Okay so this makes THREE stories. Blame it on my over active imagination. I hope that this story does not disappoint any of my Ami/Zoicite fans out there!

This story will not have the senshi in it. This is one of those no magical power type ones. Again let me know what you think!


Chapter 1

Ami grappled with the door and blew a silky strand of navy hair out of her flushed face. Using the door as a prop, she balanced the groceries and unlocked the door. With a muted sigh she managed to hang onto the groceries and get into the place she called home.

It was a quaint little place, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. A large kitchen and dinning area and a living room that opened up into a patio. It was a quaint little place with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining area, and a living room that opened up into a patio. The view was what was breathtaking.

The ocean beat against the beach not more than a few dozen steps from the end of her lawn. Stone steps went downward into the private beach that seemed like its own paradise.

In response to the scenery the previous owner had done the house in a series of blues. Sky blue, navy, to midnight blue was the décor, which was probably why Ami loved this house the most.

Ami shoved the bags onto the spacious counter top. Pulling her shoulder length locks into a messy ponytail, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her shorts and tank top were cool, but the heat was horrible.

It was the off-month, and not many tourists came into this town during the early spring. In another month or so the heat would be repressive to the extent that most natives would wear shorts and bathing suits and pray for snow.

Ami fondly smiled at the picture of her departed aunt, the previous owner, and whispered a thank you. Because of the house, or more exactly, the Bed and Breakfast she ran, she could support herself and keep up with her studies. It was the a most satisfying arrangement.

But these past few months she had been careful, and so far things were looking good. It was either the dead of summer or the dead of winter when the customers came for Clayton was the place of summer beaches and winter carnivals.

Ami hummed the latest song she had heard on the radio in her little car, painted pale blue, and proceeded to put the offending objects into their proper places. A delicate breeze hummed through the air, thanks to an open window, and ruffled the white tank top she wore. Ami smiled in appreciation and shut the door with a soft click.

Reaching over to the sound system, she hit the play button, and the soft notes of the piano and violin soothingly graced her ears. Kicking off her shoes, she looked around, as if expecting someone to see her. Grinning largely she skidded across her tile and wood floors and squealed with delight as she almost fell. The only thing better was sailing down the banister.

Ami jumped when she heard the laughter of her elderly neighbor, who always managed to catch her in her bad habits.

"Mrs. Keys, must you always walk in when I am doing something embarrassing?" Ami questioned, her large blue eyes sparkling in laughter at the shared joke.

"Ami…Ami." Mrs. Keys teased. Her hair was salt and pepper gray. Her petite frame was full and rounded by years. Her grey eyes sparkled with hidden laugher, evident by the deep crow's feet and creases around her mouth. Ami always said she looked like Mrs. Santa Clause. "But what would I do besides catch you in embarrassing moments?"

"Get a cat. I heard they demand time and effort." Ami joked back.

" A cat? With my leather couches? Heavens, no." Mrs. Keys laughed. " But a dark grey/blue colored cat would fit around here just fine. And, unlike me, you have no leather couches."

Ami let out a giggle at the vision of her chasing a cat with a bandana wrapped around head. "Somehow I just don't see it happening," Ami informed her candidly. " It takes time to bond with a cat, and off season if is almost over."

"You should not let that dictate you life. What you need is a man," Mrs. Keys replied firmly for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Why should I depend on a male when I am fine by myself?" Ami squarely said. "Besides, if I need help, I have the gang." There was only one group of girls that she called the gang, so Mrs. Keys had no problem registering who that they were.

"How is that friend of yours? The one who lost her husband a few months ago?" Mrs. Keys had taken over the Bed and Breakfast for a month so Ami could help out.

" Rei? Losing Chad just about did her in, but she is strong and has their little boy. She will make it. But if it was not for little Kei she would have had a rough time. It was such a shame he had to get cancer," Ami mused. She really needed to call Rei and check up on her.

"And the rest of those young whipper snappers?" Mrs. Keys questioned.

"Usagi has found her Prince Charming. Her wedding will be this fall, so all of us can make it. Minako just got signed onto a new model contract with a large bonus, so she is currently buying out every shopping mall possible. Makoto opened her second restaurant this past month," Ami recited obediently.

" Glad to hear there're all doing well. I remember the summer when you all were all thirteen, and you brought you friends down. What a summer that was. I never had so much fun making cookies for anyone than I did for you five. Usagi was quite the flatterer." Mrs. Keys smiled. Her face held the evidence of many dear held memories.

" Do you remember when Minako and Usagi decided to paint my fence? I don't remember which had more paint on it, the fence or those two." Mrs. Keys and Ami chortled and smiled fondly at the past.

"Well, I had best be going, need to get dinner going." Mrs. Keys looked at Ami for a long moment. " You can join me if you want youngin."

"It's best that I practice cooking while I can. I will have people to feed in a few weeks,." Ami muttered. " No, not tonight. But I thank you."

"My nephew is coming." Mrs. Keys tried again.

" NO!" Ami said laughingly, shooing her out of the house.


