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Chapter thirteen

First day:

(A week after last chapter)

September 1st 2011

It was Thursday, first day of school, first day of my last year of high school. Last week the gang and I went shopping for our school supplies, I just got pencils and writing utensils and my notebooks, since had already bought my backpack a few weeks ago. We had a nice time at the mall; we even went and saw a movie afterwards. Everyone was very attentive of me because of my condition: Alice, Angela, and Rosalie were very excited.

This morning I woke up with a little morning sickness, I took care of that then did my morning routine and, I dressed on a Alice approved outfit that I selected myself. The top wasn't tight; I didn't want anyone else to know I was pregnant. I know that I wasn't showing that much yet, but the slight curve was visible,and I wanted to tell Charlie first. Jacob and I have not decided when to tell him, although we have talked about it a lot.

I was now on my way to Forks High, I hoped that Alice didn't bring her car to school. What was the point, if the whole school had already seen it? Her flashy yellow Porsche turbo was too fancy for Forks. I groaned when I got to the parking lot, the car was there, next to Emmett's jeep.

Alice saw me from distance and smiled, I smiled back Edward smiled to me too.

"Hi guys good morning! How was the weekend?" I asked

"It was good but someone here wanted to see you again" Alice said eyeing Edward, he gave her a mad look.

"Thanks little cousin, as charming as ever" he snapped at her, Emmett and Jasper laughed.

"Just keeping it real" Alice responded.

"Okay, schedule time" Rosalie cut in. "All my classes are AP courses this year everyone" I announced. Alice rolled her eyes at my nerd comment, we all checked our schedules, we were pretty scattered during the day, but we did have classes together. Edward was taking also all AP courses; this meant that his schedule and mine was the same. We just had one different class.

"Okay so is settled then, see you in class" Rosalie said leaving with Emmett for their first class.

"Bye Bella, see you in calculus" Alice said leaving with Jasper. That left Edward and I at the entrance.

"So what you wanted me for…" I started to ask.

"Um…" he started, "Bella there's someone here to see you" Edward said. "What?" I asked confused but turned around, Jake was there.

"Hey love" he greeted

"Jake" I said, he smiled and kissed me lightly. He caressed my stomach also and then, "you look pretty" he told me. He eyed Edward,

"What's he doing here?" he asked, "he is waiting for me because we have class together" I explained.

"How are you feeling?" he asked me. I blushed, "I woke up a little sick, but I'm okay now" we kissed again, Jacob smiled at me when we broke apart "I'm going to be late for class" I said.

"Of course love, see you after school" he said. "Okay! Bye"

"Sorry Edward" I said blushing. "Don't worry Bella" there was a second of awkward silence.

"Take the lead" he said. He walked beside me in comfortable silence; we entered the classroom at the last bell. Edward and I seated on the last two chairs left.

I looked around briefly; Angela, Ben, and Jessica are on this class too. Jessica scooted her chair closer to Edward and started talking to him, she looked upset.

"Well welcome to senior AP English class" Mr. Berty said

"I assume that you all know each other right?" he added as he started roll call.

"Edward Masen Cullen" Mr. Berty said, "Here" he said raising his hand "you are a new student this year" he stated. "Yes" Edward responded "well welcome to Forks High" he told Edward, "thank you" Edward replied.

Mr. Berty kept calling from the list until he reached my name, "Isabella Swan"

"Here Mr. Berty" I responded.

When he finished with the list, he passed the author list we will be using this semester, after that he discussed some projects and papers we would be doing during this semester. The good thing about being seniors is that we all got a free period; I had mine at second period alongside with Edward. I didn't know if the volleyball team was meeting now, I made sure that Mr. Berty wasn't looking and quickly texted one of my teammates.

A few minutes later she answered, we were meeting with Coach Bailey briefly during PE.

~U&U RW~

"So it's our free period now Bella, according to our schedule, what are we going to do?" Edward asked me. "Don't you have somewhere else to be now Edward?" I asked pun intended. "No Bella. Are you trying to get rid of me?" he asked me raising his eyebrow. "Um, no. not intentionally, I was just asking." I replied.

"So where to Isabella?" he asked again, "well…we don't have any school work to do yet so…lets go to our lockers and then to the library?" I suggested to him.

He nodded and again motioned me to lead the way. I took Edward to his locker first since mine was the same as freshman year; he changed the combination and placed some of the stuff in his backpack in it. "You can decorate the inside of the door however you want" I told him, he nodded. "I'll get some stuff from home tomorrow. Some pictures… maybe" he whispered the last word. We then went to my locker and I did the same thing he did except changing the combination of the lock.

"So you didn't get to tell me why did you wanted to see me Edward" I told him. "You don't beat around the bush do you?" he stated, "No I'm more of a straight to the point girl. I'm the daughter of a cop, what did you expect?" I giggled.

