Bella's Point of view

Edward drove, explaining to me he wouldn't dare let his brothers drive his Volvo, I found this amusing. Emmett sat beside me in the back, his arm wrapped around my shoulder. Jasper was in the front with Edward, casting looks of envy back towards Emmett.

I was content back here letting Emmett stroke my hair, and just watch me with love and tenderness filling his eyes every time I looked up at him. He really was sweeter than his appearance would suggest.

Slowly I leaned over, kissing up his neck, smirking at his quiet groan. In seconds he pulled me into his lap so I was straddling him, kissing me hungrily. His hands went to my ass squeezing it as the kiss deepened. I groaned softly, feeling something poking at my crotch.

My head fell back, rubbing myself against the bulge in pleasure, grinning at his moan as he bucked his hips to me.

"Emmett, enough," Edward growled back at us.

Rolling his eyes Emmett made a face, gently setting me back down beside, him, tucking me into his side. "Fine, keep your pants on Eddie,"

I couldn't disagree more; I'd love for him to take his pants off.

Jasper and Edward would glare back at him every few seconds, and I heard low mutters between the two, but Emmett just ignored them.

Finally when Edward stopped I peeked up to see a super fancy looking restaurant.

"Nice; taking a criminal to dinner." I chuckled, and I pulled my hair into a pony tail, and slid my large pair of sunglasses on that covered most of my distinguishing features.

"Alright let's go." I nodded, and stepped out of the car. As soon as I did Edward had one hand, Jasper had the other, and Emmett was behind me glaring at anyone who looked our way.

I grinned at this, I don't think I've had a group of guys this protective before, and I had to admit I like it a lot.

As we walked into the restaurant everyone was staring at us, the envy, shock, and lust was bouncing all through the room as they looked to each of us.

Edward and Jasper seemed to be the most annoyed, while Emmett just glared at any looks at me.

"Cullen." Edward said looking at the hostess, who was a girlie swooning girl, bouncing in her place as she went gaga over Edward.

I narrowed my eyes, jealousy overpowering me. "Do me a favor and keep your filthy eyes off my man, and my other men and give us a freaking table." I stormed at her.

And this was another reason I was wanted in almost every state, I had some anger issues and jealousy problems, what can I say I'm a bitch.

Edward bit his lip holding back his laughs, and turned to me, kissing me gently.

At the touch of his lips, everything felt like it came together right. Sparks came racing through my body, making me shiver. He was so perfect.

"Calm down my love." He said to me, hugging me to him.

I did calm a little, and slowly smirked as the girl flinched in fear and quickly had someone seating us.

Jasper and Emmett stroked my face as I took a seat, but I sat down beside Edward, and Jasper quickly took my other side. Emmett glared at them and sat in front of me.

"You are one sexy woman when you're mad." Emmett snickered, and I grinned at that.

"I've been told, sorry about that, I got anger issues." I shrugged, and Jasper grinned at me strangely filling me with calmness, and I smiled at him. He had a very calming effect to him I guess.

After we all ordered I begin to feel something on my thighs, and I peeked under the table to see Emmett's hand running up and down my legs.

I struggled not to react to this, but I slowly leaned down more letting his hand explode farther until his was rubbing my crotch. I let out a little moan closing my eyes, and almost bucking against his hand as it slid into my pants.

Edward and Jasper now noticed, and was glaring at Emmett with growls, but now two more hands were down there.

I gasps at the coldness of their touch, and moaned a little as I watched Jaspers hand begin rubbing my crotch vigorously, while Emmett's did the same. Edward's hands were a little gentler but full of passion as his hand went into my pants, and pushed a finger inside me.

I was now holding my breath to stop from moaning, and I was gently rocking against their hands.

Panting, I looking around at their faces, noticing their eyes where all black with lust, and growls rolled off their lips as I my hips hit their hands.

I let my hands go to Jasper and Edward's dicks rubbing them gently, and slowly torturing them with tender touches.

They were now growling a little louder, panting, and I felt them growing more hard. My hands slipped into their pants now, and I began to pump them like crazy, moaning a little as I now felt three pairs of fingers inside me.

We all were quietly moaning now, and I noticed a few people around looking over in confusion, so I slowly slide us more under the table, hiding their hands, and mine from sight.

The host them came back and handed out drinks, not noticing anything.

"You meals will be out soon." The girl said with a smile.

I grinned at her, biting my lip to hold back my moans.

"Greaaatttt." I groaned in pleasure, and all three of them snickered.

The girl nodded in slight confusion and walked away.

I rested my head back against my seat, and tried getting a grip on my breathing. I moaned feeling one of them going deeper into me, and I continued to pump them both, until they were both moaning again.

But to soon my food was here, and everyone's hands were out including mine.

"Eat up babe." Emmett said with a wink. "You're gonna need the energy when I'm done with you."

I snickered at this, listening to Edward and Jaspers sharp growls at him.

"Relax, we can all play after this, I like sharing." I reassured eating some of the food.

As I ate we all talked, and I learned a lot about these guys, they were all so... Good boy-ish, not really my type, but I can't deny that I kinda loved them all in my own way, Edward seeming to be my favorite of the three easily.

And I couldn't wait to do him. I was growing excited already wet from our little touch fest.

There also was something a little off from these boys though to, they were very different, not normal or something.

But I didn't care, I wasn't exactly a normal girl either…

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