Eclipsed Moon

Chapter 20

Saving The Day

Edward drove them back to Harry's place, wishing things could have been different, why did he have to get his magic back now? On the other hand he was worried about Severus Snape, he was obviously a good man, and hopefully this Voldemort hadn't done any permanent damage to the man. The Cullen's owed him and Harry a lot, he had brewed the potion for her, and given her additional potions to make the transition smoother. Although he had been paid for it, quite impressively so too, since according to Harry Basilisk ingredients were extremely rare.

"He will be fine, the only way Voldemort would kill him is if he found out about him spying. He's much too valuable to do anything, even in anger to him." said Harry, he was the best Potions Master in the whole of Britain, add to the fact he was a very formidable opponent and had magic that went with it. They'd never really gotten on him and Snape, but even if they had liked each other, they would never have been able to show it to the world. It would have resulted in Snape being killed within a few seconds. Although he was hoping it would change now, it had for him, he had been in his mind, he knew how the man really felt, the worry he constantly experienced for his life.

"You are very calm, I don't know what's more worrisome…you willing to leave or being stark raving calm." said Edward staring at Harry for a few seconds before turning back to look at the road. With two swift movements he had the car parked outside Harry's house. Smiling slightly, Riley knew they were here, he was already barking.

"I learned long ago it was pointless to panic, or jump to conclusions, it causes death and accidents to occur." said Harry, Sirius came to mind, if he had just been calm and investigated properly his godfather would still be alive. He would never know for sure unfortunately, he had investigated a little before leaving and it was his only consolation.

"I am sorry," said Edward, referring to Sirius Black, he knew the death of the man still weighed heavily on Harry's conscious and mind.

"I know," said Harry, opening the car door, it was time to get the show on the road, each minute they delayed could mean the death of one more innocent child. Child, Harry couldn't help but muse, he should have been considered as such, but no, he was the only who had to end the war - whereas the others would be told to get out of harms way, they'd fling him in its path to rid the world of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Opening his front door, he grinned and cheered up a little as Riley jumped up on him. His little pooch loved him unconditionally; he wanted nothing from him, well other than food and affection. He stood there petting at him for a few minutes before he wandered through to the back door and opened it, letting him run around for a while.

"Why bother taking everything back? If all goes well…you'll be back here at the end of the day…won't you?" asked Edward rather concerned now. Would Harry want to remain in the magical world? He hadn't really thought about it…but with magic he could freely use it there instead of hiding it…plus he had Hogwarts as well, technically he could resume school.

"Hogwarts has been my home for many years, but never once was I able to have a normal year because of circumstances…I often wondered there what it would be like to lead a normal life. It's why I came here, I never suspected for a moment I'd meet supernatural creatures in such a small insignificant town. But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way now, while I do miss magic, I don't miss it enough to stay. If I survive the hero-worship will sicken me, I would leave sooner or later even if I didn't have you. But I am not optimistic I will survive, Edward please…we have to consider the possibility alright? The only thing I will miss is my friends, who I have felt lost without but your family has helped fill that void. It would have happened sooner or later really…we cannot stay close forever. When we get jobs we would have probably only seen each other at the weekends." said Harry.

"I cannot lose you," said Edward his amber eyes filled with pain.

"Do you need to feed?" asked Harry; he was after all about to go into a bloody battle, quite literally as it turns out.

"No," said Edward, shaking his head.

"Have the others fed recently?" asked Harry, he knew better than to try and stop them, they weren't going to listen to him. Unfortunately it was just more people he was going to have to worry about during the battle.

"Yes, but I think Jasper might before we leave." said Edward he knew his brother well. "And you don't need to worry about us; we can take care of ourselves. We can move faster than they can say the spells."

"It's not just going to be one or two spells, Edward." said Harry tense, "There's going to be volleys of them going back and forth constantly."

"Stop worrying, we will be fine, but if you think I'm leaving your side you have another thing coming." said Edward adamantly.

"Alright, well I'll just pack a few things," said Harry, turning and running up the stairs to pack an overnight bag. Did he get in touch with Snape? Would he still be with the Death Eaters or will Voldemort have ordered him back to Hogwarts to keep his 'cover' and reveal himself at the last possible second. He'd do it when he was closer, contacting him now or anyone would just make him feel worse. No, he had to warn the others, right now he had to get a move on. When would the plane come?

"It's here now," said Edward, answering Harry's unasked question.

"Oh the dog food, his bowls…his lead…you'll need to take them," said Harry, depression settling in, dear Merlin, he prayed he survived. His poor pooch wouldn't understand what was happening, but he would have a good like with the Cullen's, well if they didn't eat him. He didn't think it would happen, at least he hoped not anyway.

Edward curiously remained quiet not blessing him with reassurances he couldn't quite promise.

"Live and it won't become an issue," said Edward as he picked up everything Harry asked him to. Hopefully Riley would only be there until they got back. He was determined it would be so, he couldn't lose Harry, if he did he may as well join him.

"Hedwig, I want you to stay here, don't follow me, it's not safe where I'm going okay girl?" whispered Harry, rubbing at her white head loving the softness of her feathers. He smiled softly when Hedwig hooted, Harry took it as confirmation she had understood what he said.

"Don't think like that, your family needs you, it would destroy them." said Harry, rejoining Edward after talking to Hedwig petting at Riley some more. "Now let's go."

