Personal Maid Service for Kyoya

Kyoya and Haruhi wanted to spend the last day of their honeymoon, that evening, with no phone calls, no servants or visitors of any sort to disturb them. They decided to pack dinner in a picnic basket and a bottle of wine and wine glasses. They would also pack a large blanket, pillows and towels. They started their walking along the beach around 5:00 p.m. They were looking for a romantic but secluded part of the beach to dine, recline, watch the sunset and make love. That's what they did. Before they eat they played in the water.


Kyoya and Haruhi loves the thought of sharing their food together tonight, they shared a seafood platter together and fruit for dessert.

Kyoya: Would you like some more wine?

Haruhi: No. thank you.

Kyoya: You know Haruhi, we won't have very many times to be together alone like this.

Haruhi: I know. When I start college in the fall it will really be a challenge. And you will run two businesses and attend college online.

Kyoya: I though about the possibility of quitting college and run my businesses. But I really want to be a Doctor/Business man.

Haruhi: You can be whoever you want to be Kyoya. You have the resources and family support. Then there is me, your wife. I love you. If we work together our family life will be a success. We will have to schedule one night out of week to be together.

Kyoya: I strongly believe a baby is going to be part of our equation. An added challenge. But think we can work it out. Well the damage has been done. The sun is starting to set. This is a perfect time for love.

Make Love

Kyoya: This is our last night of our honeymoon. We should savor our love for one another. You understand me. Just follow my lead. (Haruhi nods in agreement.)

Kyoya stands up and pulls of his T-shirt and shorts, leaving him naked. He motions for Harihu to stand. He pulls her cover-up over her head and tosses it aside. He puts both hands on her hips. He pulls her close to his body. Then he deeply and slowly kisses her for a few minutes.

Kyoya: (Kyoya whisper in her ear.) Haruhi I'm going to love your body slow and easy. Try to relax so you feel the full effect of the sensations. When your close, don't hold back, relax, let it happen, to feel the full effect of your climax. Can you do that Haruhi? (Haruhi nods)

Kyoya's hands still rest on her hips, directing her to sit close to him in a spider position. Kyoya unleashes his passion on Haruhi. He's kissing her from her lips, down the neck to the top of her breast. He unties her bikini top, which falls to the ground. He slowly kisses, licks and teases her nipples. She lightly bites and kisses his earlobe. As her moans of pleasure are heard. Throwing her head back every so often, due to the great pleasure Kyoya is giving her. He unties her bikini bottoms, leaving her naked. He give her an serious look as he now looks into her eyes. as his thumb slowly goes to work side to side on her clit.

Haruhi: ahhh Kyooyaa! (Haruhi starts stroking his length)

Kyoya: Relax savor the sensations. Mmmm Haruhi stroke it slow. (Haruhi nods)

Haruhi: Kyoyaa I wantt yoou nnoww aahhh!

Kyoya: Mmmm! Haruhi. There's no rush Mmmm!

Haruhi: Kyoooyaaaa! Pleeasssee!

Kyoya: OK

Kyoya reach down between them to direct his member at her opening. Then he pulls her hips close to his body as he gives her short pulsing thrusts. Haruhi is matching his rhythm. She wasn't screaming bloody murder. Just loudly moaning. While he's penetrating her, rotating his thumbs over the tips of nipples. While she's grinding on him, she's kissing him on his collarbone and running her fingers through his hair.

Haruhi: AAaahhh! Kyoyaaa! I'm abbout to come.

Kyoya: Mmmm! Just Relax...Let it come, don't fight it. Mmmmm!

Haruhi: KYOOOYAAAA! (Screams his name, as she has the best orgasm to date.)

Kyoya: Oooh! Haruhi. (He moans as he experiences his super intense orgasm.)

Both Kyoya and Haruhi put on their bathrobes after their intimate moment. They light their lantern for light as they watch the full moon.

The Talk

Haruhi and Kyoya build a bonfire. They roast a few marshmallows.

Haruhi: Now is the time to talk to me Kyoya.

Kyoya: What about?

Haruhi: I would like to hear how your father taught you about sex.

Kyoya: Yes now is a good time to tell you about that. We probably won't have time to talk after our honeymoon to discuss this.

