched the back of his head.

"I-I um, uh, what makes you say that?" Ratchet asked trying to hide his embarrassment.

"I know so!" said Zepher. "Talwyn never had people stay here, been that way since her father left. Though you might have known that after your first meeting you two had at the station. She hasn't cared about anyone as much as her father until now. She hasn't even slept since you've left rookie."

"Wow... Hey, where is she?"

"You may relax, she was called by the galactic authorities to identify Max Apogee's ship, but she will return soon so you need not worry Ratchet." said Clank walking up behind Ratchet.

"Alright, I guess."

Cronk and Zepher stopped in front of a rusted up door, and it opened like an elevator door would.

"Here we are. You can rest up here till mornin'. See ya later rookie!"

"Thanks gu... whoa this room is awesome! It's just like on the Starship Phoenix!" he looked around the room carefully. "Down to almost every detail... except there's no area for that meathead Quark to bug me, and a real bed no stupid sleep pods... is that what I think it is? A VG 48 hundred!"

"Ya know, Talwyn submitted the schematics to the mayor of Metropolis for use in the starship phoenix construction."

Cronk and Zepher walk out leaving the duo alone. Ratchet turned to the game system but Clank stopped him.

"It appears it has the original rock out universe attachments... It will be there in the morning Ratchet. Try to remember we have greater priorities, especially with that news broadcast."

"Come on Clank, just one game!"

"You need rest, and I must recharge as well. It would be more sensible to your health to wait until after breakfast tomorrow."

"You just can't give a guy a break, can ya?"

"On the contrary that is exactly what I am intending to do." (insert trademark laugh)

End of Chapter One