Location: Clearing

memories cam flooding back, he didn't remember everything but he remembered Crator now. So the dream, wasn't just a dream? He thought to himself. Then he looked over and saw Prime evilly grinning, just like in his dream, his face turned to one of dread, no it cant be him.

At the same time Crator's mind was reeling.' I know that's him, But how... THE EXPLOSION! The sudden realization had Crator shocked, something must of happened during the explosion that effected the gateway and joeys body's stability in this universe!'

Prime turned and looked toward the scarred little experiment "Aww what a touching scene", he mocked " two best friends being reunited ant together... For The Last Time" with that he jumped strait for Joey arms stretched prepared to strike, but Joey didn't budge, he was still stunned from the memories he had regained.

"JOEY!" Crator yelled taking a step forward.

Joey suddenly snapped out of shock and jumped to the side, Prime missing him only by a few inches.

625 at this time had attempted to turn around and flee the scene only to have Darkness herd him over to where the others where standing fighting off the Darkness

Chopsuey looked over his shoulder at Prime, "is that the experiment Shadow mentioned?"

Prime without looking back replied, "I'll take fuzzball over here you deal with Goldilocks and his three little friends." he looked back at Joey the evil grin still present on his face, "So, Joey... are you ready for some fun?" Joey took a few steps back then ran into the woods. "So you want to play hide and seek?well then.. I guess that means I'm It."

Prime took off after Joey and Crator attempted to follow but was cut off by some Darkness. He morphed is arm into a sword and began slashing at the Darkness

meanwhile Stitch was franticly trying to get rid of the creatures that surrounded him, he continuously threw them, bit them, scratched them, and punched them but they just kept getting back up,"Mega naga kweesta!" He cried jumping away from the slashing claws of these indestructible things, as the evil green experiment laughed.

Crator looked back and saw what was happening,' they don't stand a chance'. He thought then suddenly got an idea, 'Unless...'

He finished off the three Darkness he was fighting and jumped over to the others who were now cornered and surrounded, their backs up against the wall of rock. Crator's arrival seemed to startle them for they fell back for a second. Crator quickly held out his hand toward Stitch, "Quick!" he yelled" take this!", using his other, bladed, arm to hold back a Darkness bearing down on him.

Stitch grabbed what looked like a small square strip of paper from Crator's hand. Almost immediately after Stitch picked it up it vanished with a flash, but his claws now were glowing with a golden aura. "ooo?"

Another Darkness suddenly came at Stitch from the right and Stitch quickly punched it, Stitch then slashed it across the chest with his claws, leaving a solid white scar on the Darkness' chest. Then the small dark creature burst into a cloud of black smoke and vanished.

"Help" someone screamed, Stitch looked back to see Crator desperately trying to hold the Darkness back from Lilo and 625, but he was being overpowered. Stitch quickly ran at the wall of creatures, slashing his claws vigorously as he ran. he broke through the creatures into the circle around the other three, destroying several Darkness in the process, and turned back to the amassing creatures., "mega nala KWEESTA!" he yelled and punched two of the Darkness, following up with a furry of slashes. Crator morphed his other arm into a sword as well and began a spinning attack that took out three more.

Suddenly Lilo screamed and Crator turned his head to see a Darkness has snuck around them and was closing in on Lilo. ,

625 jumped in between he and the Darkness, he was trembling obviously frightened out of his mind.

"CATCH!" Crator yelled and threw a golden plate, just like the one he gave to Stitch, at 625.

625 caught it, and just like with Stitch, there was a flash and his claws began to glow.

The Darkness was right in front of him now. He closed his eyes tightly and started waving his arms franticly toward the creature. He struck the Darkness several times before it vanished in a puff of smoke.

Lilo ran up and hugged him, "Mahalo 625!"

625 opened one of his eyes, then the other and put down his arms, "did I win?"

meanwhile Stitch and Crator seemed to be pushing them back, while at the begin there where about 50 Darkness they had narrowed it down to about 20.

Crator slashed both of arms at once downward, destroying one instantly while Stitch, who now had all four arm out slammed two of the Darkness' heads together then slashing quickly destroying them both.

Location: somewhere in the forest.

Joey was beginning to tire out. He had been running for about ten minuets. He stopped for a second to rest, but was interrupted bu a sharp pain in his back, he flew forward several feet colliding with a tree.

An evil laugh came from behind him as he turned around and saw Prime standing on a tree branch about 10 feet behind him, holding out his had. "oh whats wrong?" he said faking sympathy, " you best-est buddy Crator isn't here to help you out like last time?"

Joey gasped as he remembered how Crator was the only reason he had defeated this creature in his dream. Then he realized that when he said 'Last time' Prime was talking about to the dream

Then Prime jumped down from the tree, still holding out his hand, and continued his rant, "oh yes, that's right, I know about your little dream, only it wasn't a dream, and this time it will end differently.

Joey started to struggle then slowly he started to push away from the tree.

Primes, hand started to shake as he struggled to keep Joey pinned to the tree, through gritted teeth he said "so I see you've gotten stronger."

with that Joey broke free of Primes power and fell to the ground, taking a fighting stance.

"oh so its going to be like that?" Prime put his hands by his side and yelled "Naumna sie!" and suddenly in a poof of black smoke a black dagger appeared in each of his hands.

Joey was a little taken back by this but still held his ground.

Joey took a step back and lunged strait at Prime. Prime took a fighting stance and when Joey was a foot away swung his daggers

Location: The Clearing

Stitch and Crator stood on opposite sides of the only three Darkness left. Stitch lunged at them and slashed, sending two of them flying back toward Crator, who finished them with two swipes of his sword like arms. The other Stitch kicked then slashed at, turning it into dust.

"You did it!" Lilo shouted happily running toward the two,

but before she had even taken 3 steps an enraged voice yelled "Naumna!" and a ball of dark energy flew right at Crator's feet and exploded, sending him flying back about 5 feet.

The other three quickly turned their attention to Chopsuey, who was standing about 15 feet from them, angrily tossing another ball of darkness, like the one he had just thrown, up and catching it repeatedly in the same hand in his hand. He turned toward Stitch pulled his arm back and growled, "Catch"