"I wanted to hang out with you…alone" he admitted, I looked at him startled, "you do realize I have a boyfriend and that I'm expecting a baby from said boyfriend right?" I said.

"Yes Bella, I know this. But friends can go out, sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable" he apologized. "I okay Edward, maybe we can hangout, and I mean that's what we are doing now" I stated he nodded. We arrived at the library and chose seats on the less used part of the library.

"So how are you Bella? Everything okay with the baby and all?" he asked me. "Just the usual, although I do feel a little tired, my body is getting used to waking up at 6:00am again."

"Well Bella, do everything of what the doctor told you" he said after that he was pensive for a moment, "how is Jacob taking all of this? Have you told your father?" Edward inquired.

"No, we haven't and I from what we've talked he is enthusiastic, I'm still a little scared that all this will blow up on my face at some point. I still can't believe that I was so stupid!" I admitted.

"I've never had done anything to make Charlie be disappointed until now. I don't want to hurt him. I really don't know what his reaction will be; I wish she was here so I could talk with her about this. Maybe this even wouldn't have happened…" I rambled, Edward took my hands in reassurance, and the same current of electricity I have felt whenever Edward touched me, ran trough me again, at the same moment Edward looked at me as if he had felt it too.

"Who are you talking about Bella, your mom?" he asked I nodded, in that moment the water works started, "I miss her so much! I have so many things I want to ask her, I need her so much." I sobbed, Edward hugged me, "shh Bella, it's okay. I'm here" he comforted me in silence he didn't say anything else; he just rubbed circles on my back and caressed my hair.

"Bella" Edward said after a few minutes, "What?" I asked him, he took one of my hands in his again, "I just wanted to let you know that I'm here, and if you ever need anything or just want to talk or whatever I'm here. I got your back Bella" he told me.

To say that I was a little stunned by his words was an understatement.

"Okay Edward, thank you" I said as I cleaned my nose with the hem of my jacket sleeve.

"I'm going to be the best friend you will ever have" he said also.

I giggled, "well get in line, you have to compete with Alice for the title" I told him, Edward laughed wholeheartedly, I've never seen him laugh like this before, so carefree, his head thrown back, his body shaking as he laughed.

We hushed our voices after that and chatted about nonsense. There is a mystery within Edward and I was planning on finding out what brought him to Forks.

"I'm thirsty"

"Okay, we have a few minutes before our next class, let's get you something. Is the cafeteria available here at any time?" Edward asked, "yes, Edward. We have jocks, I mean, have you seen Emmett?" I laughed.

After a quick trip to the cafeteria and the bathroom we went to our next class, Jasper and Alice were there, a little to the center of the room sat Angela with Ben, and at the back Lauren was sitting beside Jessica. She waved at Edward he smiled to her but the smile he gave her seemed forced to me, Jessica motioned from him to seat beside her on the back of the last row, and Edward looked at me and went to sit with her. Lauren sneer at me I repeated the gesture and took the seat beside Rosalie.

If he didn't enjoy Jessica's company, why is he with her?

After history we had calculus with Alice, Ben, Angela, and Jessica…again. She went to sit in the middle of the room with other members of the cheerleading squad since Lauren wasn't on this course. I saw that Edward sat in front of Jessica beside Alice, I was seating in front of him, Angela on the chair in front of mine; Ben on the same seat as her but at the next row.

I went to the bathroom after we got out of calculus class, Mr. Johnson as the ogre he is, told us to read chapter three of our book and do the first 10 exercises. The man hates us…I think.

"You know Lauren, I haven't told you how great I felt when I danced with Edward at Alice's party" Jessica babbled as I was inside the bathroom stall. I knew they were just being themselves. I got out to the stall and went to wash my hands, "He is gorgeous indeed Jessica, great catch. You should hook up with him and forget about Mike. He is so yummy!" Lauren said as they left the bathroom.

"He's not a piece of candy you troll" I whispered to myself.

I clutched the edges of the counter top for a minute. Why do their words bother me this much? Is it because I care for Edward? But why do I? I asked myself.

I went to the cafeteria and took a spot in the line behind Tyler Crowley. He almost ran over me last year, poor Tyler, Emmett almost broke his face… I got my food and joined the others at the table.

"What's wrong Bella?" Alice asked I shrugged her off, "nothing Alice, don't worry. How's been your day so far?" I asked

"Amazing, everyone loves my outfit!" she said smiling, "thank you for the hat Bella"

"I'm glad you like it" I said, "hi Bella, Bella" Emmett said sitting beside me two trays of food sitting before me. "Wow Emmett, you eat more than a pregnant woman. And that coming from a pregnant woman is saying a lot" I joked, the table broke into laughter. Emmett just started eating, "what's so funny?" Edward asked sitting beside Alice, "Emmett" Jasper said.

