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Dear Master Snape,

I know you do not know me but my name is McKayla Aves. My mother, McKenzie Aves, passed away on the twenty second of May. She was a very private woman who never liked to talk about her past. While I was cleaning out her room I stumbled upon a photo album with pictures of you, my mother and a redheaded girl I don't know the identity of. There was an article about you obtaining your potions Mastery at the age of twenty two in the album so that is how I found out your name. I was wondering if you remember my mother. If you do would you be willing to write to me about her. You are the only link i have to her now.

Your's Truly

McKayla Aves

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Dear Miss Aves,

My condolences to you for your mother's passing. I of course remember her. I had known her from age six as well as Lily, the redheaded girl. Lily has been dead for sixteen years now. She was killed at the end of the first blood war as they are calling it these days. Your mother and myself figured out Lily was a Witch and befriended her. We were very close and stayed very close until your mother moved to America to be away from the war that had taken the lives of her parents, older brother and sister. I would be willing to answer anything you ask about her as long as I know the answer. What of your father and your mother's friends?

Sincerely Your's

Severus Snape

P.S. Who is taking care of you child?

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