This story is rated PG-13 for some bad words (one or two swear words, some insulting names), mild violence (the ordinary Pokémon battle and some other things nut nothing serious) and sexual situations (making out, mention of sex and making out).

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* * *

Chapter 1 The Great Journey Begins

It was nighttime in Pallet Town. Uh...11:37, to be exact. A young boy was very excited, for tomorrow he would get his first Pokémon! And right now, he was talking to himself, making a brilliant plan.

"So, first I'll pick Cydnaquil. Then I'll pick Squirtle. And then I'll pick Charmander. And then Dragonair. And then-"

Okay, so it wasn't brilliant.

"Hey, Tyler!" His mom shouted at him from upstairs. "Go to sleep! It's 11:38!"

"Time doesn't matter to me! I'm ready for anything! Nothing will stand in my way! Nobody will tell me what to do!" Tyler,a boy with messy brown hair, green eyes, average height and dressed really funny, replied.

"I'll tell The Professor to give you a Magikarp!"

Tyler was sleeping like a baby in a minute.

* * *

BAAAAAAARING!! Tyler's alarm clock rang loudly. It woke up the neighbors, and it woke people up a few blocks away. But Tyler was still sleeping, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. His mom ran downstairs, into his room and shouted, "Tyler! You've got to go to The Professor now!"

"I don't wanna go to school today...," Tyler whined.

It took about 45 minutes to get Tyler out of bed. He ran to The Professor's Lab in nothing but swimming trunks and an orange t-shirt (I told you he dressed funny). His mind was set only on getting to the lab.

Tyler passed a bunch of Kadabras. They all glanced at him, then continued their card game.

Tyler rushed past Mewtwo, who was looking at the beautiful landscape. He watched Tyler run past and scoffed. "Crazy humans! Always in a hurry!"

Tyler burst past the huge crowd in front of The Professor's Lab. He ran up the stairs to the lab and pounded the door with his fist. "The Professor! Open up!"

The Professor opened the door slowly. "Oh, hello Tyler. Come in!"

"Alright, I want Cydnaquil!" Tyler shouted as he burst in.

"Uh...Colin took the Cydnaquil," The Professor told him.

"WHAT?!" Tyler couldn't believe his rival got the Pokémon he wanted before him.

"I have saved a special Pokémon for you, Tyler!" The Professor gestured to the back of the lab. A Magmar waved his hand.

"What's that?" Tyler asked.

"That's a Magmar," The Professor informed him.

"Is it a water-type?" Tyler asked.

The Magmar snickered. "No, it's a fire-type Pokémon!" The Professor informed him.

"Ohhh! Is it good?"

"It's a very strong fire Pokémon. Very reliable!"

Magmar wagged his tail happily. It swung around and whacked two bottles full of chemicals. One exploded, and the other one melted into an oozing puddle. Magmar put his hands in front of his mouth in horror.

Tyler and The Professor didn't seem to notice the bottles getting destroyed. The Professor continued talking, "Also, this Magmar knows how to speak English!"

"Cool!" Tyler exclaimed.

"DOH! Gotta clean this up!" Magmar shouted, and tried to scoop up the oozing liquid with his right hand and put it into another bottle. But the stuff disappeared instantly when he touched it and soon it was all gone. "Phooey! Now what do I do?" he crossed his arms in frustration. Or at least he crossed his left arm and something else connected to his right shoulder. He looked down and saw that his right arm had turned into a green tentacle!

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" Magmar screamed and ran all over the lab, flailing his mutated arm all over the place, breaking more bottles. "MY ARRRRRRRM!!" he wailed.

Tyler and The Professor didn't seem to even notice Magmar, or his insane rampage that was breaking everything fragile in sight. "So what do I do next?" Tyler asked The Professor.

"Well, you should head for Pewter City! The new gym leader, Rocky, has very fine Pokémon. He would be an excellent challenge! But Viridian City is right before it, where you should call me and tell me how you're doing!"

"AAAAAAUGH!! MY ARM IS A TENTACLE!!" Magmar swung it around, smashing seven glass containers, each one containing strange liquids in them. The chemicals splattered on the ground, burning it severely.

"What Pokémon are on the way?" Tyler asked.


"Oh, Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Weedle, Ledyba, Hoothoot and Sentret," The Professor listed.


"Okay! Do I get anything else before I go?"


"Yes, here are your Pokéballs and Pokédex," The Professor handed him six Pokéballs and a Pokédex.

