Note from the author: I know that the nations were different ages at different times but for this they are all aged between 17-18.

In the light of an anonymous review I have just received I feel that this note should be added to the start of 'Gakuen Hetalia'. Personally I thought most of it was clear but evidently not.

Bits I thought were clear

This is a slash fanfiction, for those who do not know what this means, it means that it is boy/boy. If you don't like, please don't feel the need to read further.

It is mostly Fruk with some other pairings which I think are detailed on the next page.

Parts that are not clear but deserve warning

This is a dark fic and includes some quite mature factors including rape and violence. For those that do not wish to read a fic with these themes please turn away now and I will not blame you for doing so. There is a quite a bit of sex with at least one scene between all the major pairings.

I have only written this note to make sure that only those who want to read on do, and I hope those who choose to continue enjoy.

Full pairings are: FrancexEngland AmericaxCanada ItalyxGermany HungaryxPrussia LiechtensteinxSwitzerland RomanoxSpain LithuaniaxPoland FinlandxSweden NorwayxDenmark

Please enjoy and don't be too critical. :)

"This is truly ridiculous!" America couldn't help but voice his protest at the stupid idea their bosses were suggesting. Around him a large number of the other nations were gathered; some looking just as irritated as him, others nervously trying to catch each other's eye.

His boss sighed and rolled his eyes, clearly having been over this several times; "We just feel it would be a good idea to have our representatives further educated..."

"But we've done Primary education!" England now butted in to argue, he'd kept quiet most of the morning but it didn't seem like he could hold his distaste in any longer.

"Primary education will only get you so far" America's boss reminded him, "High school will be a good experience for you all, of course we've agreed..." He looked around at the other nations bosses for conformation before continuing, "...That you should use your human names only, high school can be full of prejudices or people seeking for things to their advantage, some may even treat you cruelly for who you are, do you understand?"

"Why?" Little Canada's voice had sounded in the silence, he would have been ignored if America hadn't then repeated the question,

"Some people are just like that..."

"Ah, oui" Francis beamed, "like L'Angleterre here?"

"Shut it Frog!" England snapped back, glowering at the Frenchman, his boss elbowed him, looking apologeticly at France's boss.

America's boss cleared his throat and nodded, "yes, just like that."

"Well I think it sounds fun" Italy piped up, "me Germany and Japan can all be in the same classes right?" He asked linking arms with his two friends; Japan smiled happily, Germany looked embarrassed trying not to look his boss in the eye.

"But what will happen to the countries while we're gone?" Spain phrased a reasonable question,

"Nothing, we will insure nothing goes wrong but we cannot move forward in the years you'll be away, if anything serious comes up we will of course seek your advice, now can you all agree?"

He took the silence as an agreement and dismissed them calling cheerfully, "your uniforms will arrive in the post along with room arrangements, and class time tables, be sure to turn up when the semester starts..."

The moment the last of the nations had gone from the room the bosses fell into their seats; dealing with late teen nations was not the easiest thing in the world.

Italy struggled to contain his excitement, after all these days of waiting two parcels with his and Romano's names on them had arrived at the house, Romano didn't look as thrilled as his brother as he unwrapped the package.

"Look!" Italy exclaimed, pulling a pair of black pants, white shirt, scarlet tie and red blazer from the bottom of his delivery, "This uniform è il meglio!" He began instantly pulling off his dressing gown to pull the uniform over his head.

Romano ignored him, examining the room rotor, "We're sharing with that potato bastard!" He almost dropped the sheet of paper in rage,

"Germany" Italy looked round a grin from ear to ear, "that's great, who else?"

"Japan Prussia and Spain, this dammed room is going to be packed, well I'm not sleeping on the floor if that's what it's going to come too!"

"I'm sure we'll be fine onii-san" Italy patted him on the back, fully dressed in his new uniform; Romano gave a weak smile, he supposed the uniform wasn't too bad... Then his stomach gave a lurch, he'd heard about these boarding schools, someone could jump on his precious brother any time!