I got took a bite of my burger, Edward had a turkey sandwich while Alice was eating a salad and some chips on the side. We all talked animatedly about our first day so far, we still had classes to take, and we all realized we had P.E together this year at last period.

"Walk me to physics Bella?" Edward said after we dumped our trash after lunch, I cocked him on the side and nodded. "Let's go then" he said.

Physics passed with introductions and blah, blah, after 50 minutes it ended. Edward followed me out of the classroom "see you in P.E later" he said and then went the other way, I went to the Foreign Language Building with Alice, she went to her AP French class and I went to my AP Italian class, I've been taking Italian for a few years now, mom had been teaching me the language but after her disappearance I stopped learning until a few years ago. Mrs. Stevenson loved me, she was a friend of mom since they worked together a few times tutoring over the years. Mrs. Stevenson was Italian like mom, and like her she married an American man.

"Isabella! Principessa, è bello vedere di nuovo, bentornato" she welcomed me. "è un piacere signora Stevenson" I told her.

~~U&U RW~~

We entered the gym and sat at the bleachers, coach Clapp introduced the seniors PE course; and just talked about tryouts for the various teams. Then he went to talk to Emmett, Mike, Jasper, and some of the jocks so the rest of the class started talking, I went to where Coach Bailey was.

"Okay girls the first game is in two weeks, we will have the tryouts on the 5th of September, and then the first practice will be the next day, we will have to practice for the rest of the week after class and at free period if you don't mind" coach Bailey explained, the team agreed.

A few minutes before the last bell I talked to Coach Bailey, "I can't be on the team" I told her, "why not Bella? You're the captain and this is the last year for the senior players, I'm only looking for 5 replacement girls for when you seniors are unavailable, were going for the state championship Bella. You can't do this to the team now!" she said, "I'm sorry coach Bailey, believe me, but I can't be on the team." I said

"Tell me why Swan!"

"Because I'm pregnant"

Coach Bailey was silent; she stared at me for a while. "You've got to be kidding me Swan!" she exclaimed.

"Wish I was but I'm not"

"Well Isabella, there is nothing I can do. When is the due date?" she asked, "my doctor hasn't told me that yet, but it will be a month along next week."

Coach Bailey sighed deeply.

"Okay Swan, I'll tell the team at practice next week." She added.

"It's okay, I'll do it. I can still help you in practice with some moves and stuff, but I can't play, you know we fall and get hit a lot. The team will be okay without me, Victoria is really good, she's been an amazing co-captain, and she will be fine as a captain. Trust her" I reassured her.

"That's fine with me, talk to your doctor and keep me updated. Bye, and good luck Swan"

"Bye coach Bailey thanks for everything. You and the team have been a good help to me all these years. I'm sorry" I said and left.

The parking lot was almost empty when I got out of school; I tried not to cry all the way home. It was hard to talk to Coach Bailey, all the emotions of the day got to me so I cried.

I needed to talk with Jake, when I arrived home he was waiting for me inside, sitting in the living room.

"Hey love, how your day was?" he asked as I sat beside him, "what's wrong Bella? Why are you crying? I reached to kiss him without answering his question.

When I got him breathless I stopped.

"Bella!" he exclaimed pleased. "What?"

"Why are you crying" he said again, "because I can" I said, he rolled his eyes at me. I took a deep breath, "I quit the volleyball team. Coach Bailey was disappointed" I finally told him.

"Oh Bella! I'm so sorry love, it must have been hard" he said, "it was Jacob, but if Coach Bailey had a fit, what will Charlie say? I'm so scared" I admitted again.

"I don't know what he will say, but I tell you this, whatever happens doesn't matter as long as we are together okay." he said kissing me again.

"Jake" I sighed "what babe" he said his lips at my neck. "What are we going to do? We need to figure this out before we tell Charlie, and we have to do third before he hears it from somebody else or before I start showing. We don't have much time"

Jacob sat there silent, just looking at me.

"Talking seriously here Jacob! Really how are we going to say this to Charlie?" I asked him. "Do you think he will be mad?" he asked me, "I don't know Jake" I admitted.

"I hope he doesn't do anything drastic. What if he kicks me out, huh, what do I do then? I have nowhere to go Jacob! This is so messed up." I said in exasperation.

"Bella, please, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We will have to come out of the blue and tell him, as you said we don't have much time, the sooner we do this the better it will be. Who knows maybe Charlie won't be so mad, I mean he is not an ogre or anything." Jacob said.

