Location: Clearing

after the villain disappeared in a puff of smoke Joey fainted. The sword quickly reformed into Crator, sitting beside Joey, trying to help him up. Suddenly Crator realized he could stand again, "he must of used his energy to heal me..." Crator picked up Joey and carried him over to Stitch and Lilo who where trying to wake up 625.

625 groaned, "five more minuets" and roiled over.

Crator approached Lilo and Lilo gasped "Oh No! Will he be OK?

"He should be fine in a couple of hours", Crator replied calmly, "he just used up his energy"

Lilo looked down sad, "then you'll be leaving right?"

"actually ... no" Crator replied and Lilo's face lit up as she turned to him, "with the darkness threat in this universe our mission still exists, and we will not leave until your world is safe"

Lilo smiled at Crator then looked at Joey and turned her head toward 625, "so what do we do with these two?"

Location: Pelikai residence



"No Lilo!"

The two sisters fought back and fourth over the fate of the small blue experiment, who Crator was holding standing in the living room, and 625 whom Jumba was running tests on to determine the damage he had taken.

" but ones not technically even an experiment and the other only has to stay till hes better!"

"Lilo," Nani argued "we cant fit anyone else!"

"But their Ohana!" Lilo screamed.

"grrr... Fine" Nani grumbled, "but your responsible for anything they break!"

Lilo ran over and hugged her big sister's leg , "Mahalo!"

then Nani put her hand on her forehead groaned and walked out of the living room.

Crator placed Joey on the couch and sat down. In another chair, Lilo walked up to him and said questioningly, "i thought you said he was a person"

"he was, Crator replied putting his head in his hands for a second, then lifting his head and responding, " something must of happened in the future, there was an explosion and then he was gone, something must of happened in the time tunnel"

"What do you think happened?" Lilo asked still looking up at Crator , Stitch sitting beside her.

"well, maybe Joey's human body wasn't stable in this universe, so when he and the soulless body of the unactivated experiment 700 where in the time tunnel his soul may have chosen the most stable body on exit."

"so his body's gone?"

"no" Crator replied "as soon as we leave this universe his normal body should return, but I cant figure out a way how..."

they sat their in silence for a minuet in silence. Then Lilo's eyes widened and she looked back up at Crator.

"Crator?" she asked politely, "what was that thing I did to Chopsuey?"

"oh yes" Crator said sitting up strait, "i guess I should tell you about that." Lilo leaned closer as Crator continued, "well you see Lilo, it turns out your quite special.."

Lilo replied in a very unamused monotone voice, "so I've been told"

Crator ignored this remark and continued, "you seem to have what is called an elemental power" Lilo and Stitch both ooed as they looked at Lilo's hands. "each elemental power relates to a force of nature. For example, lightning, fire or water, but the power you seem to posses, is Light." Lilo and Stitch did the ooo and looked at Lilo's hands again. "do you remember that stuff that The green creature Chopsuey did?" Lilo and Stitch both nodded vigorously. "well that was also an elemental power, darkness. But your elemental power is different from his in another way. You see scattered throughout the omniverse there are objects called the Majik Crystals, these give the holder of these crystals a special power, like an elemental power. Chopsuey was using one of these crystals for his powers, a darkness crystal, as was prime to increase his power"

Lilo raised her hand and waved in-front of Crator.

"yes Lilo?" Crator asked

" but I don't have a magic rock" Lilo said sounding somewhat disappointed

"ah yes" Crator said confidently "I was just getting to that, see powers don't only come from crystals. You have what is called "stray o mani" or power of the soul. Some individuals are born with these powers but never use them, for they are never unlocked, My and Joey's prescience in your universe combined with your desire to protect your friends must have unlocked your power of light"

Lilo and Stitch ooed yet again and looked at Lilo's hands again staring in wonder and amazement.

Lilo still looking at her hands, Stitch now sniffing them , asked excited, "so how do I do it again!"

Crator frowned, "well I guess I could train you for your own protection"

then Stitch stood up and waved his hand made a grunting noise twice then asked, "gaba about Stitch?"

"well unfortunately you don't seem to have an elemental power, but you have something else very special."

Stitch tilted his head and his eyes widened as he awaited his answer

" remember that thing I gave you during the battle that made it so you could hurt those things?"

"Ih" Stitch replied instantly

"well" Crator said, it wasn't just anything I gave you", Crator held out his forarm and revealed two square indents in his left arm, "It was part of me"

Stitch held up his hands and took out his claws, which were now golden, and him and Lilo looked at them and ooed.

" That piece of me gave you the power to fight and destroy the darkness and other evil creature's it also may have given you some other abilities too"

Again Stitch and Lilo oohed and awed at each others hands,

Suddenly, Jumba burst into the room with his goggles on "Ah , little girl, 626, and golden man, I am having good news about experiment 625, he will be fully healed by tomorrow morning."

"That's great!" Lilo shouted

then Jumba noticed Joey sleeping on the couch and ran over too him, "Ah, so this is human in experiment body I have been hearing so very much about, is very interesting design... I wonder what horribly evil functions it has."

"none" Crator said calmly

"WHAT?" the evil genius yelled, baffled.

"None it has no evil uses, you are no longer evil in the future" Crator calmly replies.

Jumba's expression becomes angry as he grumbles and walks out of the room and mumbles, "i will be showing you who is evil"

Then Crator stood up and looked at Lilo, "so when would you like to begin your training Lilo?"

Lilo stood at attention and saluted Crator "Immediately Sir!" then she smiled.