Re-Written as of 18/02/2015

Supernatural x Smallville x Thunderbirds

This is mainly a Supernatural based story but there will Smallville and Thunderbirds single chapters :)

Supernatural - set in end of season swan song and almost follows season 6 (So Spoilers)

Smallville - set in season 10 (after Homecoming)

Thunderbirds - Movie Verse (2004)

Sorry I took TMNT out as I re-read it and thought it was too many different storylines.

(I will be putting the name of the song/s I was listening to as I typed)

Circles - Birds Of Tokyo

Chapter 1

It's been a year and 3 months since his brother chose to sacrifice himself from the world being taken over by Lucifer, one year since he has been with Lisa and Ben, living the "Apple Pie Life".

"Dean shouldn't you be getting to work?" asked Lisa.

"Yeah I'm leaving soon," answered Dean.

"Okay... Are you alright?"

"Yeah m'fine. I'm going to have a shower then go 'k"

"Alright, don't forget we have dinner with the Morrison's" said Lisa.

"Oh yay dinner with the Morrison's" smirked Dean

"Please don't start anything again,"

"Hey Ben and I were bored and it's not my fault Bob drank it," laughed Dean.

"Well he wouldn't have to if you didn't pee in the bottle and bribed Ben 50 bucks to give the bottle to him," smirked Lisa.

"Come on Lisa he offered. I didn't have to do anything except ask Ben if he was up for some fun..."

"That's my point Dean... Please just try to keep it a low profile," laughed Lisa.

"Yeah, Yeah" laughed Dean "alright let me have a shower before you make me late for work again."

Lisa laughed as she left the bedroom.

Dean sighed as he grabbed his ringing, mobile from the bed side table.


"Dean s'good to hear your voice boy..."

"Bobby! How'd you get my number I just changed it last week," exclaimed Dean.

"Dean we have a problem..."

"No whatever it is I'm not doing it. I stopped hunting just like Sa... he asked me to. So I'm sorry Bobby but whatever it is you'll have to find someone else..."

"You damn idjit you've got demons heading your way. Apparently they found out where you're hiding and are coming for you and your family," shouted Bobby.

"What! um... can we come to your place.."

"Did you seriously just ask me that?"

"Ah yeah sorry, s'just I haven't exactly kept in contact with you and well..."

"Save it. Just get yourself, Lisa and Ben over here safe and then we'll sort something out."

"K thanks Bobby, see ya soon, bye." said Dean hanging up. "LISA! BEN!"

Dean bolted down stairs to get Ben and Lisa and get the hell outta dodge.

"Dean what's the matter?" asked Lisa.

"We've gotta go... Demons."

When Dean didn't go any further Lisa replied "Oh okay cuz that makes sense."

"Lese please I don't have time... WE don't have time. Demons are after me, therefore after you because you're close to me..."

"Okay! Okay I'm going... we're going," sighed Lisa


"Too late... Damn it... okay you go to the car and get to the school and grab Ben. I'll give you the address so you can meet me there. I'll hold 'em off.."

"No Dean I'm not leaving you..."

"And I'm not leaving Ben without any parents."

"Okay your right. Just please come to us in one piece."

"You know I'll try my damn hardest, but..."

"Shut up Dean..." and Lisa lent forward and gave Dean a deep kiss and then hurried out the door.

Dean ran towards the laundry where he can find the Ruby's knife. Before he could reach the door, he found himself being slammed to a wall and the air from his lungs being squeezed out of him.

"Hello Dean. My, my you haven't changed one bit... except your reactions a bit slower" said a voice Dean recognised.

"M-me-eg," said a hoarse Dean.

"Oh you remembered. I thought you'd be too caught up in your own guilt about Sammy, Oh that's right you've forgotten all about him haven't you.. i mean now that you've got your own little family... How long did you think it would last Dean?" smirked the Demon.

"Let him go Meg," shouted a voice.

'That's not right... I must be dying if I'm seein' him...' thought Dean.

"H-h-ho-o-w did you get here?"

"Does it matter?" said the voice.

"ANSWER THE QUESTION... or Dean here dies," shouted Meg.

"I don't think so... You put my son down."

AN; so how was my first attempt at a Supernatural fanfiction? Who came back? there will be more to come... please note this is an un'beted chapter as i do not have one at the moment... *position available* 8) Also sorry for the wait.