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Testing Luck, Fate, And Destiny

By Waterrain

Merlin found Gwaine in a tavern and he did not have any alcohol.

"I have found the perfect location where Arthur will never think to look…." Merlin commented to him bluntly and he felt sure that this time Arthur will not find out or discovery the location.

"The bottom of a lake?" Gwaine asked cheerfully and he received a raised eyebrow from Merlin.

"No. Besides we wouldn't be able to have air to breathe." Merlin replied patiently and he wondered if Gwaine would be able to guess, but figured it would be a good thing if Gwaine was unable to guess correctly for then the chances of Arthur finding them would be silm.

"Behind a rock?" Gwaine asked calmly while looking at Merlin.

"No." Merlin stated flatly to him.

"At your mother's house?" Gwained asked Merlin while smiling faintly and he heard a sigh.

"No. Besides I wouldn't make it back in time. I was thinking inside of a cave and I had found it a couple days ago while Arthur was hunting some animal." Merlin stated calmly and he received an amused smile from Gwaine.

"Do you think Arthur noticed that you were missing when you were away finding a cave. He might have called for you, but received nothing for you were not near him." Gwaine said to Merlin causally and he has a feeling that Arthur did notice that Merlin had went missing.

"I do not believe that he called for me and he didn't mention anything about me not being near." Merlin commented smoothly and he shook his head at Gwaine. "Besides it is not like he is good at hiding anything from me."

Merlin walked side by side with Gwaine and showed him the way to the cave. It was about an hour away, Gwaine was telling a few jokes, and Merlin was telling his own jokes too.

"Alright, Gwaine. We are finally here." Merlin commented calmly and he was smiling faintly, but heard Gwaine sigh heavily.

"Hello, Merlin." Arthur stated smoothly, his arms were crossed, and he looked at Gwaine. "Hello, Gwaine."

"Looks like your destiny is here, Merlin." Gwaine muttered so that only Merlin could hear.

"My luck is horrible." Merlin commented quietly and he sighed to himself before saying to Arthur. "Hello and just to let you know I'm not drunk."

"I'm not drunk either and we had no time to place bets." Gwaine said cheerfully, an arm around Merlin's shoulders, and a bright smile on his lips. "So what brings you to a cave, Prince Arthur? Is Gwen there too? Are you planning to do certain activities in a cave?"

Merlin groaned and he decided it was best to move away for Arthur will more than likely punch Gwaine for making a remark about Gwen.

"No, Gwen is not here. Are you planning to do certain activities in a cave, Gwaine?" Arthur asked coldly and Merlin looked at him.

"We were just going to talk without anyone bothering us. Talking is an activity." Merlin stated calmly and he wondered where Arthur would get such an idea.

"Merlin, Shut up. I didn't ask you. I asked Gwaine not you." Arthur commented calmly and he looked at Gwaine. "Were you planning to do perverted activities in a cave with my manservant."

Merlin rolled his eyes for Arthur was being a prat along with briefly wondering why Arthur was even asking and he noticed that Gwaine was grinning widely.

"It is not perverted. I was planning on doing a few sexual activities to and with Merlin." Gwaine said cheerfully and gave Merlin a wink that asked him to play along. "We were going to get to know each other a bit more personally. Don't worry for I'm not interested into getting to know you and Gwen more personally."

Arthur clenched his fists and Merlin decided to go along with Gwaine.

"Well, We have kissed a few times. However I'm not ready to do anything too sexual with you, Gwaine. After all I'm not easy and I wouldn't do such things inside a cave." Merlin stated calmly and he added cheerfully. "I would want to be in a bedroom on a soft bed not outside in the wild for I'm not an animal."

"Merlin, We are returning to the castle." Arthur said firmly and he didn't look at Gwaine for his blood felt a bit hot.

"Why were you at this cave instead of being at the castle?" Merlin decided to ask and he received an annoyed look. "Never mind. Can I say good bye to Gwaine?"

Arthur gave him a look and Merlin rolled his eyes.

"Sadly, We have been found out again. My dear Gwaine." Merlin commented playfully and Arthur gave him a look that said 'Hurry up, Merlin'. "Maybe we will have better luck next time."

"Yeah. I wish you luck, Merlin." Gwaine said to him cheerfully and he watched as the two of them left. After they were out of sigh, Gwaine sat down, and sighed heavily for Arthur keeps on showing up.

'Arthur has Gwen.' Gwaine briefly thought and laid backwards. 'He can't have both Gwen and Merlin.'

"I doubt Merlin will ever leave his side." Gwaine muttered quietly and he closed his eyes. "Even though Arthur is a prat to him and takes him for granted. I do not take Merlin for granted, he is my only friend, and I have no desire to lose him."

'I want to hold Merlin and never let him go, but I can't be that cruel and I would lose him for sure if I tried to do that. Arthur keeps on showing up and keeps on taking him away to the castle. I wish I had not been banished from entering Camelot. If I had not been banished than I could go and see Merlin.' Gwaine mentally thought and he cleared his mind so that sleep will overtake his body.

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