"No!" Without thinking Romano lurched himself at his brother knocking them both to the floor; he didn't even hear the door open.

"Sorry, I'll come back later," Romano whipped his head up to see Spain sniggering in the doorway, Romano got up abruptly blushing red,

"How'd you get in!" He flustered, pulling his dressing gown tighter around himself, wishing that he'd pulled his uniform on like his brother.

"I see your one arrived too," Spain nodded at the mess of cardboard and paper all over the floor, ignoring the question. He grinned, pulling Romano into a tight hug, "We're going to be in the same room mi pequeño tomate,"

Romano squirmed out of his grip, "D-don't call me that bastard!" He stammered, spinning on his heel and storming up the stairs to get changed properly; Spain shrugged,

"Well then Ita, I'll see you in school" Spain waved, smiling at the younger brother; once he would of traded anything for that boy, but now he couldn't understand why he'd ever want anyone but Romano, after all he was cute too.

Italy was left feeling a little confused about the situation but he decided not to let it bother him. He ran out into the hallway to the phone, did Germany know they were sharing a room yet?
There was a long pause before someone picked the phone up, hissing and holding back a yawn.

"Doitsu!" Italy half yelled down the phone, he heard a moody grumble at the other end,

"This is Prussia, West went out for a morning run I'll tell him to call you when he gets back," the voice sounded half asleep and annoyed,

"Grazie" Italy thanked him before hanging up, that was when it hit him, he didn't know Germany's human name, and he didn't think Germany knew his, what about Japan! Panic was beginning to set in, he'd have to find out before they got to school; despite his innocence even Italy was a little worried what might happen at school if people found out who they were.

He wasn't quite sure how long he'd sat next to that phone for, it seemed like an age, but Romano still hadn't come down for breakfast so it couldn't of been that long. Italy picked up on the first ring.

"Doitsu?" His voice sounded a little less than it's usual cheery self,

"Are you okay Italy?" Germany sounded quite out of breath, however he could still hear the change in the normally bubbly Italian man's voice.

"I'm fine, I-I just realised we didn't actually know what each other's human names were?" Italy couldn't help but feel flustered, the bosses may not of understood this when they'd told them all about this school thing, but to call another nation by their human name was a normal sign of close intimacy, that even Italy could respect.

"Wha' … Oh right this is about school..." Italy heard the other man clear his throat at the other end of the line, "...Well then you can call me L...Ludwig..."

"Ludwig" Italy repeated to make sure he'd heard it right, "then my name is Feliciano"

"Well I'll see you at school I suppose..." The atmosphere was uncomfortable,

"Wait, I've remembered why I rang in the first place; have you got your uniform and stuff yet?"

"I think so, Prussia was hiding something upstairs..." Germany trailed off, Italy could picture him looking over his shoulder in the direction of the stairs with a suspicious look,

"We're in the same room, with Japan, Prussia, Spain and onii-san," Italy couldn't keep the pleasure out of his voice, "we can still sleep in the same bed"

"I-Italy!" Germany hissed down the line, "do not let your brother here you say that, he's already got it in for me,

"but why, we're not having sex or anything?" Italy tilted his head in confusion,

"T-That's not the point, you know what he's like, we'll probably have to sleep in separate beds while we're there"

"But Romano sleeps with Spain sometimes?"

"Look Italy, I don't need to know, I'll see you at school," he hung up.

Germany could feel his face heating up all over, first he and Italy actually told each other their human names, then he started talking about sleeping in the same bed. He sighed, slouching down the wall into a sitting position against it.

"Lover's tiff?" Prussia smirked, dusting off his hands as he walked down the stairs, looking proud of himself.

"We're going to have to call each other by first names..." Germany murmured into his hands, "it's so embarrassing"

"Well I call you Ludwig all the time?" Prussia sat down beside him,

"I know Gilbert but we're brothers, I mean how would you feel having to call Spain or France by their human names?" Germany reasoned, Prussia thought a moment then shivered; "well too bad because that's what we've got to do."

