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Testing Luck, Fate, And Destiny

By Waterrain

"What on earth are you doing, Merlin." Arthur said in a startled voice and he was staring in shock at the scene. Gwaine was kissing Merlin on the lips, their hands in each others hair, and he noticed that Gwaine's knee was between Merlin's legs. Arthur was ignored by them and he shook his head.

"Are you ignoring me?" Arthur asked in an annoyed voice and his arms were crossed. Merlin and Gwaine broke their kiss. He noticed that they both looked drunk and their eyes were a bit glazed over, but Merlin's eyes more so than Gwaine's.

"How can I ignore a prat like you?" Merlin asked in a slightly slurred voice and his arms were now around Gwaine's firm shoulders. "Gwaine, You owe me money. Told you so."

"Are you selling yourself Merlin?" Arthur asked in a shocked voice and he was once again ignored by them.

"How did you know he would show up?" Gwaine asked Merlin and he blinked at him.

"It is fated that I shall always be called by my so called destiny and my luck is not so good." Merlin commented causally before giggling and clinging onto Gwaine.

"What are you two talking about?" Arthur asked in an irritated tone and he shook his head.

"Ah, Merlin here betted you would turn up within minutes if we started kissing and heh he was right." Gwaine replied smoothly and his arms were around Merlin's hips.

"My lips are sore." Merlin complained and he glared briefly at Gwaine who was grinning playfully. "All your fault, Gwaine."

"Oh, they are indeed swollen. I'll pay you one day." Gwaine said to him lightly before smiling and shaking his head. "I don't know when to be honest, Merlin."

"Meaning never, but that's okay and I forgive you." Merlin commented cheerfully and he giggled to himself.

"I'm here because you forgot to clean my boots." Arthur stated flatly and he wanted to hit Gwaine for some reason, but resisted the urge.

"Come on, Arthur. It's my day off." Merlin complained and he rested his forehead onto Gwaine's shoulder, but then his chin was gently tilted upwards and he was given a tender kiss by Gwaine. "Ouch, my lips still hurt."

"I'm waiting." Arthur stated in an impatient tone and his arms were crossed.

"Ah, I would not ever want to kiss a Prince or one who will become King. I would rather die a terrible and gruesome death." Gwaine told Arthur in a serious voice and he kissed Merlin's right cheek.

Arthur was speechless, Merlin was giggling, and Gwaine was grinning.

"I meant Merlin." Arthur commented flatly and he rolled his eyes at Gwaine.

"Sorry, Sire. I'll clean, cook, and other such demeaning things, but I won't ever kiss you. Unless your life depended on it, but otherwise I like Gwaine would chose death." Merlin said happily and then he giggled onto Gwaine's right shoulder.

"Merlin, We are leaving. You have had too much to drink." Arthur told him in a firm voice and he added. "Time to say good bye to Gwaine."

"Fine. Bye, Gwaine." Merlin muttered and he rolled his eyes, but then said in a slightly louder voice. "The Prince is upset we won't kiss him because you and I have taste enough not to kiss him."

Arthur looked on with annoyance and Gwaine chuckled, but then hugged Merlin tightly.

"You do enjoy messing with Arthur." Gwaine whispered into his Merlin's ear and he smiled faintly. "You are rather evil in a way, Merlin."

"Have to get my kicks somehow besides he already has Gwen." Merlin muttered quietly into Gwaine's ear and then smiled brightly at him.

"Will you forget our kiss?" Gwaine asked in a louder voice and this time heard by Arthur.

"I'll forget by morning, but my lips are killing me." Merlin commented flatly and he groaned to himself when Gwaine lifted up his right wrist to kiss it. "You're going to leave a mark."

"Ah, That is the point my dear friend." Gwaine said smoothly as he kissed Merlin's wrist and then moved his lips to the neck area starting to travel light kisses on the side of Merlin's neck.

"Merlin we are leaving now." Arthur snapped angrily and his fists were clenched for he wanted to punch Gwaine for some odd reason. "I have a long list of chores for you."

"Bossy isn't he?" Gwaine asked in amusement and he placed a kiss on Merlin's left cheek.

"Yes, He is pretty bossy and pushy not to mention insensitive." Merlin replied calmly as he rolled his eyes and then added. "My head hurts and so do my lips."

"Wish you luck." Gwaine told Merlin and he heard the soft sigh.

"Yeah me too." Merlin muttered to himself and shook his head.

Arthur grabbed Merlin and he pulled him away from Gwaine. Merlin giggled hysterically while using one hand to clench his stomach and he grinned at Arthur. Gwaine smiled in amusement and shook his head.

"Ah, Merlin. I can't wait until you see me again." Gwaine commented to himself and then sat down onto a chair while smiling for Merlin's lips did feel rather nice.

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