Eclipsed Moon

Chapter 19

Emmett Puts His Foot Down

It took Rosalie two days to return to her coven after sulking for days. She was met with silence, nobody would talk to her. Shaking it off, not even looking in Esme's direction she went up to her room. She was used to the silence, with her rather outspoken attitude Rosalie ended up getting the silent treatment a lot. Rose immediately noticed something off when she opened her bedroom door, she couldn't quite pin point it. Moving to her wardrobe, deciding to have a shower and get changed, maybe then she'd work up the courage to apologise.

She then noticed it, Emmett's clothes were gone, all of them and a few suitcases from the top of their cupboard. Worry and fear immediately encompassed her, where was he? He surely wouldn't have left her over this?! Emmett had stuck with her through thick and thin. Grabbing her phone from her pocket she plugged it into her charger, hoping he's text messaged or called her.

Growling impatiently when it took forever, since the battery was completely drained. Running down the stairs, she faced her family, fear the most prominent emotion in her amber eyes. "Where's Emmett?" she asked her voice shaky.

"He's gone," said Edward feeling sorry for her, but this was Emmett's choice.

"Where?" cried Rosalie her eyes wide. "Alice where's he gone?"

"I don't know Rose," said Alice quietly, "He's avoiding my gift." she'd been trying to make sure he was fine for the past few days but she couldn't see him. He wasn't stopping anywhere, he just continued from place to place. She had thought Emmett would be back by now; he loved his electronics and Forks the best of all Rosalie.

"Try!" she said desperately begging her sister for help.

"I have been he doesn't want to be found." said Alice.

"Why did you let him leave?!" she said accusatorily at them.

"He's old enough to make his own decisions Rosalie, you cannot expect him to wait for you forever no matter what you do." said Jasper bluntly, who was the most like Rosalie, but knew when to hold his tongue. Something Rosalie had been incapable of doing in all her years as a vampire.

"It was two days!" she cried beyond exasperated.

"Yes, and you've been treating him like shit for months because you didn't get your own way." said Edward.

"No man would put up with your moods forever," said Jasper, he certainly wouldn't have. In fact he'd have already been long gone by this if Rosalie had been his mate. Thankfully she wasn't, no he was serious one in his relationship, Alice, bless her was the hyper, girly girl who never had a bad thing to say about anyone other than the Volturi.

Harry pensively watched the family; it was obvious to him without reading anyone's mind Edward had been speaking to them. Emmett's thoughts had obviously moved him a great deal. So instead of watching from the sidelines, he'd confided in the family. Rosalie had come home to apologize, only to find Emmett gone, she was going through some serious heartbreak and their words weren't helping. In reality it wasn't just Rosalie's fault, it was Emmett's for letting her off with it so long…and Carlisle's for not stopping her acting like an immature brat. She may look like one, and act like it but she wasn't, not anymore.

"Fine, I'll find him myself," said Rosalie going back up the stairs, she packed some clothes, charger and phone, grabbed her handbag from the nightstand and fled through her bedroom window as if suspecting someone would stop her. She was wrong; in reality they wanted her to fix it. Wanted things to go back to normal, or as normal as a vampire coven could be.

"Phone Carlisle, find out how much longer he's going to be," said Esme, holding her cranky three day old daughter. She wanted to feed, but until Carlisle returned with more human blood they couldn't. They were going through it at an alarming rate; it would soon be difficult to acquire it here without a great deal of suspicion. They would have to move sooner or later, either that or go further to get it.

Edward reached for his phone and did as Esme asked, listening to it ring, "Hello Edward, I'll be back in twenty minutes." said Carlisle, speaking through the answer phone. Since the rumbling of the car was more obvious than it should have been.

"Alright." said Edward wryly before hanging up, no explanation necessary since they'd all heard him. "Do you want something to eat?" he asked Harry.

"I'll come and help," said Harry, grabbing some fruit as Edward made a sandwich for him, he was getting better at making human food. Then he froze as he cut through a piece of apple, his mind a million miles away.