The two brothers sat in silence contemplating the idea of addressing their fellow nations by their human names.

"Do you know anyone's name except for mine?" Germany looked over at his brother who was looking strangely worried, he started at the question then blushed,

"I know two, one was an accident and the other was just a misunderstanding..."

"Well that's more than me" Germany smiled helpfully at him, they didn't usually have these brother to brother talks.

"The first was when me and France got drunk and overheard him trying to tell some French military leader his name, she was a bird in armor, I mean who wouldn't find that attractive, and the second was when me and Hungary were kids..." He trailed off again, Germany gave him a helpful nod. "Well you know how she used to think she was a guy?"

"You've told me" Germany shrugged,

"Well she got this name and she thought it was funny, being a girl's name and that, so she told me..."

Germany smiled, punching his brother playfully on the shoulder- very ungermanyish behaviour. "you may talk the talk but you're useless in romance" he grinned,

"very funny, cause you weren't blushing or anything when Italy told you his name" Prussia snapped back, realising he'd hit a nerve as Germany's face fell back to it's normal scowl.

"I'll go and retrieve the uniform you locked in the cupboard shall I?" He stormed off up the stairs leaving a grumbling Prussia behind him.

Japan dusted off his new uniform, it looked a lot like the ones you could find in his country, he'd discovered he was sharing a room with Germany and Italy too, plus some others he'd met here and around. But then there was the issue of using first names, even humans at his house tended to address people by their surnames unless they knew each other really well.

He smiled lightly, he was close friends with Germany and Italy, he also knew America and England quite well, maybe it would be alowd with them, and he could sort something out with the others later.

This could be fun, school always looked fun in the mangas he read. He was sure Italy and Germany's brothers couldn't be as bad as the stories made out, and Spain seemed like a nice guy.

He quickly read over his time table, he was doing the main subjects like Maths, Literature and science, he could also see his boss had signed him up for art and IT as well, he might see America in IT.

For those who don't know what IT is it's basically computing; Information Technology

Maybe he should ask their names before they started school, so they wouldn't have the awkwardness in lessons.

It had been so long since he'd used his human name he'd had to check with his boss what it was. Kiku... It sounded familiar now he knew what it was; he'd have to phone Italy and Germany later to tell them.

Sitting back contentedly in his chair Japan smiled, oh yes this was going to be great.

"This is awful!" France had to hold the phone away from his ear England was being so loud, he himself was barely up, in fact he hadn't been till he'd had to pick up to the unresting shrill of the phone up.

"What is?" France yawned, not really in the mood to argue until he'd at least had breakfast.

"Don't tell me you don't know!" England snapped just as loudly as before, "Do you have your uniform and stuff yet?"

Stretching, France pulled on his dressing gown and slippers, "I'll just go and check L'Angleterre" he grumbled, knowing the other wouldn't leave him alone until he did.

Sure enough a parcel was waiting on the front door step; "It's here, why? What's so important?"

"Read the note!" England hissed, France opened the package, pausing a second to admire the uniform, before pulling a sheet of paper from the bottom of the box; it was a list of who was in his room.

America, Canada, …... "NO!" France dropped the note, this was going to ruin everything, he had to share a room with England!

"You think you've got it bad! I've got to share with you, and you snore!" England yelled, he almost sounded in tears,

"How would you know that?" France smirked, "been sneaking into my room at night?"

"Why the hell would I do that! I can hear you from next door when we have to stay in hotels during meetings!" He gave a small huff, then seemed to lighten; "they did send you the boy's uniform right?"

"Of course they did," France narrowed his eyes knowing where England was going with this,

"Well people have been known to get confused with you in the past..." France could almost hear him sniggering down the line,

"That was once!"

"Twice I think you'll find," this time England didn't bother to hold back his laughter,

"At least it gets me laid," England stopped laughing as France hit a nerve. "When was the last time you slept with someone?" France faked a mock thoughtful tone, "you know I can't seem to recall anyone..."

"Fuck off you dammed frog!" With that the line went dead, France grinned, he loved it when he one the fights.