chapter 3 alric makes a friend

for anyone thats enjoying my work its meant as more of an oppisote of ash and gang the main character is not a kiss ass andhas his rough edges now on to the next part.

Alric was pacing in his cell whilelucifer lazed about on the cot. he was swearing ad cursing his kiss ass cousin the brown nosing prick wondering what right the pigs had o lock him up. when a voice broke into his musing.

"what brings you in here little man?" a big guy in the next cell over asked.

"who are you 'friend'? alric countered sarcastically.

"they call me Tiny. i got my ass thrown in here for beating a guys facein when he made fun of my Happiny." alric looked him over the dude was bout 7 feet tall and about as wide at the shoulders as a tauros was he was so muscled that alric coulda sworn he wrestled with Machamps and came out on top.

"nice to meet you tiny im Alric i got thrown in here cause i damn near knocked out a growlithe whoes owner decided to sucker punch me with a firespin for spitting on the sidewalk."

"bwahahahaha, that musta been little jenna her mother is the legendary officer jenny she tries to imitate her and the other cops baby sit what you doing in town alric?" Tiny asked fishing for answers yet Alric thought he wanted something more he looked at Lucifer who had got up and walked to the bars to get petted.

"in all honesty Tiny i was just passing through i just started my quest and this was the first stop from new bark town, i hope to be the master of dark type pokemon." Tiny looked impressed.

"nice i really dont have a goal in mind myself i just live i battlethough at times i forget to use my pokemon instead of my fists," Tiny blushes sheepishly, "im into pokemon that evolve from love of there trainers, besides happiny is sooo cute almost as good as a raven haired trainer i once met she was built like a brick massive double ds and a fine heart shaped ass mixed with a waist thinner than a beedrills..." he gazes in the distance.

Alric busts out aughing i like you tiny we both go for non standard pokemon, hell when i saw you i thought a biker that rides a Gyarados, god i frustraded elm so much when i refused to take totodile cyndaquil or chikorita, i thought he was going to have a stroke. well im going to get to sleep they should let me out tomorow if you want to travel with me meet me at the exit to town"

the next day alric was just walking outa town having just bought pokefood and a couple cans of chewing tobbacco to last until he got the next town over when he spied what from the back looked like a Rhyperior in a blue jean jacket, he looked down at Lucifer and shrugged.

"tiny is that you?" he asked before the big guy turned around and alric saw in his arms a happiny with the softest pink fur imaginable.

"hey Alric so what town is our next goal? violet city?" Tiny asked with a fond smile as he looked down at his happiny.

"yup my friend thats where i hope to get my first badge hmmh do i wonder what else will happen on our journey..."