He was in a large cage. It was probably as big as eight of the crates next to him in terms of area. He remembered why he wasn't on his houseboat.


"C'mon Mac! I don't have anyone else to help me on this. Everyone else that I wanted to send was already out on other missions, or absolutely HATED kids."

"Kids? Pete, you'd better not be pulling my leg."

"This is serious, Mac. There are reports of genetic experimentation, and it seems that they've been using children as their genetic testbeds."

"Aww, Pete! I swear, we go through this every time you want me to do something. I try t turn you down, and then you come up with an excellent argument as to why I should go."

"So you'll go?"

"You know how much I hate needles." MacGyver paused, sighed, then, "Fine, I'll go. But you owe me one, Pete!"

[End Flashback]

Author's note: So, you know how all those tv shows give you a little bit of the episode before they give you the theme song and all that crap? Well, I decided to try that here. Call to mind your idea of what the Flock members look like, and have them in various 2-sec motion shots, at least three or four of each member, and while you're doing that, play the MacGyver theme song in your head, and include a couple shot of Peter Thorton, and Angus MacGyver. Maximum Ride and Co, are owned by James Patterson, and MacGyver is owned by Paramount, but played by Richard Dean Anderson. Enjoy, and you better review this story at the end, or Karma will catch you! MacGyver and Peter Thorton have not aged a bit for the purposes of this fanfic. The song should be over now, so go read the remainder of the story.

So that was how he got here. But why was he in a crate?

He had been trying to get in, in fact, he had already in, having picked the lock about five minutes ago. He had a camera, and was taking shots of the various files he had been ordered to find and record. He was almost finished when a person walked in.

"Can I help you?" The voice was too silken sweet.

MacGyver turned to see who was there, and saw what appeared to be a twenty-three year old male standing in the doorway.

"No, I was just finishing up here."

The male grinned wolfishly, which disconcerted MacGyver.

"Oh, good. Then you wouldn't mind coming with me."

MacGyver knew he was in trouble, and proceeded to send the images he had gotten. The camera had a special satellite hookup that could relay the photos in case of an emergency. This qualified. In addition to the images, MacGyver sent a short message. It read: 'Pete, I'm in trouble. I need help.'

The Eraser knocked the camera out of Mac's hand, and it hit the floor, breaking into several small pieces. There was a miniature explosion as a few key components exploded upon exposure to oxygen.

The Eraser motioned for one of his minions, and then drew a dart gun. He fired, and the tranquilizer dart hit MacGyver in the wrist.

"OW! Did ya really have to do tha…" he slumped to the floor, unconscious.

"Take him to the holding cell. I'm sure that the doctors will wish to examine him." he said. The underling rushed to do his bidding, and the elder Eraser turned away, headed for the office where the scientists were congregated.

"I found the intruder. He is sedated and in holding cell 1. He had a camera, but it is destroyed."

"Batchelder. Use test serum number 02023 on our guest. I'll have McKarthy down to document the results in a few minutes. Oh, and be sure to 'secretly inform' the avian/human 'flock' that you've arranged for an escape in a few days if they can just hold tight. Don't tell them that we already know that they will be quote/unquote 'escaping'."

"Yes, sir." Jeb Batchelder walked out of the room.

Jeb had stopped at one of the unused labs designated for storage, and obtained a vial of the compound known as '02023', along with a syringe. He then walked briskly to holding cell one, where MacGyver was slowly coming to.

"Oh… where am I?"

"That doesn't matter." Jeb said, affecting a cold personality.

MacGyver's head snapped up.

"Who're you?" he asked.

"That also doesn't matter." Jeb filled the syringe with the serum, and then tapped it a couple times to that the air bubbles would float to the tip of the needle. He then pushed a slight amount out, causing a few drops to go flying from the needle. At that, MacGyver attempted to avoid the needle in any way available.

"Guards!" called Jeb.

Two Erasers walked in.

"Hold him down so I can administer this."

They obeyed, holding him down so that he couldn't do anything. His right sleeve was quickly rolled up, and the needle was inserted into a main vein. Jeb pushed the syringe, and the contents of the needle were swiftly dumped into Mac's bloodstream. The Erasers forced him to his feet.

"Take him to the cages. Give him the metamorphosis cage. And get rid of his clothes. Not destroyed, but not on him while the change occurs."

"Yes, sir." responded on of the Erasers. They escorted him to the cage, where he was unceremoniously stripped of his clothing and given a bloodstained pair of shorts in place of his pants. They shoved him in, and locked the cage. There were cages on both sides of him, for a total of eight cages. The front was clear, obviously, and the back also afforded a view of the world outside the cage. He struggled with the door, trying to open it.

"Don't waste your strength." advised one of the cages.

MacGyver looked in the direction of the voice, and saw a girl who couldn't have been much more that sixteen peering through the bars at him.

"Who're you?" he asked.

"I'm Max."

"Is that short for anything?"

"Maximum. Maximum Ride. Above me is Fang, behind me is Iggy, and above Iggy is Angel."

Upon hearing her name, Angel brought her face over to the side of the cage facing MacGyver's cage.

"Who're you?" she asked.

"My name's MacGyver. I'm here from the Phoenix Foundation. We had heard rumor of genetic experimentation on children, and I was sent over here to investigate. This wasn't exactly part of the plan."

Continuing with her verbal tour, Max said "On the other side of you are the Gasman, and Nudge. You'll probably learn how to differentiate them soon enough."

"Why did they call this the metamorphosis cage?" MacGyver asked, feeling sick.

"Because people have been given serums that alter their genetic code-" she was cut off my MacGyver collapsing to the floor of his cage. His back began to split open on both sides of his spine, and blood flowed freely as new flesh was created at a breakneck speed. The general shape of his new wings formed, but it was still just a shapeless mass of tissue. Bones began to form, giving the tips of his wings shape, but it would be several hours before they were finished. MacGyver's breathing had become very shallow, and the sensors in the crate indicated that he might not make it. A lab tech briskly walked in, and opened the door to MacGyver's crate, waiting with a needle of adrenaline. A cart with monitors was rolled in, and the cords were connected to the sensor output points. Three minutes later, MacGyver's heart stopped. The tech rolled him onto his side, and waited for one minute before pushing the needle of adrenaline straight into Mac's heart. A moment later, his heart began functioning again. Within four minutes, his heart was back to normal parameters. The techs took the cart away, now that the danger was past. Five minutes later, the experiments were alone. Jeb walked in then. He quietly walked over to Max's cage, and looked around as if he were afraid of getting caught.


Max whirled around, and saw Jeb there. "You!" she hissed.

"Yes, I have an escape all planned out for you guys in a few days, but you'll have to hang tight 'til then. I'll be breaking you out at roughly midnight."

"Fine." anyone listening could tell that she didn't trust him any farther than she could throw him.

Seemingly unperturbed, Jeb slid over to MacGyver's cage, and observed the unconscious man for a long moment, then stood up, and walked out.