Haruhi: Go on Kyoya.

Kyoya: When any Ootori teen reaches puberty, girls are taught by their mother and boys are taught by their father. My mother taught Fuyume. My dad taught me and my two brothers.

Haruhi: Can I know details about that?

Kyoya: Yes I promised you I would tell you. When I turn 12 years old, the day after my birthday. At 6:00 a.m. My dad had Fuyume wake me up. And I cursed her out. I felt badly for doing that so I apologized to her later. After Fuyume woke me, my father explained to me what changes happens when a boy physically becomes a man. And he told me I was about the age that it occurs. He not only explained how boys matured into men, but how girls become women. Along with what changes takes place in females.

Haruhi: Did your father teach you the skills you have for sexually satisfying your woman?

Kyoya: I could give him a small amount of credit for that.

Haruhi: How? Tell me.

Kyoya: I remember seeing each of my brothers receive their personal maid. I didn't know why they were so fortunate to have someone at their disposal 24/7. I was jealous.

Haruhi: What does having a personal maid have anything to do about sex?

Kyoya: If you keep listening I will tell you. After my father taught me the fact's of life, that mourning. I when to school as usual. When I got home. The butler told me to go straight to my bedroom, my father was waiting for me there. I when to my room. My father was sitting on the sofa, sitting next to him was a sexy maid.


Yoshio: I can only teach you so much about sex. Soon you will need relief from your wet dreams. I hired a personal maid for you. She will work for you from 6:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Her Job detail includes teach you how to pleasure a female, pleasuring you, bathing you, cleaning only your room and bathroom and serving you meals in bed while your sick. She's only your maid and always stays in your room. Because of her seductive clothing. If you fire her, I won't pay to rehire her if you change your mind so think about it. Your maid's name is Mea. Mea meet my son Kyoya.

Mea: Nice to meet you Kyoya-san.

Kyoya: Hello Mea-chan

Yoshio: Mea's is ordered by me to strip all of her clothing. She's to show you what each of her sexual parts are called and what they do. As soon as a leave and close the door behind me.

Mea took off all of clothing. She named all of her sex parts and told Kyoya their function.

Mea: Touch my nipples Kyoya-san.

Kyoya: No

Mea: Your father wants you to know how to pleasure your female.

Kyoya: Your not my female. You belong to someone else. I see your wedding ring. Does your husband know about you position as my personal maid and what that position requires?

Mea: No

Kyoya: How much is my father paying you to be my personal maid?

Mea: I can't tell you that?

Kyoya: I'd like to be your friend. But you have to talk to me.

Mea: Well OK. Your father is paying me 10,000 yen per month. My daughter is sick and I need the money to pay her medical bills. I need you to co-operate and you need to touch me. So I can train you to pleasure a woman. Because I have to report to your father.

Kyoya: I'm sorry it's just not right for me to touch another man's woman. I won't touch you until you get written approval from your husband. I wouldn't want my woman to cheat on me for any amount of money.

The next day Mea came to work with permission from her husband. The only thing she couldn't do is have intercourse with him. If Kyoya told his father this piece of information. The woman would be fired. He didn't want her to get fired. So when his father inquired if his maid was meeting his needs. Kyoya would reply yes. And she was. She help to relieve him manually. He need to know how to touch a woman to pleasure her. So yes he pleasure her, short of intercourse. Which was the way Kyoya wanted it. He really wanted to save himself for someone he loved.

Back to Present

Haruhi: When did you give up you maid?

Kyoya: Just a little before me and you got involved.

Haruhi: Now I understand, when you told the nurse at the fertility clinic "no" when she asked you if you ever masturbated before. Most teenage boys masturbate. You never had to because you had a personal maid.

Kyoya: Right.

Haruhi: Am I to understand that you never had sex with your maid?

Kyoya: Yes. I wanted to save myself for someone I love. You Haruhi (He reaches over and kisses her passionately.)

Kyoya and Haruhi pack up their things and headed back to their resort. They enjoy time in the Jacuzzi, sipping champagne. After they exited the hot tub. They engaged in a serious bout of oral sex, then when to bed. Tomorrow is the end of their honeymoon. They would have to come back to the real world.