This story takes place after the events of Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

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"You did what?" Ratchet was furious. Blade had taken advantage of his unconscious state to point out to Talwyn that she's never around when needed.

"Why, would you get her to leave?" he was yelling now.

"Because, she's dead weight! If she had, I dunno, showed up, or even helped Clank wake you, I might have a different stand. Instead she thinks it's more important to put those stupid jar-heads back together!"

"Their names are Cronk and Zephyr!" Ratchet growled.

"Sorry, I forgot," he rolls his eyes. "but you're missing the point, she's just following you around, and standing on the sidelines waiting to be a princess in distress. I remember you're story clearly about saving her from Zordoom prison, and how you had to save her from Morrow Caverns. If you had to save the galaxy again, she'd just be another citizen awaiting rescue."

Ratchet turned to Clank, "Clank pal, help me out here. Tell him Talwyn is an asset to our team."

Clank just looks down, "Sorry Ratchet but statistically, Blade is correct."


"I do not agree to his rather harsh description of her capabilities, I know she is our friend, but I do believe she would be in the way this time."

"Fine, whatever, take his side, lets just go see the ambassador. The guide is coming..."

"Ratchet..." Clank started, but was cut off.

"Let's go." he growled. The guide came toward them through Kerchu city's jungle pathway. He wore attire similar to a graduation gown and cap in royal purple and was unusually skinny for a Kerchu.

"Are you the guide?" Ratchet asked still with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Umm, yes, I am the royal advisor... you're the escortees? Ha, none of you look like you could single-handedly destroy anything, let alone a Kerchu sentry! I mean, a primitive robot, a Lombax and a Mercilaonian. I thought those pitiful races had died out, they were so very weak." he said almost sounding discusted that they were near him.

Blade then appeared in front of him, out of nowhere.

"Really?" Blade's eyes turned to a blood red and he came closer, revealing a blade and holding it to the Kerchu's throat. "Care to say that again? Go ahead, I-!"

"Blade! What the hell? He's our only chance of seeing the ambassador, have you totally lost it?" Ratchet's voice snapped Blade out of his trance. And a sharp pain started to grow in Blade's head.

"Whoa?" Blade asked continuing to get more and more dizzy. He retracted his blade and held his forehead a migraine starting to form.

"Arrghh, dammit, my head feels like it's in a vice!" he said kneeling on a knee, still holding his head.

"I'm sorry sir, our friend seems to get erratic at times, please accept our humblest apologies" Clank said trying to calm the Kerchu.

"That's putting it mildly," he said nervously brushing of his shoulders. "You're lucky I don't have you arrested as conspirators to assassinate the royal adviser! Now, I'll still escort you, but should anything else happen, I'll do everything in my power to make sure you don't see the ambassador. Have I made myself perfectly clear?"

"Yeah." said Ratchet

"Yes." replied Clank

"Ugh, my head, Yes." Blade breathed, still feeling light headed.

"Very well, I will guide you through the city, follow me. Quickly." the Kerchu sternly.

Blade got up and shook his head, finally returning to normal. They started following behind the Kerchu adviser. Ratchet walked a little slower to let Blade join him.

"Seriously, dude, what's been up with you lately?" asked Ratchet making sure that the guide was out of range. "You destroyed the sentries by yourself somehow, told off Talwyn, and now you're threatening people? You aren't anything like the guy I used to know."

"I don't know, okay, it's like I'm stepping through time or something. And then when I'm back, I'm in the middle of doing something else. Then I get this major headache."

"Stepping through time?"

"Sounds crazy right?"

"As crazy a giant clock in the centre of the universe that controls time?" Ratchet grinned.

"Touche." Blade said smiling back.

"Me and Clank will look into it Blade, we got special passes to the hall of knowledge after beating Tachyon. We'll find out what's going on."

"Ok, sorry about everything."

