Okay, so this idea has been floating around my head since FOREVER.

What would it be like if the titans time traveled to another point in their lives? Let's find out!

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All right, so for this one I have made it to where the Titans from the end of Troublt in Tokyo end up traveling to the time when they are all gathered with Slade during The End pt 2.

After this one, I will open up requests for what the time travel places and times you want the next excerpt to be (can be from the show or from another fan fiction. Can even be in other shows, if you wanted to, but I want the show to at least have some part to pertain to one of the characters or the team [i.e. traveling to a Static Shock episode where Robin is there]) IF YOU USE ONE FROM A FANFICTION, IF IT'S NOT YOUR STORY MAKE SURE TO GET PERMISSION.

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"I know from experience that it works." Slade held out the golden ring, Starfire reaching to take it.

All of the sudden, there was a bright flash, temporarily blinding everyone. When everybody had clear vision once again, they came face to face with..themselves. Future Cyborg looked around.

"Yo, what just happened! I was in the middle of my grub!" Slade crossed his arms.

"Well, this is interesting. But we also have work to do, which means we don't have time for this. Robin, let's go. Your friends can take care of this predicament." All of the sudden, future Beast Boy walked up.

"Actually, thanks to us coming here it has temporarily stopped your time, so when we leave it will all start up again. Also, you won't remember this ever occurred." Everyone looked at Beast Boy, speechless.

"What? The t.v. was broken, so I had nothing better to do." Future Cyborg rolled his eyes.

"Of course you'd know something like that, B." The two future titans began to quarrel, when all of the sudden..

"DUDE!" Everyone looked to the past Beat Boy, surprised by his outburst. He pointed at something in the direction of the future titans. "You guys are holding hands!" Everyone looked to future Robin and Starfire's hands. The two looked down at their hands, then up at each other, letting go. Both laughed sheepishly. Past Robin was red as a tomato, ready to change the subject with the past task at hand, but Beast Boy went on.

"Are you guys like, a couple in the future? Who would've known Robin would grow a pair!" The future Robin growled at the past Beast Boy, while the past Robin kept blushing. Suddenly, a thought came to him and his face became grim.

"Beast Boy! Shut your mouth right now. In case you haven't realized, Slade is currently standing near us. He could use her against me!" Future Beast Boy scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Uh, dude, I already said that you guys will forget everything once we're gone. So, Slade, Robin and Starfire are now dating. Just so you know." Both Robins looked at him, ready to pounce. Future Starfire grabbed onto future Robin's arm.

"Please do not harm him, Robin. We must first focus on getting back to our time." He looked to her and nodded, smiling. He grabbed onto her hand.

"You're right, Star. All right, Titans; we need to find a way home." Slade walked over to them.

"You do realize how reckless it is to have a relationship with the alien, correct? I thought you knew better." Future Robin glared at him.

"Put a cork in it, Slade." All of the past Titans rose an eyebrow, confused at his laid back demeanor toward his arch-nemesis. Future Robin rose an eyebrow back.

"What?" Past Beast Boy walked closer.

"Dude..you just totally blew off Slade." He just stared.

"Your point being..?" Past Cyborg walked up.

"I would think that you would be flippin' right about now." Future Beast Boy strolled over, his head held high.

"You see, during our trip in Tokyo-"

"We get to go to Tokyo? Sweet!" Future Beast Boy grinned at his past self.

"I know, right? Anyway, during our trip Robin learned a valuable lesson. Thanks to Star, of course. He even just said before we were put here in your time, that even heroes need a vacation!" Past Robin narrowed his eyes.

"No they don't. We're heroes, and we're here to protect; not have fun. It comes with the job, like it or not." Future Robin stepped up, still having a hold on Starfire's hand.

"But you learn that even heroes need breaks." Past Robin turned to Slade.

"All right, let's go. I'm sick of this." Slade shook his head.

"Normally, I would agree, but this is far too enjoyable." Raven walked closer to everyone.

"Agreed." All of the past Titans turned to her, aghast. She rose an eyebrow.


"You're alive!" Past Beast Boy ran up, hugging her around the waist. Raven's eye twitched.

"Get. Off." She pushed him away. "Yes, I'm alive." Slade snorted.

"I'm surprised you are all so surprised. Being the intelligent kids you are, I would have thought you would have put two and two together, seeing as you have future selves." They all stayed silent.

Past Cyborg smiled.

"Well, it's nice to know that we're all alive! And the future looks pretty bright too, huh Robin?" He elbowed past Robin and wiggled his eyebrows. Robin glared at him, grumbling.

"Yes! The future does indeed seem quite 'the bright'!" Beast Boy snickered.

"Of course you'd say that. Dude, I sooooo wish that we could keep these memories!" Past Cyborg nodded in agreement. Past Robin put on his best leader face.

"No, you don't wish that. If these memories somehow stayed, it could completely alter our future. We're not meant to know it yet." Past Beast Boy rolled his eyes.

"Fine, fine. Hey! So, do I get a bunch of girls? I bet I do." Future Beast Boy grinned.

"Dude! You to-" Suddenly, the bright light came back. Again, everyone was blinded, and again, everybody's vision cleared. The future Titans were gone. Everyone kept silent, looking around completely perplexed as to why they had suddenly moved positions from when Slade brought out the ring. Slade suddenly stepped up, his eye narrowed.

"We have work to do. Robin?" Robin looked over at Starfire, holding her gaze for a moment, then turned to go after Slade. He turned back to the Titans.

"I'll bring her back; I promise."

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