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Chapter 28

September 1st, 2013

Hermione came awake with a start. A light sheen of sweat had formed over her skin and her pajamas clung to her uncomfortably. She gave herself a moment to collect herself, calming down her erratic breathing. She tried not to move, feeling Draco's arm around her, holding her close as he slept. The presence of her husband calmed her considerably and Hermione snuggled back into his brilliant warmth.

Sixteen years had come and gone since the night the Death Eaters attacked the school. She didn't remember much from those horrible two hours, but now and again her dreams would turn into nightmares with flashes of what happened. However, the moment she woke up any memory of it vanished.

What Hermione did remember was agreeing to let Professor Snape obliviate her. Everything else that had happened not concerning her had been filled in by her friends. The battle had left many injured on the side of Light, and a few dead on the Dark. While she didn't remember it herself, Hermione had been told she had been the one to kill Dolohov. And not with any spell, but with the remains of her snapped wand plunged into his neck. Gibbon, another Death Eater, had been killed by one of his own accidentally.

Those who were injured were immediately taken to the Hospital Wing. Professor Dumbledore, however, had to be taken to St. Mungo's, the extinct of his injuries far surpassed anything Madam Pomfrey could do for him. And poor Bill Weasley... His life was changed forever, but the damage wasn't as severe as everyone thought. Everyone else had much more minor injuries. A scratch here and a bruise there, maybe a broken bone or two.

That mere battle had changed a lot of the student's views. And at the end of the school year, Hermione had many of her old friends back. Maybe they weren't close, but they weren't calling her names. Except, Ron. Even while his family accepted her, he never managed to. There was a pang in her heart every time she thought about it, but there was nothing she could do to change his mind.

Over the years many things had happened. With Harry, Ron, and Neville disappearing for there seventh year, Hermione had delved right back into her studies, constantly worried and with a baby on her hip and a ring on her finger. That ring was the one thing that saved her from the dreaded Muggle-born Registration Law that had suddenly popped up. And while many Auror's had been sent to Hogwarts to pick up unregistered Muggle-born student's, both Dumbledore and Hogwarts protected them all.

That October had brought a little bit joy into such a dark time. Jasper Severo Zabini had been born healthy and strong. His father had passed out from all the excitement, but both Blaise and Pansy had been beyond happy when their son was finally in their arms. Hermione had been made godmother and much to Draco's disapproval, Theo was the godfather.

That had been the last happy moment until May 2nd, 1998 when the Light side came out the victor in the war and Voldemort was once and for all destroyed. Even then, however, happy wasn't the right word for it. Too many people had lost their lives for it to have been a happy moment. Relieved, was a better term. And 'sadness' quickly followed.

Hermione hadn't participated in the battle. As much as she wanted to, Draco had made a rather good point when he had thrust Ellery into her arms. That was all it had taken for her to comply, accompanying Pansy to Number 12 Grimmauld Place where they sat and fidgeted for was seemed like days, but were merely hours.

It had been such a relief when the fireplace turned green and Draco (along with Blaise) came through the floo. The news they brought with them, brought on a cluster of emotions.

Remus and Tonk had died. Fred, too. Lavender was in St. Mungo's, having been attacked by Greyback and Professor Snape... Draco didn't think he would make it. Apparently, he'd been bitten by Voldemort's snake and had half of his neck torn out in the process. The venom alone was a cause for worry coming from such a large reptile, but the blood loss added on the likely hood that the man who had risked his life and exposed himself as a spy to save the them, wouldn't live through the night.

Severus Snape's death had hit Hermione and her Slytherin's especially hard. But, their pain was no where near that of Professor McGonagall's. It was surprising and most definitely heart wrenching to find Professor Snape had been McGonagall's son. It was at his funeral that the witch made it public knowledge. After Harry's eulogy, McGonagall had stood up and told her story. Certain things had been left out, of course, but she made it known that her biggest mistake in life was giving Severus up and allowing Eileen Prince to raise him. Eileen had been McGonagall's friend in school, she had trusted her to raise Severus right. That had been her second mistake. Trusting a woman who allowed her boyfriend to beat her when he was drunk? That was just poor judgment on her part. She expressed her love for Severus after that and her self-hatred for never telling him who she was. That had been the saddest day since the last battle in Hermione's book.

After that, though, things seemed to get better. Slowly, but surely.

Hermione and Draco didn't get married right away, instead they waited a couple years. With Lucius in Azkaban, Malfoy Manor and his families fortune was now Draco's. And he, with advise from Hermione and a portrait of his mother, sold the Manor. Only to downsize in Scotland. However downsizing for Draco meant four bedrooms, along with a study, four bathrooms, a kitchen much too large, and a ballroom. They had to entertain guests, didn't they? Hermione didn't completely understand it's necessity, they could have friends over without a ballroom, but she didn't argue.

