After the Ootori's Wedding

Kyoya and Haruhi were tired after today's events. They both wanted to be comfortable together. Kyoya and Haruhi spent one night at a luxurious hotel until they begin their honeymoon tomorrow. It's tradition for Ootori's not to bring the bride home until after the honeymoon. It was about 1:00 a.m. in the mourning when the Mr and Mrs Ootori arrived at their hotel suite.

Kyoya: Sweetheart I know your very uncomfortable right now. Because we're both tired let's just take a quick shower together and go to sleep. We still have to get up early to start our honeymoon.

Haruhi: OK Kyoya. (That's what they did. Nothing sexual. Just a quick shower, then to bed. Haruhi was a little disappointed. This is because her body is starting to crave what Kyoya did to her during the wedding ceremony.) Haruhi sets her alarm.

Mourning For the Newlyweds

Wake Kyoya

The Ootori's have to be at the airport by11:00 a.m. to meet the Ootori's big private jet. This is usually the time Kyoya gets up on the weekend. Haruhi has the big task of waking him up at 8:00 a.m. So they can bath, pack, and eat breakfast together. (Haruhi hoping to have time to work on their growing sexual appetite.) She knows that Kyoya will get angry if he's awaken before he's ready to be awake. Haruhi is craving Kyoya now. He looks just too sexy even in his sleep. So It occurred to her to act on her desires. Kyoya was laying in the perfect sleeping position. He was laying on his back. Haruhi lightly laid on top of him, making sure her crotch was directly on top of his. Haruhi started grinding on him.

Kyoya: (Kyoya barely opens one eye. Then he opens the other. Both half-lidded.) Huh? What? Haru... (Haruhi passionately kisses him good mourning, halting his speech, not giving him a chance to be angry. He enjoying the feelings Haruhi is bestowing upon his body. She stops kissing him. He narrows his eyes at her, as if to say "I'm going to give it to you now." He pulls her cheek in and gives her another passionate kiss.) Good mourning love. You really want it don't you? (Haruhi nods yes without hesitation.) I don't know if...

Haruhi: Please Kyoya I need you this mourning.

Kyoya: Your wish is my command. This is something I rarely do, but I submit to your demand.

Kyoya sits up with Haruhi straddling him. (Haruhi decided to sleep in some sexy underwear before going to bed. I hoping to be intimate with Kyoya.) Kyoya removed her sexy bra. He passionately kissed her; while his running his thumbs across her nipples. They both are deeply moaning through their kisses, while grinding their genitals on each other. After a few seconds, Kyoya kisses Haruhi slowly, but with passion, from the back of her ear to the nipple that his thumb was stroking. When Kyoya got near her nipple, he took the most textured part of his tongue, and administered short strokes to the very tip of her nipple. This was very stimulating to Haruhi. She quivered with a big moan. (Kyoya LOVES to see Haruhi experience breathtaking pleasure that he provides for her. This I because he LOVES to hear her scream his name.) Kyoya hands move to ripped off her panties. Kyoya is still kissing Haruhi slowly up and down, from her collarbone to her nipples. Now that he ripped off her panties, shes more accessible to him. Kyoya wants to make Haruhi cry out his name. So while loving the rest of her body, Kyoya takes the pad of his textured thumb, and lay it lightly under the hood the her clitoris. He initiates short circular motions to stimulate.

Haruhi: AAAHHhhhhhaaaaa! Kyoooyaaa! OOOoooooommmmm! (She throw her head back, enjoying all of the sexual sensations that Kyoya is giving her.)

Kyoya: You LOVE that don't you?

Haruhi: MMMmmmm! (As she nods yes.)

Kyoya: That feels good doesn't it? If it feels good shout my name.

Haruhi: aahhhhh KYOOOYYAAaaa! (She shouted as he quicken the pace of his strokes.)KYOOOYAA! (She grabbed his hand. Stopping his ministrations on her, so she can speak.) I want you inside me NOW!

Kyoya: I thought you would never beg me. As you wish sugar. How do you want it?

Haruhi: I want to see what you haveto give me. I want you on top of me. Go whatever pace you like.

