The nights air around them was bitterly cold, making every breath feel like swallowing toothpaste. Shivering in their large, heavy robes, Tonks and Lupin walked their way carefully across the frosty ground. The amber glow from a street lamp overhead clad them in a pool of light. They'd both had a fair amount to drink at Kingleys' surprise Birthday party. The evening had started with bottles of butterbeer and then had some how progressed to tumblers of fire whiskey and goblets of red wine.

Tonks thoughts swam blearily around in her head. She stumbled slightly, almost slipping on the ice, and immediately a hand flew out to grab her. Lupin's fingers wrapped tightly around her wrist and Tonks realised she had underestimated his physical strength. She was aware of his smooth yet weathered skin against her own, the warmth that emitted from him. Too aware. A moment passed briefly between them.

"Watch your step," Lupin mumbled quietly. He snatched his hand away and shoved it in pocket, coughing in slight embarrassment. The attraction between them had been almost tangible recently, the chemisty that flowed between them was stronger than before, and he didn't know how to handle it.

"Here we are," Tonks said finally after a few more minutes of awkward silence. They were stood at the end of the path which lead to her small, lonely house. Tonks began the walk up it and Lupin followed her.

"It was a... fun night," He said as Tonks fumbled around with her house keys.

"It was," She agreed, extracting her key and slipping it carefully in to the lock, "I think Kingsley was really pleased with the turn out."

"It was nice of Molly to plan it all for him. She had to keep quiet for weeks, he had no idea," Lupin said. He was making small talk and he could have kicked himself for it. Why couldn't he think of anything interesting to say?

Tonks turned back to face him with a warm smile. Today her hair was a rich chestnut brown colour and it tumbled in waves over her shoulders. It looked lovely on her, Lupin thought.

"Thanks for walking me home, Remus," She said softly.

Lupin stared in to her kind eyes - which were today a beautiful shade of green - and held his breath. What now? Tonks stepped forwards and leaned in towards him, so close he could smell the spiciness of the wine she had drank and the sweet perfume lingering on her skin, and kissed him on his cheek. Lupin felt his knees go weak and it was as if the floor had slipped like a carpet from beneath his feet and left only air. His lips met hers and in seconds they were locked together, moving softly in perfect rhythm. It was a sweet kiss but before Lupin could wrap an arm around her slim waist, Tonks had drew back.

"I'm tired of being just friends, Remus," She muttered.

Lupin locked an arm around her waist and slammed her against the wall, thrusting his lips against hers with urgency. His other arm outstretched, the palm of which resting flat against the door behind Tonk's head. She clasped a hand behind Lupin's neck, holding him close to her. He could feel her small body pressed against his own, her warm skin and soft breasts. Lupin pulled away and rested his head against Tonk's shoulder as she gasped for breath. He could feel her pulse beating like the wings of a freed Snitch against his cheek.

"I think that pretty much established that we're more than just friends, then," Tonks breathed.

Lupin laughed.