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As Naruto dodged Kabuto's tail, he started to remember the time when Kabuto first started to change.


Naruto saw Kabuto reading by a tree near their secret pond. " Hey Kabuto," yelled an excited Naruto, " whatcha doin?" Kabuto kept reading his book and answered without looking at Naruto, " Oh hey Naruto, just reading." Naruto felted stun that his own friend didn't even look at him. "So…whatcha reading," questioned a worried Naruto. Kabuto kept reading his book and replied, " I reading about how to use medical jutsus in battle." Naruto tries to take a peek at the book while Kabuto read. Kabuto stands up and sighed, " If your going to keep brothering me, I am leaving." Kabuto walked away as he left Naruto alone. When Naruto was completely alone, he started to cry and tighten his fists. " What has that snake done to you," thought Naruto as he looked down to the ground. After that day, Kabuto stopped coming to the pond. Naruto would sit by the tree for hours waiting for Kabuto to come but nothing. After finally realizing that Kabuto had abandon him, he cried loud as he saw that he was alone again.

End Flashback

Naruto jumped back as Kabuto kept attacking him with his tail. Kabuto kept attacking him with his tail with every chance he want. Naruto knew that close range attacks would be risky because Kabuto's speed was faster than his own. " I have to think of something," thought Naruto as he dodged everyone of Kabuto's attacks. As he kept running, he got six shurikens, three in each hands, and fired them at Kabuto. His former friend closed his eyes and moved his head to the side to dodge them to cause the shurikens to hit the ceiling. " Is that all you can do," questioned Kabuto as he looked at his old friend, " just throwing shurikens at me?" Naruto just smiled, " who said I was throwing them at you?" Kabuto took his off of his old friend for a second to look at the shurikens to notice that each of them have three paper bombs each. The second he notice that the bombs exploded making the ceiling rain down on him.

With Hinata

She kept running to her village until she heard a large explosion coming from behind her. She stopped to turn around to see that the explosion came from the old lab. She stop and thought to herself, " Naruto." Hinata wanted to run back to the lab to make sure that Naruto was alright. She thought about to run back, but the image of Naruto telling her to go back to the village popped in her head. She then kept running back to the village. " Once Naruto comes back to the village," mentally declared Hinata as she ran back home, " I will make him the best ramen feast ever!"

Back at the Lab

As the rubble dusk started to disappear, Kabuto slowly rise from the rubble that landed on him. "Why you dirty little fox," hissed Kabuto as he recovered from the sneak attack, " you tricked me." " That's not a trick," stated Naruto as he used the rubble dusk as cover while doing a few hand signs, " this is…Wind Style: Tornado Bullet Justus." Naruto shot out a giant spinning ball of wind from his mouth heading to hit Kabuto in the back. Before Kabuto could realize that the attack was coming from behind him, it was too late to stop the attack. The attack was so powerful that it made him go through the wall into the forest. The Tornado Bullet had made him go nearly two miles outside the lab.

In the forest

Kabuto rise up to see the trail that was left on the ground. Kabuto was almost amazed that it was a straight trail that was left on the ground. He looked up to the trees to see Naruto standing in one of them. " I have to give you credit," commented a hunted Kabuto, " that one did hunt." " But it's still not good enough," hissed Kabuto as he began to shoot acid balls from his mouth. Naruto quickly dodged the acid balls while asking, " How you know that move?" " Let just say I learned it from certain someone," laughed Kabuto as he fires more acid balls. Naruto manage to dodge them but his luck ran out when two tiny drops of acid, from the last acid ball, hit him on the shoulder. Naruto yelled and growled in pain as he hold his shoulder. " What the matter old pal," asked a happy Kabuto as he saw is old friend in pain, " giving up already?" "Sorry but no," spoke Naruto as he stop holding his burning shoulder, " it going to take more than a stupid burn to stop me." The snake Kabuto just saw his former friend and laughed, " That's the way I like it."

To be continued

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