Kyoya: You may regret telling me that. (Kyoya pulls off his boxer briefs. He kisses Haruhi and grabs each of her shoulders. He rolls and pulls her flat to the bed. He takes haruhi's hands above her head with one hand. Trapping her bondage style. He parts her legs open with his knee, to position himself in between her legs.) Now your total defenseless against me. Remember that? (Giving her and evil smirk.) Now your really are at my mercy. (Haruhi stares a his chiseled, handsome and sexy body frame. Her eyes widened while she gazed at his male anatomy. Since it was the first time she really got a good look at his member. For the pass few years of genital play with Kyoya, Haruhi never gave much thought to the size of penis. And now she realizes why it hurt so bad when took her virginity. She also realized why she was screaming during the whole time they had intercourse. )

Kyoya LOVES to prolong the act of making love to Haruhi. So he narrow his eyes at her, as if to say "It's to late to change your mind now." Haruhi wanted him now. He would do his best to oblige her. He promptly inserted his member in her. Kyoya has knowledge of several thrust patterns to achieve different sensations of pleasure. The pattern he would use on Haruhi would be Four short thrusts with moderate force. Two long thrusts with much force. The pace would be slow at first and end rapidly.

Haruhi: aaaahhhhhhh! AaaaHHHHHHHhaa! MMMmmmmm! KKKYOOYAAAAA! ( He had been inside her only a few seconds, and now she screaming bloody murder. Kyoya knew he wasn't hurting her because she was matching his rhythm. He needed reassurance. He didn't want to hurt her.)

Kyoya: Am I hurting you Haruhi? (Grunting as he talks.)

Haruhi: AAAHHHHH! No KKYOOYAAAaa! FFasssterr! FFASSSERRR! (Kyoya picked up the pace.)

Kyoya: I'm aim is to always please you. I Love You (Groaning and Moaning as he whispered in her ear. He reach down and carefully to grab her ankle, bringing it over his shoulder to give her a different sensation.)

Haruhi: I Love YYoou too.

Haruhi continued to scream Kyoya's name over and over. After a few more seconds Haruhi's vaginal walls collapsed tight around Kyoya's Manhood. This made his member twitch multiple times as he released his seed. They were at it 45 minutes.

Shower time

Haruhi: Would you care to shower with me?

Kyoya: It would be my pleasure to join you?.

Haruhi turn on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Kyoya and Haruhi stepped into the shower together. Kyoya placed light kisses at the back of her neck ,as he washed her body parts. He couldn't resist exploring her body. Fascinated by rubbing her dark pink nipples and making them hard. While he was cleaning and exploring body, she was cleaning and exploring his body.

Kyoya: I feel that the human body is truly amazing. Don't you think?

Haruhi: Yes. But what makes you feel that way?

Kyoya: Well, as I'm studying your body's reaction to a touch. I watched your nipple that was flat, raise to stand firm and hard just by me stroking it. It's not just that, its other aspects. The five senses: Hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching. Also the fact that I may have impregnated you. I think it amazing you ladies can carry a child for nine months and give birth. Now that we're clean. We have time to try something new.

Haruhi: What would that be?

Kyoya: Oral sex. I want to taste you. What do you say?

Haruhi: I don't know?

Kyoya: How about I try it on you first.

Haruhi: Have you ever perform oral sex before?

Kyoya: No. That's why I want to try it.

Haruhi: Do you know what your doing Kyoya?

Kyoya: Let's find out.

Kyoya kisses Haruhi from the side of her neck down to upper part of her pubic area. Kyoya is down on his knees at this point. Kyoya believe a man's thumb's is the greatest sex tool for a female soul mate. So Kyoya applies his thumb to her fold to open her split and expose her clit. He brings his lips close. His takes the most textured part of tongue and let It lay just under her clitoral hood. Then proceeds to suck it while rotating his tongue up and down in short strokes. For a second Haruhi lost her balance and became weak in the knees. Haruhi went insane when Kyoya did this to her. She grabbed handfuls of Kyoya's raven colored hair, as she bucked her hips. She screamed Kyoya's name every few seconds, between moans of pleasure until she came. Her love juices squirted into Kyoya mouth.

Kyoya: Mmm you taste good Haruhi. Can I do it again some other time.

Haruhi: Kyoya that felt amazing. I have know problem with you doing that to me again.