"I wished mom was here…" I whispered, Jacob gabbed my hand, "yeah Bella, I wish mine was too" we just sat there on the couch hugging each other, crying because we both missed our mothers and wishing that they were here helping us with all of this.

"I love you Jacob" I told him, "I love you too, smelly Belly" Jacob said.

Wow… it's been a while since someone called me that. The nick name was born years ago when I sprayed on some of my mom's perfume because I wanted to smell like her. I put on a little bit too much and the boys gave me that name.

"So finally, when are we telling dad?" I asked.

"Tomorrow?" Jacob suggested looking at me, I nodded "yeah, I could make something special for dinner and if we are lucky and he approves; we will have one less thing to worry about" I said. "Okay so tomorrow then" he concluded.

I got up from the couch; dad wasn't coming home for dinner today, so I grabbed some of yesterday's casserole and took it to the station for him with Jacob.

I made him stay in my truck.

"I'll be back in like five minutes" I reassured him, he smiled "okay"

Dad was very grateful that I brought him dinner, I told him about Jake coming tomorrow, he was okay but not suspicious at all, I sighed relieved. "You are safe to come tomorrow" I teased him. He drove us back home. Jacob watched while I made my calculus homework. After I finished I took him back to La Push, and like some weeks ago, I felt that weirdness that we were being watched.

I wanted to leave, "Jake" I called before he was off, "what love?"

"My OB appointment is tomorrow. Dad told me he was getting out of work tonight at midnight, tomorrow he will be in at six in the morning and he will be out right on time for dinner. So we have time to go to the doctor and get dinner ready. Alice is going to pick me up tomorrow morning. Can you get me from school?" I told him.

"Sure thing, I'll be there are three. Love you, goodnight."


I felt that I was being also watched at home. I closed all the windows and doors and left the hallway and outside lights on. I went to bed after a shower.

I had a weird dream:

In the dream I was wearing a blue short night gown, but I looked older; on my hand I had a wedding ring and I was checking on a young girl, her skin was white and she had long blonde hair, it was lightly curled at the ends and it had reddish brown with a touch of gold highlights, she was beautiful. I was walking on a hallway and at the end of it my husband I suppose; was waiting for me. As I reached him he rubbed my stomach, and then I noticed that it was big and pronounced; I was pregnant, I placed my hand on top of my husband's hand, but this hand was smaller leaner and warm, but not as warm as Jacob's hands.

Suddenly I woke up. The image was so vivid it took me a few minutes to shake off the dream.

September 2nd, 2011

It was time to get ready for school, so I got up and did my morning routine at thirty minutes to eight, Alice picked me up. Edward was with her in the car, I said good morning. We got to school with fifteen minutes to spare.

"Jacob and I are telling Charlie about the baby today" I said to Alice before we went our separate ways to class. "Oh Bella!" Alice gasped, "I hope everything turns out okay" Alice said her head on my shoulder as we walked.

"Remember that I got your back Bella" Edward said with a small smile. He looked concerned but sad at the same time.

"Thank you guys"

~U&U RW~

When the school day ended, I said goodbye to everyone, Jacob was outside waiting for me. "How was your day?" he asked. "Good, even though five of the ten calculus problems I was doing last night were wrong. I will never get math, I'm glad I have Alice and Angela on the class this year. They get all that stuff." I said.

We got to the hospital and sat at the waiting room from the consult area, Dr. Greene didn't keep us waiting long. "Hello Jacob" she greeted him, "well Bella how have you been feeling these past days?" Dr. Greene asked me. "Depends on the day, I've only barfed twice though. Is that a good thing?" I asked her.

"Some women don't even have nausea Bella, it depends on the person" I nodded. "Are you taking the vitamins I gave you?" she asked, "yes"

"Anything unusual that you might want to consult me?" she asked as she got the sonogram machine ready. "I'm always hungry, I know I have to eat for two but I'm eating like Dr. Cullen's oldest son Emmett!" I explained, Dr. Greene laughed,

"Oh Bella you are so funny."

She made another ultrasound and we again heard the heartbeat, it was steady and strong. Dr. Greene told us that the growth of the baby was a little off, that the baby looked bigger than it should be when I'm just a few days from being a month along. "Should this be a concern?" I asked, "I don't know Bella, let's hope not. I'm going to take a blood sample and I want you to come next week and do a few more tests okay?" she told me.

"Is the baby okay?" I asked my panic evident, "yeah it is, for now. We still have to do the tests to see what's really going on. But don't hesitate calling me or coming to the ER if you need something Bella." she told me I nodded.

She took another blood sample from me, and then I was ready to leave. After we got out of the hospital Jake and I hurried home to prepare dinner, we were going to tell dad that I was pregnant. As I arranged everything in the kitchen dad arrived,

Well it's now or never…

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