While her and Draco waited to wed, Blaise and Pansy had married a year after they graduated Hogwarts. And a year after that they welcomed another bundle of joy, Freya Elizabeth Zabini.

Neville and Luna hadn't married, but their commitment to one another was astonishing. If it weren't for the lack of rings, anyone would think they were a loving married couple.

Ginny and Theo were on and off for a couple years. But then they married the same year Ginny gave birth to their twin boys, Arthur and Darcy. That same year Hermione gave birth to a son, Warren Theodore Malfoy. She finally married Draco when Warren was only four months old. Surround by her friends and family. Which included Harry and the Weasley, but excluded Ron.

Harry had married Daphne and 2002 had welcomed not only two Nott's and a Malfoy, but a Potter as well. Lily Eleanor.

Years went on and her friends lived happy lives with good jobs and exuberant children. Hermione, herself, had a great job working at the Ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She had started in the Being Division, but after she'd established better treatment and conditions for House Elves, she'd moved onto the Beast Division to better the lives of Werewolves. Only to return to the Being Division when she had finally, after a lot of hard work and many arguments, gotten Werewolves to be seen as people, since they lived much of their lives human, aside from one night out of the month. Therefore, they were not to be cataloged as a beast any longer.

Draco also went to work for the ministry, but he didn't follow into his father's footsteps. Instead, Draco proudly called himself an Auror. Just as Theo, Blaise and Harry had. And all four of them worked exceedingly hard to bring in those who were evil and dark.

Hermione smiled and turned around to face her husband, watching his face as he frowned at the movement, feeling his arms tighten around her. She lifted a hand to his face and gently trailed a cut he procured from his latest Auror mission. A small gash on his left cheekbone, it was the only blemish on his perfect face.

"That hurts you know."

His voice made her jump, but she could only smile when he opened his eyes and brown met silver. She flattened her palm against his cheek, her thumb brushing back and forth.

"I'm sorry, love."

"Hmm, you could always make it up to me," Draco waggled his eyebrows, making her laugh and quickly shutting her up with a kiss.

"Draco!" she pulled away. "I haven't brushed my teeth, yet."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Hermione, we've been married eleven years and been together longer than that. Do you really think I care if your breath smells like Crooks' litter box?"

Hermione slapped a hand over her mouth, horrified. "Draco Malfoy! Oh, I can't believe you-" she said, throwing the covers off, but before she could get out of bed, her husband pulled her back and trapped her beneath him.

"Calm down, witch," he chuckled, smirking down at her as he nestled himself between her thighs, his hands pinning her own at either side of her head. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, only Hermione's lips were shut tight in a firm line. "Come on, love..." he said, trailing kisses along her jaw.

Nope, she was not going to allow him to do this. She would not- Oh! His lips were on her neck and his tongue traced over that oh-so sensitive spot... No! Hermione, he may be your husband, but you will not allow him to have his way. You will not. She told herself. Just as long as he didn't-


Draco gently moved his hips against her, bringing her aware of his morning arousal. Grinding against her just right that she couldn't help the gasp that left her mouth. Before she could do anything, he dove in. Capturing her lips in a searing hot kiss that made her toes tingle and her back arch. And maybe it wasn't just the kiss that got such a reaction, but Draco's hips had taken on a steady rhythm that made Hermione want to tear his clothes off, so there was nothing keeping them apart.

And she would have. If their bedroom door hadn't opened and the hall light hadn't poured in, making them both look up.

"Dad, what are you doing to mummy?" the little voice of their youngest son asked.

Hermione pushed Draco off of her, trying to catch her bearings and keep her voice controlled, however, it was rather hard as Draco had gotten her quite worked up and she was breathing as if she'd just run around a Quidditch pitch.

"Daddy was just telling me good morning, sweetheart," she said in a rush, standing up and shooting Draco a look when he chuckled. "Leo, why don't you go wake Warren and your sister," she asked, leaving a kiss on top of her seven year old's head. "And I'll make breakfast."

"Will you make chocolate chip pancakes?"

"Of course," said Hermione, even though the thought made her stomach roll.

"And ice cream later today?"

"Yes, Leo."

"Can I get a broom?"

"Leo, let your mother breathe, she just got up," Draco said, finally getting out of bed. "Go wake Ellery and Warren. They need to start getting ready," when their son didn't move from the doorway, Draco sighed. "You can jump on their beds, if you must."

"Yay!" Getting what he wanted, Leo finally scampered off, waving his teddy dragon over his head as he tore through one of the doors down the hall.