Magmar plunged his mutated arm into a tub of an unknown chemical that had luckily survived his rampage. The tentacle turned back into his arm. "Phew!"

"Good luck, Tyler!" The Professor wished him.

"Thanks! Come on, Magmar! Let's have a little action!" Tyler called as he walked out.

Magmar stared at where Tyler had been for a few seconds, then followed him. The Professor closed the door after him. He turned around and saw the humongous mess that Magmar left behind. "Hmm, that reminds me. I was planning to clean out the lab today! It has gotten a bit messy in past few days!"

"And here comes the last new trainer from Pallet Town!" a news reporter shouted as Tyler and Magmar came down the stairs. The cameras all flashed, practically blinding Magmar. And that's exactly what Magmar thought they were trying to do.

"AAAUGH!! They're using Flash attack!" Magmar sent out a jet of fire, melting all of the cameras and barbecuing all of the reporters. They all stood there, smoking and looking very black.

"Hmm! Extra crispy! HAHA!" Colin, who hadn't been toasted, laughed and walked over to Tyler. "Well, Tyler, it seems you've got a Magmar for your starter Pokémon! Will you be able to control it?" he sneered.

"Oh, we'll see about that!" Tyler sneered back.

"Have you met the other trainers?" Colin motioned to three girls and two boys that were standing in front of the crowd. They were looking very hot. VERY hot.

"Oops," Magmar gulped. Tyler shook his head no.

"Okay, the guy with red hair-" Colin started.

"Red hair? They all have black hair!" Tyler pointed out.

Colin glared at him and Magmar, and continued. "The one who used to have red hair is Sean. His girlfriend who next to him and is wearing a pink shirt-"

"Pink?" Tyler repeated, confused.

"Ugh. Black shirt, that is Rachel. That's Brian on the right, with his girlfriend Ann. And my girlfriend Ashley is in front of them."

"And who are you?" Magmar asked him.

"I'm Colin...AAAUGH!! Did that Magmar just talk!?!" Colin screamed at Tyler.

"Yes," Tyler replied calmly.

"His Magmar can talk!" Colin shouted, pointing at Magmar.

The reporters gathered their burnt wits and tried to take pictures of it, but their cameras were nothing but melted lumps of metal. So they shouted millions of questions instead. The noise was deafening.

"Magmar, use your Fire Blast!" Tyler shouted over the noise.

"Huh?!" Magmar shouted back. "I can't hear you!"

"Use something! Water Gun, Razor Leaf, Submission, Sky Attack, anything!"

Magmar was very confused. His new trainer had just told him to use Weird Pun', Laser Sleeve', Addition' and Pie Splat'. "WHAT!? I've never heard of any of those!!" he screamed.

"Just use something! Like Explosion!!" Tyler's ears were really starting to hurt.

Magmar heard that and obeyed. He pulled a Firestone tire out of the bushes and rolled it into the crowd. It exploded, sending all of the reporters flying. Only Colin and his friends were still there.

"I like attacks that don't hurt me!" Magmar laughed.

Colin looked around, then at Tyler and Magmar. "Impressive, Tyler. I didn't think a loser like you would be able to command such a fine Pokémon!"

"WHAT!?" Tyler screamed. He still had his hands cupped over his ears. Magmar yanked his arms away from his ears. "Oh. Well, Colin, let's see who can get to Pewter City, shall we?"

"Yes, let's!" He turned to his friends and shouted, "Let's go, boys and girls!" He and his friends jumped into a car and drove off to Pewter City, leaving Magmar and Tyler to stare at the departing car.

"Cheater!" Tyler muttered.

"Hey, if he just got his Pokémon license, he's about 10," Magmar pointed out.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Tyler asked him.

"What's he doing driving?" Magmar wondered out loud.

Before Tyler could reply, he heard his mother shout, "Tyler!"

Tyler turned around to see his mom and The Professor. "We came to say good-bye!" his mom told him.

"Cool! Bye, mom!" Tyler shouted, waving good-bye as he walked off.

And so he and Magmar set off to Viridian City, ready for all the challenges that would face them!

* * *

Tyler gasped in agony. He felt very weak. He gripped Magmar's shoulder, and gasped, "I'm dying, Magmar! I need water! Please...," he collapsed to the ground, gasping and panting.

"Tyler...-" Magmar started.

"No, I can't make it!," Tyler fainted, still panting hard and sweating.

Magmar shook his head pitifully, and looked back at The Professor and Tyler's mom, who were about twenty feet away. "Can you get another water bottle? I think he needs it really bad this time!"