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"Are you sure you're not just..ya know..jealous?" Beast Boy nodded and smiled in agreement with Cyborg. Robin turned to them and was about to defend himself when a bright light flashed, then revealed five other figures that were not present before.

"Dude.." All stared wide-eyed at their counter-parts, then past Robin stood and went in front of his team.

"Where did you come from?" Future Cyborg and Beast Boy glowed.

"Dude, that's us in the past! When Star was gonna get married to that booger thing." Future Robin's hand tightened on Starfire's, glowering. Past Robin was also glowering, until he caught sight of his future self and Starfire.

"Uh.." He pointed to the hands. Future Cyborg saw where he was pointing and grinned ready to explain.

"You and Star totally hooked up last night..well, our last night. You're no longer a bachelor!" The past Robin's eyes widened as he started to hyperventilate, Cyborg and Beast Boy snickered, and Raven rose an eyebrow. Starfire pointed at Robin's past self.

"Robin, you are doing what you did when we were stranded on that hostile alien planet." Robin looked at his past self with a look of sympathy.

"Yeah.." Past Beast Boy rose an eyebrow.

"Huh? What alien planet?" The future Cyborg glanced his way.

"We were checking something at the relay station when this alien monster drove us to crash-land on an alien planet. I made a joke about Starfire being Robin's girlfriend and he started to..well, you know." The past Titans, excluding Robin, nodded slightly. Robin was still hyperventilating.

"Uhh, Rob? You okay?" He didn't answer. Starfire let go of future Robin's hand and walked forward.

"Perhaps I may try?" The others stepped aside. Starfire walked up to the non-cohesive Robin and put a delicate hand on his shoulder.

"Robin? Please, stop the hyperventilating now. It is all right. You must think of the, as you earthlings call it, 'silver lining'. Now you know I did not marry the creature!" She beamed at him as he started to come out of his stupor.

"Y-yeah. You didn't, did you?" He slowly stood up straight while keeping a hand on his abdomen. Future Robin walked up to his girlfriend and smiled, taking her hand again.

"Definitely didn't. Thank god, too." Starfire smiled at him.

"Yes, it is a good thing. If I did not, we would not be in our current predicament." Future Robin blushed slightly, his gaze going down. Past Beast Boy and Cyborg looked aghast.

"Dude! I can't believe you're not like, freaking or something! You're actually doing something right for once. I thought you were romantically retarded." Future and past Robin glared at him.

"I do not like her like that! She's my best friend!" Everyone in the room rose an eyebrow. Future Robin walked over to him.

'Uh, sorry to tell" His brow furrowed at the confusing counter-part situation. "But it's pretty obvious that I do, considering she's currently my girlfriend." He smiled at that and Starfire giggled. Past Robin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Yeah, well...uh.." He opened and closed his mouth, but nothing came out. The past Beast Boy and Cyborg snickered.

"Face it dude, you can't deny it anymore!" Past Robin looked at everyone, unable to come up with a valid excuse. Because of this, he did what everyone knew he would do. He changed the subject.

"So, how do we get Star out of the marriage situation exactly?" Robin stepped forward.

"Well, Starfire's sister decided to plan the whole thing to get this 'jewel of charta' from the..thing that Starfire was going to marry." He ground his teeth. "So none of the ships have anyone in them and the planet is in no real danger." Past Robin looked extremely relieved.

"Great! All right Titans, let's g-"

"No!" All the past Titans looked at Beast Boy. "If we do that, it could totally mess with the future as we know it! And besides, none of you will remember us when we go." Future Raven's brow furrowed.

"And how do you - out of all people - know this?" Beast Boy shrugged.

"That's a good question. Maybe time travel likes to speak through me!" He puffed out his chest proudly and Raven rolled her eyes. Starfire giggled and future Robin let her lean against him, not able to keep the smile off his face. He heard the past Cyborg and Beast Boy snicker. He turned to them.

"Sorry man, it's just we'd never have guessed we would see you like this. All not afraid of feelings and stuff." He shook his head disbelieving. "Well, it's about time!" Future Cyborg looked at his counter-part.

"That's what I said!" Future Raven's lips flickered slightly, a barely visible smile. Past Beast Boy gaped at her.

" that a smile? Is the apocalypse really that close?" She glared at the younger Beast Boy. As she began to seethe, he squeaked and quickly backed away from her.

"I mean..nevermind." Everyone's gazed flickered to Raven for a second, then quickly looked away, not wanting to be her next target.

"This is quite enjoyable, friends. It does remind me of the time when I visited the future." Future Robin smiled at her.

"Well hopefully that future doesn't happen." She smiled back at him.

"I do not believe it will. But I must do the admitting..the Nightwing outfit made you look very 'warm'." Future Robin blushed slightly, while past Robin started to hyperventilate again.

"Uhm, do you mean 'hot'?" Starfire nodded.

"Yes. The 'hot'." She smiled and he blushed even more.

"Heh,'ll have to show me what this outfit looks like."

All of the sudden, that annoying bright light flashed again. The future titans were gone and the past titans were back in place.

"Jealous? Of that ugly, smelly whatever it is? You saw her face Cyborg! She doesn't even like him!"

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