Kyoya: Haruhi would like to try it? Would you like to taste me?

Haruhi: I suppose. You pleasured me, I can pleasure you. But your penis is rather large. (Kyoya is grinning big time.)

Kyoya: I read in a magazine somewhere. Where women can learn to deep throat their man.

Haruhi: Your penis is at least 8 inches plus. I'm a petite woman.

Kyoya: You won't know if you don't try it.

Haruhi: OK Kyoya. I really don't know what I'm doing.

Kyoya: I suckled your clitoris. The head of my penis reacts to a touch the same way as your clitoris does. Just copy what I did. (Haruhi nodded yes.)

Haruhi: If what you say is true, you'll be in for a big treat. (She winks at him.)

Haruhi gave him a passionate kiss. Then traced her finger down his body from his chest to the upper part of his male anatomy. She brings her face close to his penis. She uses the most texture part of her tongue and lets it rest under the head of his penis. Then she sucked the head of his penis while rotating her tongue up and down. Feeling a great mass of sensations at once drove him insane. It literally took his breath. Haruhi could only take in half of his member. She stroked the other half in rhythm with her sucking motions. This is very pleasurable to Kyoya. He wanted work harder in her mouth. He knew she couldn't deep throat yet, so he didn't work her so deeply. Kyoya came and it was so intense he shouted her name. She swallowed his seed.

Haruhi: That was different. I guess you where right. You seem very satisfied. Do you like what I did?

Kyoya: What you did to me I Love it. I took my breath. I love you. Thank you.

Haruhi: I love you too. Thank you too. We spent 30 minutes cleaning ourselves and fooling around. (Haruhi and Kyoya gets dressed for their long airplane ride. Since she married to Kyoya, she's trying to dress accessible for him, when he wants to play discreetly.) We have an hour an a half to eat breakfast and pack our things.


Kyoya: (Kyoya answer the door. It's room service. Kyoya tips the server very well. Haruhi had just finished doing her hair and make-up.) Haruhi breakfast is served. ( They sat across from one and sharing lustful glance at one another. Haruhi slow rub her soft leg across Kyoya's leg. As they fed each other breakfast. Kissing every so often.)

Haruhi: I was to afraid then, but I'm not now.

Kyoya: Afraid I what?

Haruhi: I was afraid to ask you if you were a virgin before we consummated our vows.

Kyoya: Why? I would have happily told you. If it were any one else, it would have been none of their business.

Haruhi: Well, were you a virgin before we consummated our vows?

Kyoya: This may surprise you, but I was a virgin before we consummated our vows

Haruhi: I know you wouldn't lie to me. But that's pretty hard for me to believe. Did you know you had me addicted to sexual sensations when we were first courting, even now. Even though we didn't go all the way through the act of sex. And when we finally made love for the first time, you come off looking like a pro. at it. How do you know so much about sex?

Kyoya: If you can recall, you let me have a couple years practice on you after Ouran Host Club activities, during the week. You would make like you were the first to leave, but you really staked out each member as they left the music room except me. Then you came back. And you let me play as I wished. Only you weren't willing to give me your virginity, until our relationship was solid. You also didn't want kids, and I didn't neither. I would study your reaction to everything I did to you. Now I pretty much know how you likes to be touched.

Haruhi: No Kyoya that not it. You were skilled from the beginning of our encounters. And how do you explain the first time we actually made love? After that I heard comments like. He couldn't be a virgin. Giving it to her like that. Other females were saying "I wish I known he had skills like that, I would have made it a priority to pursue him." Hunny was crying he thought you were hurting me. He said "have mercy Kyo-chan." Your own Father said "Damn boy I know you have skills, but let her breath, you'll kill the best bride you'll ever have." And when I was dancing with Tamaki. He said he knew you for a long time. But he never knew you had skills like that. He said he had to cover his wife's eyes. Not wanting her to see that your skills in the bedroom are probably better that his.

Kyoya: Haruhi your right. Exploring your body is not the only source of my knowledge about sex. Believe it or not my father taught me about sex. I'll tell you about that when we have more time to talk about it. I also learned on my own. When I was young I would read just about everything I got my hands on. From complicated medical books to fairytale.

Kyoya and Haruhi finished breakfast. They pack their things and left. They took the limo. to the airport.