Title: Envy

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf (calen_greenleaf on LJ)

Disclaimer: D. Gray-man belongs to Hoshino. Who with her recent chapters makes my head spin.

Spoilers: Mangaverse only, DGM in general, including new chapters after Hoshino's hiatus. Spoilers for 200; I had first hesitated to put the new stuff in, but I gave in and worked it on. Here's to hoping it won't contradict 201 or future chapters |)

Timeframe: Four parts. First part is right after the Level 4 attack. Second part is before the Timothy Arc. The third part is…after the Timothy Arc, but before the Thirds are introduced and before the hiatus and Crazy!Kanda Arc. Fourth part is…kinda post-DGM. My timing may off, but it should work? If not, take it with a grain of salt.

Rating: Slapping a PG-13 on it *shrug*

Warnings: None, really. Just Link being Link. Excessive amounts of headcanon. Mentioned violence.

Pairings: Pairings, what pairings? I'm keeping this one simple (Except for one mention of Marie/Miranda, which I cannot resist).

Summary: Envy was a sin, and one that he was guilty of. Him, all Crow and all Central, was envious of Exorcists. Unbelievable. He will blame this on the cold that was going around. Howard Link POV. Giftfic

A/N: I blame roleplay, roleplaying Link, and certain excellent Allen roleplayers for this fic, to which this dedicated. :)



[ October ]

"It's my job."

Those words, Link said over and over again. He even thought them in his mind write now as he was writing.

Watching Allen Walker was a job, nothing more.

Yet this boy, he was unlike any other job. For one, he was both honest and dishonest at the same time. He was certainly opinionated, and he could range from happy to peeved in an instant. But he very polite. And he had a tight, tight guard on his true emotional state and just about everything else. The only things he gave freely were his smiles. And smile he did. Smiled when they had first met, grinned at half the accusations thrown at him, and smirked when the jokes turned on Link.

Link could honestly say he didn't like poker, and after meeting Allen Walker he liked it even less. He couldn't even catch the boy at cheating, but he was certain he did so.

Allen liked making himself enigmatic. Then again, so did Link.

He dipped his pen, mentally counting this was tenth page. Every night, he would transfer his notes to the official records; every day would usually yield twenty pages of notes. It was a good thing he didn't going this, else he'd be writing himself to the grave.

But after a few weeks of this job, and after the Level 4 had attacked, he had realised there might be some things he would never want Central to see, and thus he had started a journal of his own.

A part of him knew that if he was found out, he could very easily be accused of being a traitor for withholding information.

Link allowed himself a grim smile as he turned a page. One did not live to a Crow without knowing how the systems worked. If they didn't know, they couldn't ask.

And so he would supervise, and take notes.


A/N: Intro aside, it's not going to be ridiculously short.