Ryoma, the heiress of the Echizen Corp., was in bad mood. She's now packing her things. She curses that stupid bet and her baka oyaji (stupid father). She remembered their bet.


Ryoma was really bored to death.

'I hope something interesting occurs.' Ryoma thought. Nanjiro, her father, suddenly came.

"Ryoma, what about we make a bet." Nanjiro suggested. This caught Ryoma's attention. Ryoma looked at him.

"What bet?" Ryoma asked.

"In two weeks, you have to always be lady like. Starting tomorrow, never get angry, never shout, always be graceful and always smile." Nanjiro said.

"What do I get if I win?" Ryoma told him. If it's something useless then she'll decline. It's hard to always be graceful.

"Anything but if you lose, you have to attend Kaze Academy." Nanjiro answered with confidence in his voice. He knew Ryoma will never be like that.

"But I can go as anyone. I don't intend to be the best in there or be known as an Echizen. I'd like to keep low profile." Ryoma told him.

"Okay. What would you like if you win?" Nanjiro asked Ryoma. He's curious to what Ryoma might want if there's even one. Ryoma smirked.

"Let me burn those precious magazines of yours in front of you. I'm sure okasama (mother) will be delighted." Ryoma answered. Ryoma smiled sadistically when she saw Nanjiro gulped.

"O-okay. Starting tomorrow, okay?" Nanjiro stuttered.

"Right." Ryoma said.


Ryoma looked happy sleeping. Ryoga, her brother, smirked. Her brother laughed evilly. Her brother was holding a pail filled with cold water and had some ice cubes in it. Ryoga poured the water on the sleeping girl. Ryoma woke up. She almost screamed. She really wants to beat the crap out of Ryoga but the bet was preventing her. She clenched her fists but smiled. Her brother was shocked at but smiled in return. Ryoma's innocent smile became a sadistic smile. There's black aura surrounding her. Ryoma got up. She forced herself to calm down. She got up. Ryoga gulped. Ryoma kept the smile but the black aura disappeared. Her smile returned to the innocent one.

" Thank you for waking me up, Ryoga-oniisama (I know Ryoma calls Ryoga aniki not oniisama but she have to act as lady right now and I think aniki is not lady like but I'll use aniki after the bet is over.)" Ryoma said calmly even though inside, she's really furious.

Ryoma went to the bathroom with her personal maid behind her carrying her dress. After changing, she went down to the dining hall. There's many western food. She stared at the foods but sat down and said nothing. She's still smiling.

"Sorry, Ryoma, but the chefs prepared western foods instead of Japanese foods. Do you want them to cook a separate breakfast for you?" Rinko said apologetically. Ryoma looked at Rinko, her mother. As much as she wants to say yes, she can't.

"Thank you but I have to decline, okasama. Western foods are not that bad." Ryoma said. She's really in bad mood now. Japanese foods are her favorite. She hates western foods. Rinko, Nanako and the maids stared at Ryoma shocked.

"What's wrong, Ryoma? Do you have a fever? Do you have a problem? Is there something bothering you? Did something happen?" Rinko asked worriedly.

"No, okasama. I'm alright." Ryoma said with a smile.

"Is that so?" Rinko asked and it's obvious in her voice that she's still worried.

"Yes, okasama." Ryoma answered.

"Tell us if something's bothering you, okay." Nanako said with the same tone as Rinko.

"Yes." Ryoma told her. Nanjiro and Ryoga snickered.


Ryoma was seating on the grass when Ryoga and Nanjiro arrived. They started throwing papers at each other but failed causing the papers to "accidentally" hit Ryoma on her face. Ryoma knew they're targeting her. They want to annoy her. Ryoma looked at them and smiled.

"Sorry." Nanjiro said while preventing a laugh.

"Yeah. We didn't mean it." Ryoga told her the same way too. 'It's funny seeing Ryoma like that.' He thought.

"It's all right. It doesn't matter. I know that you two "didn't" mean it. All the papers just hit me so it doesn't mean you mean it. (Some people are going to hell after two weeks.)" Ryoma answered.

This continued for the rest of the days until,


Nanjiro and Ryoga were on the middle of their usual routine, annoying Ryoma. Nanjiro "accidentally" poured his tea on Ryoma. Ryoga "accidentally" stepped on Ryoma's foot while walking. They accidentally burned Ryoma's precious books and many more. Ryoma was near her peak. They were laughing too hard that they accidentally, this time real, stepped on Karupin's tail. That did it. The murderous intent and dark auras she's been keeping appeared. She smiled with a smile that can freeze hell.

" Ryo-ga-oniisama, otousama, I think what you've done is enough." Ryoma said this time, not bothering to hide her anger.

"Wait!" Nanjiro said.

"It's an accident!" Ryoga told her. They were scared of Ryoma now. Ryoma glared at them with a glare that can put shame even on the devil's most evil glare. After Ryoma's beating, Nanjiro and Ryoga got rushed into the hospital. After they were released, they talked about how they miraculously escaped death. They even told Rinko that they saw heaven. They swore never to make Ryoma that angry again.


When Ryoma finished packing the clothes she bought and some of her clothes, she tied her hair into two braids. She wore thick nerdy glasses. She also changed into clothes that looks like clothes that nerd wears but of course, she'll keep her grades low. Ryoma sighed.

"This is going to be the longest school year" Ryoma thought. Ryoma sighed again.