Zach leaned against the doorframe and sighed in vexation. Putting a hand to the bridge of his nose, he shoved the reading glasses back and sighed.

He needed a vacation. The chapter of this story was going nowhere, and he needed to either take some time off or go stark raving mad.

Zachary Alan Green looked at the mirror that had picture's of book signings and autographs taped to it and wondered when it was all going to add up. Lately writing had lost its…lure.

Zach walked over to the couch and practically threw himself onto it. He looked at the picture he had been meaning to take down and sighed.

"Sorsha, I did everything I could to make you stay," Zach whispered out loud. Pain was evident in the green of his eyes. But the smile never wavered.

The shocking sound of the phone ringing close to his head was jarring. Laying the picture down flat, he reached over and grabbed the receiver.

" Hello."

" You need a vacation." The deep voice of his editor rang over the phone. Zach rolled his eyes and tried not to laugh.

"Just what I was thinking, Kris. But add to that list that you need to get laid" Kris and Zach had been friends since second grade. The boys had grown up together in a small, friendly neighborhood where all the picket fences were white.

When Zach had written his first book, it had been Kris' hot new editing company that had taken the risk. Both were still reaping the benefits from their partnership.

"And when, may I ask, was that any of your business?" Kris demanded. His tone was irritated, but Zach could hear the smile on the other side of the phone. Or the slight lift of the corner of his mouth that passes as one.

"Since I said so. And I agree about that vacation, but where and why?" Zach asked, his tone going lazy.

" Hmm…. Well that's why I called. My secretary just handed me a bunch of brochures. They are from a small place called Clayton. It's in the middle of nowhere and very secluded. But it has nice beaches and good food," Kris drawled back.

"Oh, and how did she get those brochures?" Zach teased.

"She went there this summer. Some vacation thing. When I mentioned the fact that you needed a break, she was more than willing to dig them out of the grave. She stayed at some hotel, but she said that there was this place that caught her eye," Kris told him, and Zach could hear the rustling of paper.

"It's a Bed and Breakfast. They normally only take people for a few days and are always booked clean through," Kris said in the tone that meant he was reading off something.

"So how am I supposed to get in? And if I go somewhere, it's not going to be for a few days," Zach said firmly.

"Hush up and listen. It's off season for one, which means the owner, might be willing to take you longer. It's not unheard of. Two, it's somewhere no so that you can write in peace."

Zach sighed and took one glance about his dark apartment. " What's the name and number?"

"It's the Blue Sunrise. And the number is 678-987-9908. The lady who runs it is Ms. Ami Mizuno." The phone clicked as Kris hung up.

"A 'Good-bye and good luck' would be nice," Zach hissed under his breath. Looking at the number, he sighed. " Might as well give it a try."


Ami shoved the annoying stand of stubborn blue hair away and bit her lip in concentration. Carefully, she mixed the vanilla in and grinned to herself. Her chocolate chip cookies were Makoto's by recipe but hers by reputation. They were the one thing she was extremely good at making. More than once she had botched a meal and ordered takeout for the guests.

Just as she was adding the chocolate chips, the phone rang. The clock said 8:00, so she shrugged. It could be a number of people calling.


"Is this Blue Sunrise?" an easy tenor questioned. Ami raised a brow and shrugged.

"Yes, it is. This is Ami speaking, how may I help you," Ami questioned politely.

" My name is Zach Green," the smooth voice said gently. Ami felt goose bumps at the sound of his voice. Zach Green. Why was that name familiar?

"I was wondering about a proposition."

"A proposition?" Ami repeated.

"Yes. I understand it's off-season for tourists where you are," Ami silently nodded, unaware that he could not see her, "and so I was wondering if it was possible to rent a room for around a month."

"A MONTH?" Ami yelped. She swallowed hard. She had never had any guests but those she wanted and had seen before, many of them regulars, and that was only for two or three days. But a month?

"That is normally not my policy, Mr. Green," Ami informed him, getting back on track.

"I am aware of the that, Ms. Mizuno. But I am a writer, and I need a vacation. Your place is very highly recommended. I normally would not impose on you like this, except it is, like I said before, off-season. I do not believe that a month would inconvenience you?" Mr. Green patiently explained.

" No, Mr. Green, it would not," Ami admitted. " But my price is not a cheap one. And because it is my vacation, I am afraid it would have to go up. This is my off time, you see," Ami explained resigning herself to the fact that she was going to have a stranger living with her for a month.

"Thank you," Mr. Green started, but Ami cut him off.

"And since I am not used to having customers for that long, all I am going to promise is two weeks. If at the end of those two weeks we are not trying to kill each other, then I will allow you to stay the remainder of the month. I will want down payment for those two weeks; you pay the rest if you stay, and I do not give back refunds." Ami finished breathless after her tirade. The other line was silent, and all she heard was the sound of ink being scratched on paper.

"Anything else?" Mr. Green questioned.

" No," Ami stuttered out.

" And what are you charging a week?" Mr. Green questioned.

Ami named the figure, and he accepted politely. As Ami hung up the phone, she wondered what she had done.