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Summary: If there was one thing Ash Ketchum knew about . . . well it certainly wasn't matchmaking. And as well as the tried and tested clichés tended to work in movies, in real life, things tended to get a little . . . well . . . complicated. Pokeshipping w/ egoshipping on the side.

Matchmaker: A Cautionary Tale

Step 4 - The Equal and Opposite Reaction

"So what do you think we should do with him?" Misty asked, crossing her arms over her chest as she stood threateningly before the (for a lack of a better word) accused.

Ash sucked a breath in with a loud hiss. "I don't know, Misty," he said. "Don't you think this is punishment enough?" he asked and then demonstrated exactly what the punishment was by pulling her into a very un-chaste kiss.

"You make a good point," Misty nodded. "This," she said, pulling him back for another kiss and then pulling away, "is certainly a desirable punishment."

"And fun to carry out," Ash grinned at her, looping his arms lazily around her waist.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Gary complained from his prone position, restrained in a kitchen chair. "What about Ash?" he argued desperately. "How come he doesn't get punished when it was his idea?"

"Oh believe me, he will be," Misty answered and winked in Ash's direction. Ash shuddered in anticipation.

"You know what?" Ash said suddenly. "I think I know exactly what we should do." He leaned in close, whispering his plans in Misty's ear, and as her smile grew exponentially, Gary knew he was about to learn his lesson in the worst possible way.

Casey arrived a ten minutes later with her complete collection of Electabuzz musical merchandise (including a rather unfortunate musical theatre piece). It would be years before Gary successfully got the Electabuzz team song out of his head.

He should've known he was never going to win.

Not against Ash.

Not when it came to Misty.