Night surrounds us, dark and peaceful.

Moonlight filters through the curtains, casting a soft glow over her delicate body.

Her form is perfection in it's simplest measure. I see the rise and fall of the curve of her breast. I feel her slow, even breaths gently caressing my face, just inches from hers.

My fingers burn, needing to trace the tenderness of her bottom lip.

Asleep, she's innocence and beauty. Awake, she's passion and truth.

She's mine, in both.

I steal away quietly, my fingers seeking a familiar cool metal body.

I turn to her, hold my breath, and –


This was originally written for ahizelm's birthday back in December, but I'm sharing it with you, too. It goes along with a scene at the beginning of chapter 20, just before Jasper wakes Bella up. It also ends up being one of the pictures he uses in for the double exposures in his senior portfolio. Hope you liked it. :)

Thank you to jennde for reading it way back when I wrote it. :)