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Ami snuggled back into the warm pillow that she had been laying on and allowed a smile to touch her lips. For the first time in several days, she felt content.

Rolling over, Ami blinked the sleep out of her eyes and watched gentle rain splatter onto the window. The soft storm was nothing like the hellish one that had happened all those months ago. And it had brought hell itself to her doorstep.

But Zach and Jason, the fact that they had been there still shocked her senseless, had brought her out of the storm. The trial had been by far the worse part.

The police had raided his room and found that he had set up a small shrine to her. The most disturbing part of it all was the pictures of her in the bathroom. She had just installed thick flannel curtains so that no one could see in, even if they tried.

For the first few weeks after the incident, paranoia had settled in. Every creak, bump, or simple sound she had had sent her jumping.

But Zach had been a simple pillar of strength through the ordeal. He stayed with her when she needed him and even allowed her to cry on his shoulder. That had been a luxury that she had been long without. He had been there when the nightmares had woken her up screaming.

And Ami had simply fallen in love with him in process. She had thought she loved him before the attack, but after having him as close as they were now, Ami knew she would be devastated if he left.

Which she was expecting sometime soon. He had a life outside of here, outside of this simple place where dreams sometimes came true. He had books to publish and places to be.

He had already skipped one convention for her, and she really could not ask him to miss another one.

Ami closed her eyes again and allowed the memories of the past months to override her mind.


The police officer grabbed Greg roughly as he struggled to get free. His eyes glowed with a light that was almost demonic, and it took three men to hold him back.

" I will get you, bitch. And whatever dreams you hold dear, I will destroy!"
Ami turned her face into Zach's shoulders and missed the way his jaw clenched and the set of his shoulders missed the look that passed from his eyes to Greg's.

A warning.

" Your client has been found guilty in this court of law. Sentencing will commence tomorrow at 1:15," the judge said in a hard tone.

Greg leapt from his chair and headed for Ami. Zach simply stood up and watched as the guards tackled him, and he felt no pity for the man who had tried to kill Ami. Watching him being dragged away, Zach wished they had let him get close enough so that he could have rendered punishment on him once again.

His fists ached for the simple pleasure of knocking him onto his butt.

Turning to the pale woman, Zach pulled Ami into a hug. " It's over, he can't hurt you anymore."


Ami woke up with a scream that rivaled Usagi's at its worst. Her eyes were wide and dilated, her breath coming in heaves that bordered on hyperventilation.

The door opened as a tall form entered the room. Still held in the grasp of the nightmare, Ami screamed.

" Whoa. Ami it's me!" Zach's voice said reassuringly. Ami looked at him, her heartbeat thundering in her veins, and burst into tears.

Zach's strong arms wrapped around her as he waited for her to cry herself out.


Ami sighed and sat up in bed. Her bangs fell into her eyes, and she tossed them back with a shake of her head. It was about time to get them trimmed.

" Good morning, Ami, " Zach said in a soft voice as he balanced a tray against the door as he opened it.

Ami felt her face turn pink at him seeing her in her PJ's, even though he had seen her in them more times that she cared to admit.

" Zach…" Ami said, her voice laughing as looked at the plate covered in food. " I hope all that is not for me."

Zach looked amused. " You eat like a bird," he said a joking voice. "There are two plates here."

Ami wrinkled her nose. "Did you know that a bird eats two-thirds of its body weight every day?"

Zach sighed. " You just had to go and get technical on me didn't you?" he demanded as he settled himself and the tray.

" Yes," Ami said with a smirk. " You asked for it."

Zach sniffed in a playful manner. " Did not."

Ami felt her eyes widen. " Did too. "

" Did not."

" Did too!"



Zach glared at her. " Stop acting like a two year old."

" Look who's talking!"

" Am not!"

" We are not going there again!" Ami giggled, her face filled with laughter.

Zach dished out the two plates full of food. They sat there munching for a few moments until Ami grabbed the napkin. Shaking it out, she heard a clatter as something landed on the platter.

Looking down, Ami was completely silent as she stared at the ring. It was a perfect oval sapphire with diamonds beside it and covering it slightly. It reminded Ami of a wave cresting, ready to crash on the beach.

Looking up at Zach, she licked her lips. He smiled gently as he picked it up.

" I thought about doing this a really romantic way, with the beach and candlelight. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to be just you and me. I got to thinking about this bed and breakfast, and the idea hit me. Why not propose while you were eating breakfast in bed?" Zach whispered his voice tender.

Ami was utterly silent; her body numb with shock. Tears glittered in her eyes as she waited for him to ask to question she longed to answer.

" Ami Mizuno, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Zach questioned, his voice steady, his eyes dark with hope.

Ami opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Desperately, she nodded her head instead, eyes wide. Zach laughed gently before reaching over and kissing her gently. He slipped the ring onto her left hand as he did so, and it slid on with the ease of breathing.

Ami pulled back and looked at her hand. She knew, if given the time, she could stare at it all day, and she laughed again, a pure, innocent sound echoing like the waves on the shore.

Looking up at Zach, her eyes sparkled in the early morning light, happiness radiating from her eyes.

" I love you, Zach Green," Ami whispered.

" And I love you, Ami Mizuno."

Zach kissed her again, and the sun burst over the waves in all of its brilliance.

There were still many things they were going to have to work out, such as were to live, and getting around each of their respective schedules, but at that point, both were content to rest in the love they had been so kindly given. And getting around each schedule, but at that point, both where content to rest in the love they had been so kindly given.


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