Once they were outside he locked the door again, ushering Riley into the back of the car which he did without fuss getting used to it. He looked up outside, just wanting to make sure Hedwig was taking a telling, he probably should have put her in her cage to be sure. Unfortunately he didn't like locking her up; she'd been caged often enough especially when he had been forced to return to the Dursley's.

Removing his mobile phone, or a cell as the people here liked to call them, he began to text Angela, telling her what was going on, who he was in his world, how important and the news of the Dark Lord being back. In the second text message he told her about how he had to return and fight for his word that if anywhere were to happen to him he was fond of her and would miss her. Telling her never to listen to the idiots at school, she was bright smart and beautiful and she would find someone who appreciated it properly one day. He didn't want to leave without saying goodbye, or have her thinking he was abandoning her. She was the one human he could tolerate ironically enough she was a witch like him. Then he switched his phone off, not wanting to see her reply, it would make things ten times more difficult. Breathing deeply, it wouldn't work in a while anyway; chances are the magic would cause the battery to drain.

"Will it?" asked Edward, as he pressed his foot down on the pedal.

"Probably," said Harry.

"Do you have sockets in the Magical world?" asked Edward.

"Um no, we have no need for them, electronics don't work. Even if they did…they would have our sockets…not American ones." said Harry a lesson learned hard.

"How about if we actually removed our batteries would that stop the drain?" enquired Edward.

"I doubt it, I think it even affects normal batteries…" confessed Harry thoughtfully.

"I'll need to get an adaptor so I can use my charger in a UK outlet." said Edward, he knew his parents would worry constantly, so he had to make sure he could contact them as soon as possible.

"Planning a shopping trip are you?" asked Harry wryly.

"They will be available in the airport." said Edward dryly, shaking his head as he came to a stop outside the house.

"Alice has told Rosalie, she's coming back," said Harry surprised, he knew what the Blonde though of him, and she all but hated his guts. Why would she choose to come? Opening the door letting Riley out he bound in happy to be back there again it seemed.

"Family means more than anything to Rosalie, whether she admits it or not." said Edward softly, as he entered the house. Putting the bowls, the food and the lead beside the door.

"Alice told me everything, I want you to be careful do you understand me?" said Carlisle, "And come back in one piece."

"I'll try," said Harry.

"We have to go, we have twenty minutes to get there or they won't be able to take of for another hour," said Alice. Stating the obvious since Harry and Edward were both able to see the vision with her.

"Let's go, find out where Rosalie is, see if we can pick her up," said Edward already leaving the house.

"Please be careful, I love you all." said Esme watching them leave, she would have followed them if not for her little girl, followed them to hell and back if need be.

"We love you too," replied the others as they all packed themselves into Edwards Volvo, Alice texted Rosalie to find out where she was.

"She's going to meet us at the airport," said Alice before the text even arrived.

"Will we make it in time?" asked Harry, from the passenger seat.

"Yes," said Alice.

"Good." said Harry, spacing out, he thought of Hermione with all his power, focusing on her, as he slid into her mind.

"Hermione?" whispered Harry, able to see she was in her bed again.

"Harry? It's been a while I've been worried about you!" exclaimed Hermione.

"Do you know if Snape's at Hogwarts?" asked Harry.

"No even Potions was cancelled today, why?" enquired Hermione concerned.

"Voldemort got his magic back, he's planning on attacking the school, he's gathering all his forces to him." said Harry, "You must get everyone prepared without causing them to panic. I'm on my way back."

"When?" shrieked Hermione.

Harry mentally winced, "Mione!" he exclaimed Merlin he'd forgotten how loud she could be.

"Sorry, when is he coming Harry? Tonight?" asked Hermione terrified.

"No, he's only just received his magic, but he's planning on it very soon…listen just tell the D.A…have Ron on the outlook for anyone on the school grounds." said Harry. "I'll keep listening just in case, if need be I'll Apparate back."

"Alright, alright, I can do that," said Hermione calming down, the warrior in her coming out.

"Be safe." said Harry.

"You too," said Hermione.

Then Harry broke the connection, leaving Hermione in her bed at Hogwarts completely terrified. Closing his eyes once again, he thought on Snape, finding him without trouble, he was in the Dark Lord's hide out, under constant watch, he couldn't get word to Hogwarts. He was brewing potions for the Dark Lord, with Lucius Malfoy watching from the door.

"Don't look startled." said Harry quietly, trying to stop Severus from giving anything away.

"I don't do startled, Potter." said Severus sneering even in his own mind.

"I know he's returned, I've warned Hermione he's coming, so rest easy…I will be there as soon as I can…hopefully before it begins." said Harry, knowing how worried Severus was. He could feel him relaxing mentally at that sentence.

"Very well," replied Severus.

"Be safe, you only have another day to keep up the pretence…then you will be free." said Harry.

"Or dead." sneered the Potions Master.

"Or that, yes." said Harry, "But I know you, you've not come this far to die…you are too stubborn…plus wouldn't want the students of Hogwarts to celebrate would you?"

"Indeed not," said Severus amusement shooting through him.

"I'll see you soon," said Harry seriously, "Bye."

"Potter…take care of yourself," said Snape.

Harry withdrew without replying, this felt a lot more serious now just speaking to them, but he would do his damn best to stay alive through it. Whether Dumbledore let him or not…well it remained to be seen really.

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