Hermione and Draco listened fondly from the hallway as their daughter shrieked and their youngest giggled madly.


"Uncle Theo!"

"Leo Fitzwilliam Malfoy!" Hermione screeched when her sons hand left her own and he disappeared into the crowded Platform 9 ¾. She instantly regretted not leaving him with Molly or Andromeda, she should have known she'd eventually lose him in the throng of people and her heart plummeted.

"He's just there, mum," Ellery pointed out, her hair just as untamed as Hermione's had once been, as she gestered to her Uncle Theo who had Leo in his arms and was talking adamantly with him. Hermione easily recognized the Nott's and the tightness in her heart eased.

Theo had always been rather handsome to Hermione and if she were truthful, he'd grown even more so with age. No wonder Ginny was five months along with their sixth child. Ginny, well she looked beautiful, as always. Maybe a little tired, but really, she was pregnant, with two eleven year old's, a seven year old, a four year old, and a two year old.

"You do not run away from me when we are here, Leo Malfoy," Hermione admonished. "Hello, dear," she said, giving Theo a kiss on the cheek and her son a stern look.

"Sis," Theo replied, returning the kiss and then setting Leo down. "I was just telling Lee here, that the girls were with Gran Weasley."

"Thank god," Ginny said with a hand to her stomach. "I love them to bits, but Carson's been spending way too much time with George and Gretta's started to think she's a snake, slithering off and hiding. And Kyleigh's two," she said as if that explained it all.

"Hey, mum?" Hermione looked to Ellery, a little surprised she'd interrupted them. "I see a couple of my friends... Could you watch my trolley? I'll be right back." Hermione nodded and shared a looked with Ginny when the two noticed Ellery jumping into the arms of a dark skinned boy with jet black hair. Hermione was just glad Draco was otherwise preoccupied to notice.


"Seen Blaise, yet," Draco asked Theo and took hold of his seven year old's hand so he would run off, when he noticed Hermione and Ginny starting to talk. He smiled a bit as he noticed Warren and the twins talking excitedly about what house they would be in. Ellery was in Gryffindor, and he had a feeling Warren would be in Ravenclaw. He was too studious and serious about the curriculum to be in any other house.

"My ears are bleeding," said a humorous voice, and Draco turned to give Blaise a pat on the back and Pansy a hug before she joined Hermione and Ginny.

Draco noticed Freya following her mother and he instantly wondered where Blaise and Pansy's oldest had wondered off to. "Where's Jasper at," he asked and looked around.

"Don't know," answered Blaise. "He ran off, said something about meeting a couple of friends..."

As Blaise spoke, Draco's eyes landed on a young couple in a tight embrace, kissing as if they hadn't seen each other in years. It took him a moment to realize the girl had the same color and consistency of his wife's hair. And that the boy was very much a replica of his father, only with his mother's eyes.

Oh, bloody hell no.

"Ouch, dad," Leo whined, his face scrunched in pain as he tried to wiggle his hand out of his father's.

Draco let go of his son and took a step forward with every intention of beating Jasper Zabini to fucking pulp, but he was intercepted by a pair of small hands pushing on his chest and large brown eyes staring up at him. "Draco, no."

"How long?"

"A year, darling."

"A year?"

"Yes," Hermione said, with an apologetic look.

Just then Harry Potter walked up with his wife, two children, and godson. He looked between Draco and the sight of two Hogwarts students in a pretty heavy make-out session and cringed. "So, he's found out, then?"

Draco growled. "Potter knew?" he hissed. While him and Harry were Auror partners, it still grated at him that the other man knew about his daughter's relationship before him.

Theo snorted at that. "Mate, we all knew. You're just blind as a bat."

Draco looked at all of his friends with an incredulous look on his face, before his lips set in a pout.

"Want me to beat him up for you, dad?" Warren asked, coming over and pulling his sleeves up to his elbows, popping his fingers with a glare on his face.

So, maybe Warren would be a Gryffindor.

Sighing, Draco shook his head and managed a smile. "No, not now. Maybe later, though?"

"Okay," Warren shrugged and then looked over at Lily Potter. "Hey, Lils," he said, squaring his shoulders with the Malfoy smirk on his face.

Oh, shit.


Draco and Hermione had given Warren goodbye's, with Hermione making him promise to owl them no later than tomorrow morning with what he thought about Hogwarts and what house he was sorted in. He had to pull Hermione away when she started plastering their son's face with kisses.

After that Draco had found Ellery waiting for him just as the train was about to set off. Hermione had already said goodbye, but Draco had purposefully ignored his daughter. He'd seen the flash of hurt across her face, but at that moment, he hadn't cared.

