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This is my first fanfic hope you like it

One day Hinata Hyuga went to the forest to get some wild herbs to make some medicine for the village healer, Tsunade. Lady Tsunade warned Hinata to be careful in the forest because Naruto lives deep in the forest. Hinata was curious who this Naruto person is anyway. Tsunade tells Hinata the story of who is Naruto Uzumaki. The healer explains to the curious girl Naruto is a part human and part fox boy. He has blue eyes when calm, but they turn into a bloody red color when he is enraged. He had the abilities to heal at incredible speed, super strength, and unlimited speed. Tsunade warned her that Naruto isn't to welcome with humans in his territory especially humans from the Leaf Village.

"Hinata be careful in the forest ok," say the healer to the young village girl.

"I will my lady," said the shy village girl, "don't worry Tsunade."

Hinata slowly walked into the forest having a feeling of fear throughout her body. After twenty minutes into the forest, Hinata found one of the herbs she was looking for. While walking deeper into the forest, Hinata started to have the feeling she was being watch from every direction. Suddenly, Hinata heard a branch break from behind a bush. Hinata was starting to hear sounds from everywhere of the forest. She saw a bush move, so she went to the bush closer. When she got closer enough, she saw a pair of yellow eyes. She fell to the ground and backed away. A wolf slowly walked out of the bush while other wolves were comes out of their hiding places. They slowly surround her to make her chances of escaping impossible. The leader of the wolf pack stands in front of her and jumped in to attack her. Just before the leader could go for kill, someone got in front of Hinata and punched the leader though a tree. Hinata saw the mysterious person's blue eyes and his whiskers marks on his cheek. The rest of the pack attacked the mysterious person, but his speed made him impossible to catch. He easily defeated the pack of wolves. Before Hinata could see who he was, she fainted from the drama that had happened.

Hinata woke up in a strange cave of some source. When Hinata sat up, she saw some food for her. "So you finally wake up," said a voice from the shadows. As the boy slowly walks toward her, Hinata recognized who the boy was. "You're Naruto aren't you," said the shy village girl to the half human boy.

"So you have heard of me after all," said the emotionless fox human boy. "You should stay here there is a storm coming," said the demon boy to the shy teenage girl. Suddenly, Hinata heard the sounds of thunder and lightning outside in the dark skies. As the night continued, Hinata couldn't sleep because of the storm thundering. She noticed that Naruto was asleep without a blanket to cover him. She went though her backpack to get her extra blanket. She under fold it and went to cover him. When she return to her side, Naruto's eyes opened and said to himself," Why did she do that?"

The next morning, Hinata woke up to realize that Naruto was gone. "Where did he go?" said the curious village girl. As Hinata traveled more into the forest, she collected the rest of the herbs Tsunade wanted. "That's the last of the herbs," said the tired girl," better go back to the village." As Hinata started to walk towards the village, she was starting to have a feeling of fear throughout her body. "Don't be afraid little girl it will be all over for you," said a deadly voice from above the trees.

To be continued…