"Damn!" Lucy sighed in exasperation, as she was screaming at the sight of Natsu her long time partner and best friend was sleeping ang hugging her in a choke hold.

Happy woke up, startled from the noise that the Stellar Mage was making. Lucy did her best taking Natsu's arm from killing her. She could hardly breath because of the way that the Fire mage was holding her.

"Happy! Could you at least try pretending this once that you are on my side?" Lucy demanded at the blue flying and talking cat.

"Oh! G-good m-morning Lucy." Happy said in an innocent tone.

Lucy gave up and let Natsu just stay in her position for awhile. After losing count of emeralds in trying to make herself occupied, Natsu finally woke up from his deep sleep.

"Sup Luce?" The fire breathing mage muttered his voice still quite groggy from the sleep.

"Oh! Hi Natsu…" Lucy spoke. "What's the problem?" Natsu asked.

"And you have the nerve to ask?" Lucy screamed her anger giving her the strength to kick him away from her. She needed to steady herself, her heart was beating fast at the short encounter with the boy.

"Aw! Come on Luce! What's the matter?" Natsu asked confusion in his dark brown eyes.

"It's nothing." I answered back still feeling the nervousness of his nearness.

"If you two lovers are finished having a lover's quarrel, we should hurry to the guild, Erza is expecting us today." Happy said in high spirits at the moment.

"Wait a second! Did you honestly think that you two are leaving with no explanation?" Lucy asked in frustration. 'Honestly this two….'

"What explanation?" Natsu asked confusion filled his voice. I turned to him staring at him for any sign that he was lying.

"Nothing nevermind that…let's just hurry." I stood up and started to prepare my self for today.

"Seriously Lucy…you sure are weird." Natsu clarified with a teasing tone. "Happy! Do you know what she was talking about?" He turned to the blue cat who acted innocently.

"Aye, sir! I have no idea." Happy saluted the fire mage.

"So! Shall we get going?" Lucy asked fully dressed for a new day at the guild.

"You sure bet!" Natsu answered back giving her a thumbs up.

"So are we going to take a mission today?" I asked Natsu who was walking with a happy grin on his face.

"Err I'm not sure, what do you think?" He asked me back looking at me with appraising eyes. Happy interrupted us by clearing his trout.

"Seriously, were you even paying attention to Erza yesterday?" Happy asked his expression full of irritation.

"Wow, happy, I have never seen you with such face." I said feeling pity for the poor thing. Natsu just stared at us.

"Well you would remember, Erza said that we were to gather for an important announcement." He said trying under realize every detail of that moment.

"Oh! Right, Erza said that she had something important to tell us." I said remembering at last.

"Oh! Lucy, at least you remembered!" Happy danced around me happily.

"Yeah! I guess I should feel sorry for forgetting huh?" I asked him regretting my question at the moment, since Natsu was really that dumb.

"What announcement? Am I missing something here?" He asked pretty obvious that he was denser than a rock and really annoying.

"Never you mind, you idiot, let's hurry up! You know Erza she takes business seriously." I told the both of them hurrying at the moment.


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