Now, though, while Hermione was off with Leo waving to Warren, he looked at his daughter standing there. The only student not on the Hogwart's Express and he opened his arms to her. Ellery ran into them, nearly knocking him over.

"I'm sorry, Elle," he told her, kissing the top of her head, that was just below his chin now.

"Are you mad at me, daddy?" she asked looking up at him with her large brown eyes, just a shade darker than her mothers were.

"Never, love," he shook his head, smiling at her, but no sooner was his expression serious. "He better treat you right."

Ellery laughed and gave him a squeeze. "He does."

"You tell him I'll kill him if he ever hurts you. He's a Slytherin, he knows I'm capable."

"Dad..." she rolled her eyes.

"Fine," Draco looked over the top of her head, noticing that the train was starting to move. "Tell him he's invited to dinner over the Christmas break. If you're dating, I'm going to have a sit down and talk with him," when Ellery started to protest, Draco gave her a look. "No buts. Now, you better get a move on, before you miss the train."

Ellery sighed and gave him one last squeeze. "Love you."

"Love you too," he replied and watched her run off to jump on the train before it could leave her behind. He saw both Jasper and Teddy Lupin help her on and then, she was gone.

Draco sighed, pushing his hands into his pockets as he watched the train depart. He felt Hermione's arm link with his own and they both watched until the Hogwart's Express disappeared. He knew he could never truly like Jasper Zabini, now. No one would ever be good enough for his daughter. But if Zabini made Ellery happy, he was happy. At least, he would try to be.

"You okay?" Hermione asked him.

He shrugged. "Okay as I'll ever be, I guess. Little pissed at you, though," he said, giving her a smile, and she pecked his cheek.

"Can we go get ice cream now?" Leo asked from his perch, beside his mother, pulling on her hand to get them going.

Hermione nodded. "But, we have to stop by St. Mungo's first."

"Why?" Draco frowned.

"I wanna see Luna and the girls," Hermione said, but Draco could tell there was something else going on.

"You can see them when they get home, Hermione."

"I know, but after I see her and the twins I need to check on my test results," she replied in a matter-of-fact way.

Test results? What test results?

Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her to a stop. "Test results for what, Hermione?" he asked in concern, his heart dropping with all the possibilities his mind conjured. "Are you all right?" He couldn't help looking her over, from head to toe. Was she sick? She didn't look sick.

Hermione placed her hand on the side of his face, and he leaned into the warmth, but his eyes latched onto hers, begging for some answers. "Draco, we're going to be in the maternity ward. What test result do you possibly think I could get from there?"

It took him a moment to realize what she was saying and his eyes trailed down to rest on her stomach. He pulled her closer and swallowed. "Really?" he asked, looking back up, but he couldn't keep his eyes off her flat belly for long.

"I'm thinking Henry for a boy and Stella if it's a- umph!" Hermione's smirk was wiped clean, as Draco's mouth plundered hers. He couldn't help it. They already had three children, and after Leo was born they'd tried for a forth. With no luck after five years, they'd stopped.

"Are you sure?" he asked pulling away to look at her flushed face and puffy lips.

"Molly already confirmed it, but she made me go to the doctor anyway," Hermione actually got the sentence out, before Draco, once again, latched onto her lips and they kissed feverishly. Momentarily unaware of the seven year they had as an audience.

Leo had his hands over his eyes, grimacing when he peaked through his fingers and saw his parents once again kissing. "Gross. You could really stop saying good morning to mum, you know?"

The End.

A/N: Did it suck? I know I enjoyed writing it, but once I read it over I found it was crap. Oh, well. I tried.

Also, this chapter was set in 2013, so I thought I'd post the kids and ages here, if the chapter was too confusing to track it.

Draco and Hermione:
Ellery Charlotte (16; May 4th, 1997)
Warren Theodore (11; August 6th, 2002)
Leo Fitzwilliam (7; November 12, 2006)

Blaise and Pansy:
Jasper Severo (15; October 31st, 1997)
Freya Elizabeth (13; April 3rd, 2000)

Theo and Ginny:
Arthur and Darcy (twin boys; 11; May 22nd, 2002)
Carson (7; September 4th, 2006)
Gretta (4; January 18th, 2009)
Kyleigh (2; August 1st, 2011)

Harry and Daphne:
Lily Eleanor (11; February 15th, 2002)
James Sirius (8; December 2nd, 2005)
Teddy Lupin (15; April 20th, 1998) might as well be Harry and Daphne's.

Neville and Luna:
Frankie and Alice (twin girls; newborns; August 28th, 2013).

Also, what wasn't in the story. Ron had married Eloise Midgen and they had two children Hugo (9) and Rose (7).