Ahalivia Thief Fic

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Chapter 28: The Big One Part 4

I slid down the chute, wearing my beloved boots. However, as soon as I hit the ground, I noticed they were destroyed. Putting on my mithral boots, I snuck out of the Old Way and back into the sewers, through the vampire's nest. I almost laughed out loud; I had done it. I had pulled it off. Now, all I had to do was make out of the sewers and return to the Gray Fox. This was amazing.

I managed to get to the palace sewers, but I quickly became lost again in the labyrinth of tunnels. The smell was beginning to affect my sense of direction and, I did not want to fight any more vampires unless absolutely necessary. A wrong turn here and there, and I ended up in another sewer. This seemed to go on forever; I was starving, and I was sleep-deprived. When this was all over, I am taking a hot bath at the Tiber Septim hotel and wash all of this filth off my body. The thought sent chills up my spine.

I managed to find some more people as I wandered the sewers. Gods, where was I, and how many of these vampires are underneath the city? I climbed up the first hatch I came across. The light blinded me for a second. I shielded my eyes and covered my mouth as my lungs began to breathe the air in. Then, in a moment, my eyes adjusted and I looked around. I was in the Market District. I was out. I was free!

I sat on the ground, laying my body against a stone wall, catching my breath. I had pulled off one of the greatest robberies of all time. I could hear my stomach growling, so I returned to the Gray Fox in the Elven district. I handed him the scroll and he smiled at me. I began eating voraciously; scarffing down food like there was no tomorrow. I even drank fresh water like I had not in some time. The catacombs, the undead, the whole theft of it all; it was all behind me now. I was going to be a legend. The legendary theft of the Imperial Palace. I could almost hear the stories so far into the future.

The Gray Fox looked at me as I was eating and chuckled. He nodded, saying I did a good job, but there was one more thing I had to do. I nearly choked out some food and glared at him. I was tempted to beat him to a bloody pulp if I had to do something else like that again. He told me to go to the Countess of Anvil and give her this ring. When asked where I got it, he told me that a stranger gave it to me, and to report back on her reaction.

I was tempted to protest. I was tempted to kill the guy. However, he did mention that I would be rewarded handsomely when this was over. I sighed; it beats crawling around in a tomb underneath the palace.

I ventured to Anvil, but I rested at the Count's Arms Inn. I needed a rest so, I bought a room and fell asleep. When I awoke, I took a hot bath and saw that it was afternoon. I could always enjoy a hot bath later. I arrived at the castle and spoke to the countess Umbranox. I handed her the ring and she was stunned. It belonged to her dead husband.

Then, the Gray Fox appeared and explained everything. Apparently, the count disappeared ten years ago, thought to have been dead. He inherited the cowl from the previous Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild and had been cursed to wear it. Until tonight. The curse would be broken as the former Gray Fox renounced it and, he looked at me. He presented me with the cowl and said that, from this day forth, I was the Gray Fox.

I was stunned speechless. I was the legendary guild master of the Thieves Guild. I remember reading the note I had found at the Moth Priests' monastery, but I never thought that this would be happening. I would be leading the Thieves Guild.

The former Gray Fox, now the count of Anvil, told me to search out the hidden location where the thief had stolen this cowl from Nocturnal all those years ago. I knew where to go. The Waterfront.

It made perfect sense to me why the Gray Fox would operate near the Waterfront; he always cared for the poor and protected them. It would make sense he would want to be near them without being near them. The cowl of Nocturnal would protect the identity of the wearer and separate the wearer and identity of the Gray Fox. The curse was lifted and history has changed.

I sat in the ruins at the Waterfront, in the same building as one of the offices. I entered through the back and put the cowl on.

I was now the Gray Fox. The legacy of the Thieves Guild continues…

End of Ahaliva's Tale!