Edward removed the knife from Harry's hand, hearing everything, feeling sick. This Lord Voldemort had regained his magic and was cursing the Death Eaters, as if it had been their fault. One of them was Severus Snape, the wizard who had helped Esme's dream come true. It looked as if they would be going back pretty soon, he gave Alice a look and she and Jasper nodded before disappearing to Carlisle's office. Paying for a private jet to the closest airport to their destination as possible. The school was in Scotland but the area where they could get magical transport was in England. So they chose London in hopes that they were doing the right thing. Harry could Apparate anyway so he didn't have to worry.

They paid the price and had to wait a few hours for the company to fly the Private Jet to Seattle airport. It was the best they could do unless he wanted to wait for hours to get a commercial flight.

"Is Harry okay?" asked Esme worriedly.

"He'll be fine," said Edward, he hoped so anyway. He'd never been dragged into someone's mind before. Usually he went in himself, but they were connected in some way Voldemort and Harry.

Edward put his finger to his lips, telling Esme to keep quiet, just on the off chance that this man could see them the way Harry could see over there when he wanted. He placed his hand over Harry's eyes, stopping Voldemort from seeing anything if he could.

"Harry, are you back?" asked Edward once it went silent again.

"Just give me a minute." croaked Harry closing his eyes, overwhelmed by what just happened. If it wasn't for Edward, Harry would already be on the floor dizzy and disorientated.

"Can I get you anything?" asked Esme, she adored Harry and hated seeing him so vulnerable.

Harry shook his head, the thought of food made his stomach churn uncomfortably, mere minutes ago he'd been looking forward to something simple. His idyllic life was over; he was finally going to have to face his duties once more - along with the prospect of dying.

"A private jet will be here in two hours to take you to London." said Jasper returning; using his gift to soothe some of Harry's jagged nerves.

"Thanks," said Harry feeling a bit better. He was thanking him for both making the arrangement and making him feel better. Jasper's gift wouldn't last long through, not with how Harry was feeling. It could be described as his world crashing down around him. He loved it here, even though he missed his friends more than anything.

"You'll need to eat," said Edward, "You cannot fight on an empty stomach." news had already reached Voldemort that Harry wasn't there. He was going to attack Hogwarts and take over, send people out to find him and kill him in front of everyone. They had no time to spare; Voldemort wasn't even going to waste a day.

"I know," said Harry wearily, "What about Riley? What do I do about him? I can't leave him alone."

"We will look after him I promise," said Esme, it's the least she could do for him after all he'd done for them.

"I best go and get him then," said Harry his heart breaking at the thought of not seeing his lovable dog again. He wasn't as optimistic as Edward, who had no real clue so what the magical world was really like.

"Don't," said Edward strained, he didn't want to think about Harry dying, not when he'd just found him. He would protect him from everything, even Voldemort if it came to it. He'd seem and done evil things in his immortal life, maybe this would make up for it.

"Edward you already have, plus the people you…drank from deserved it, they were evil." said Harry.

"Would you say that if it had been your father? Or uncle who I killed?" asked Edward.

"Uncle? Oh yes, I'd still say the same." said Harry smirking, at Edward's exasperated look.

"Fine," replied Edward.

Esme smothered a grin at their antics her hearing picking up the familiar sound of Carlisle's far. "Hear that baby? Dinner time." she said cooing at her sleepy child.

"You probably saved the family from disgrace anyway; I mean sooner or later they would have been found. I'd say the family finding out they'd been murdered is better than being told their loved one was a serial killer or rapist and never trusting again." said Harry.

"Let's go," said Edward picking up his keys to his Volvo, they would need to get Harry packed and Riley back here, who knew how long they'd be away? "What about Hedwig?"

"She's staying here as well, but chances are she will fly home." said Harry his voice bland nothing like his carefree one he's supported earlier that day. She followed him everywhere; she was his familiar after all. He didn't have to worry about her, she could hunt for herself, mice and rats were her favourite anyway, and plenty water to be had - it rained constantly.

"I've told Emmett what's happening, hopefully he'll be reading his text messages," said Alice as they walked out of the house. Not just that Harry was going home in a few hours but about Rosalie looking for him.

"Tell Rose too, she needs to know." said Edward not looking back.

"I'd really prefer it if you didn't come." said Harry, his worry evident. They'd use Edward against him in a heartbeat, yes he was fast and strong, but there was ways to stop vampires, and Voldemort would know them.

Edward just scoffed not bothering to dignify that statement (or Harry's thoughts)with an answer.

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