The Dedication in the Book

Brennan begged for an informal book party with friends over some Cabernet and Tequila, but her publisher wouldn't dream of it. The fifth novel from her New York Times Best Selling Author deserved glitz and glamor, and as there were already talks of turning the latest novel into a film, tonight would be a celebration of the author and her talents as the world's leading forensic anthropologist.

She began to mix and mingle, never quite getting close to the ones she wanted to share tonight with the most, and Booth doubted Bones' anger at a sneak peek without her present. As Booth grabbed for a copy of the novel, Angela followed, and within five minutes every squintern and Sweets had a copy, with even Jared and Max having grabbed their copies. They counted down from ten, and opened the book, each searching for their own references. After a minute or two, Angela insisted they read the Author's Dedication as a whole, so they might congratulate anyone who had made it deep enough into Brennan's walls to earn her thanks and praise, and so they began.

I would like to dedicate this book to the few people in my life

who have shown me that love, may indeed, be eternal.

Your open hearts, kind words, and patience over the last few years

have proven to me that there is, in fact, "more than one kind of family"...

Booth's heart soared at Brennan's admission to the consideration of love's eternal nature. He had taken his time with her, proven to her over the course of seven years that there was a forever form of love, and that opening your heart to another did not always result in abandonment. He chanced a cocky grin as Hannah read the author's note over his shoulder, and proudly filed this moment away to tease Bones about at a later time. He continued reading, hoping for another one of their private memories to forever be immortalized on the pages of her literary soul...

...and to the one person who proved that love, is indeed, ephemeral, I thank you for confirming my suspicions. Temperance "Bones" Brennan

Booth let the hardcover fall to the marble ground, and as the crash resonated through the ballroom, all eyes were on him. Immediately pale and wracked with slight tremors, Hannah began breathlessly begging Booth to answer her...the only words reaching him were repetitious in nature, "are you okay?", "are you okay"... and it was all Booth could focus on as his eyes sought out the crystalline depths of hers from across the room. They connected, but only briefly, as she grabbed her purse and sauntered out the ballroom doors and into the night.

A/N: I couldn't decide if this should be a one shot, or if B&B needed a chance for confrontation/explanation... please let me know if you'd like to see more from this story, or if you think it's good where it is =)