Bella Swan

I have never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in place of someone I loved, it seemed like a good way to go.

What would you do to protect the ones you love? Will you be able to give and risk it all? To put your whole life in danger just to keep them safe.

How many secrets would you be able to keep?

There is only one choice when you have everything to lose; sacrifice.

I had it all, my father, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my life changed, I was surrounded by secrets; I was confused, hurt and torn.

The ones I loved where in danger, and I was the key to keep them safe. While one tried to heal me, the other left.I had to decide which way take.

My life now, It was a nightmare; I wanted it to end.

What would you do for the ones you love? If it's someone you truly loved?