"No problem pal." The group continued walking a ways with nothing happening in particular. Then they came to the Kerchu city West gate. Kerchu city had changed a lot since Ratchet had last visited the planet. With the destruction of the space pirate raid, (and the guardian battle with Ratchet over the dimentionator) the entire city had to have been rebuilt. The main gate had to be 40 stories for both height and width. The need for it was clear when the gate opened. The entire city was encased in a bubble-like force field to prevent attacks. Which meant the only exit to the city for the hover cars and spacecrafts were the 4 main gates. (North, South, East, West)

"Wow, they've been busy!" Ratchet said marvelling at the newly built Kerchu city.

"Extraordinary isn't it? When Ambassador Bugo was appointed, shortly before the pirate raid, a substantial amount had been found from the previous ambassadors, stronghold. The old ambassador was from a long family line, with each coming into power. But, he had not chosen a successor before passing. So, all funds that the family was hoarding was put into use when Bugo was appointed ambassador." He said, proud he was representing the new found royalty.

"I was wondering why the most rich planet in Polaris couldn't afford a descent place to live. Last time I was here it wasn't much to look at." Ratchet said.

"Indeed," the guide replied. "and it is all thanks to Bugo that we are now so prosperous, in reality, he could have just continued hoarding profit until the next generation took his place. He has been truly kind to the people of Jasindu. That is why I take such pride in representing him. It's unfortunate that none of this has reached beyond the Kerchu, or that of planet Jasindu."

The streets they were walking on that led from the gate had several more paths leading across the city. It was safe to say without the guide, they may never have found the palace. The city skies were filled with air cars, many of which were carrying supplies of gelatonium to and from the city. Unfortunately, the city still had the same rustic smell to it, smelling more like wet dog than anything else. The city was constructed with tall triangular or rounded buildings. They were white and windows tinted blue, and the buildings were seemingly wrapped together with ribbons of something that seemed to be moving and running all over the city.

"What kind of material is that?" Blade asked the guide.

"Water." the guide said flatly.

"What?" Blade said confused.

"It's called the Challar-Aqua-Walkway. It has a very effective cooling effect on the city. Also doubles as a walkway for the residents of Kerchu city. Now follow me, if you drift too far back from me, you'll be considered target practice for the other Kerchu." They didn't have much farther to walk, now a new laser security gate stood before them. The guide walked over and punched in several 9 digit codes to deactivate the laser security systems. Ratchet, Clank, and Blade were starting to feel a bit awkward standing behind the guide. They were starting to get snarling looks from passerby, but when Blade turned around and glared, they seemed to keep their distance. Ratchet and Clank gave a concerned look to Blade.

"Are you alright Blade?" Clank asked, " I am sensing high levels of adrenaline in you."

"I'm fine." he said growling under his breath. Ratchet sighed.

"Alright," he said, "just try to relax, we'll figure out what's going on as soon as we're done here."

"Okay." Blade breathed feeling light headed again.

The security gates finally opened and the group stepped through a metal valved door that was behind the security lasers.

The team stepped through the security gates and entered the hydraulic door. On the other side of the door, there were platforms hooked to the docking bay by kinetic tethers. stood in alignment all with signs displaying locations around Kerchu city. The platforms all resting on a flume or torrent of water rushing through what the team now recognized as clear glass tubes, keeping the water high above the city.

"Quickly, quickly, step up to the last platform." said the guide. The sign next to it said palace chamber.

The platform had yellow safety railings guided around the outside of the platform as well. Blade, Ratchet, Clank, and the guide stepped on the platform and it instantly surged forward. This nearly knocking the three off, the guide openly snickered as they tried to regain their balance. The guide regained his composure and said, next stop, the palace chamber. Ratchet thought he see the faintest of smiles coming from the guide. He couldn't help getting a bad vibe about what that guide must be thinking about. In any case, they would find out when they arrived at the palace. The [platformed surged over the water passing through many buildings and other waterways before finally arriving outside the massive building.

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