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Ororo's history is different in this story. She wasn't a goddess, just a thief. It's still kinda movie verse.


A young girl about 17, dressed in a clothes that were about 3 times the size she should wear, walked along the crowed streets of New York. She had been in the city once, when she was just a baby. Nothing that would help her. She stopped a passing man and she asked him to show her to the nearest bathroom. The man ignored her. Ororo sat down on a stair and tried not to cry. #Here I am, all alone in some strange place. I can't find a bathroom and no one will help me#. Ororo had stowed away on plane that was headed for America. She didn't want to leave Africa, but she had been caught stealing from one of the American tourists and the only place she had found to hide in was a cargo plane. Luckily, she had learned English, so she wasn't completely screwed but for the time being, she had no where to go. Ororo's stomach growled. #Goddess I am so hungry#. She saw a man walking by, his wallet poking slightly out of his pocket. #Thank You#, she stood up and followed the man. When she was right behind him, she [pretended to fall, taking the man down with her. Grabbing his wallet, she quickly slid it into her coat's pocket.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" she tried to get up "I was walking and I-OW" she grimaced as if she was hurt, Ororo looked around, a few people had stopped to see if she and the man were okay, but most of the people kept walking by, not wanting to get involved. #Thief Heaven, next time I can skip the theatrics# she thought to herself.

"Oh, that's alright, are you okay?", the man asked pulling her up to her feet.

Ororo bit her lip as if she was in pain. "Yes, I am fine".

"Okay," the man walked off.

Ororo watched him go and thought, #that was way to easy#


Ororo walked into a small café and sat down. She had gotten 4 other wallets in the past hour. She had a total of 800 dollars, one of the marks had been carrying 500 dollars in his wallet.

"what'll it be Sug?", the waitress asked her.

Ororo glanced at the menu. She couldn't read it. "Do you have any specials?"

"Yep, we have the soup and salad for 2.50. and we got the Hamburger plate for 4.50."

"I'll take the soup and salad,"

"what kind of soup? We have White Potato or chicken noodle"

"Chicken noodle." #White Potato? What the hell?#

"To drink?"

"Could I get that?", she pointed to a girl sitting at the bar, who was nursing a strawberry shake.

'Strawberry shake," , she wrote the order down, "that'll be about 10-15 minutes."

Ororo handed the waitress her menu and leaned back in the booth. She looked out the window and saw a girl walking towards the café. One Ororo had never seen before, but knew the girl was going to talk to her.

The door to the café chimed when the girl opened it. She walked over to Ororo's table and sat down across from her. The two stared at each other for about 5minutes before Ororo spoke, "Can I help you?"

The dark haired girl laughed, "I guess"

Ororo furrowed her brow and said, "What I mean was, Why are you sitting at my table?"

"I know, I'm just giving you a hard time.", the waitress walked over and sat Ororo's shake down.

Ororo grabbed it. "You still did not answer", she drank a bit of the cool liquid and shivered, #This is really good, what did she call it? a shake?#

"I am here to see something. Are you Ororo Monroe?"

"Yes, I am, who are you?"

"My name is Raven Darkholme, but my friends call me Mystique", She grabbed a spoon and took a taste of Ororo's shake. "Oh, this place makes the best shakes."

Ororo pulled hers closer to her, "You could get one if you want one"

The waitress came back with Ororo's order, Mystique eyes the waitress's name tage. "Um…Betty? Could you bring me a hamburger platter and a Chocolate Shake?"

"Same check?"", Betty asked.

"Yes", Mystique said.

After Betty left Ororo looked at mystique. "Who said I was to buy for you?"

"Don't worry about it. I'm paying."

Ororo relaxed. "Oh, alright.", Ororo picked up her spoon and began to eat.

"Now, Ororo let me ask you something, I hear you can make it rain. Is that true?"

Ororo dropped her spoon and stared at Mystique, 'How do you…?"

"Ororo, did you think you got into America with out a little help? That tourist you stole from was a contact of my boss's. My boss brought you here, why do you think it was so easy to get onto that plane?"

Ororo was in shock, "So you mean I was sent here, for a reason?"



"Because you are." She looked around, the place was almost empty. 'What we call here, a mutant. One of the more powerful I hear. You see, how old were you when you realized your power?"

"I was thirteen."

"About the time you got your period?" Ororo gave Mystique a puzzled look. "Um…your monthly bleeding?"

"Oh, yes. That is when I found my ability to make it rain. But I haven't really tried to use it…..on purpose"

"Why not?"

"Because I do not know how to control it."

"Don't worry, we'll help you out. Any way, mutant's are human's whose cells have mutated to give them abilities."

"What abilities? Like the weather?"

"well, that's what happened in your case, but in mine, it's different. I can take on a person's physical characteristics."

"Like what?"

"I'll show you when they aren't any people around."

Betty brought Mystique her food, "Now, enough talking. We have to hurry, Magneto expects us to be back in about an hour."