'Stupid, stupid, I am so damn stupid!' she thought bitterly as she ran, tears still cascading down her face. 'This is what happens. It always happens like this. Why does it always turn out this way?' She reached her apartment and climbed the stairs to her room. Once she got inside she slumped down in her chair and laid her head down on the desktop. The tip tap sound of her tears hitting the wood was soothing. 'This sucks,' she thought sadly. She shivered as her back became chilly from the night air. Had she left the window open? She turned around and felt the blood leave her face as she saw a silhouette standing next to the window. "Raph?" she stammered. "How…did you get in?"

"The window was unlocked. I wasn't raised a ninja for nothin, ya know." He took a step towards her.

She stood up and self consciously looked at him. "What are you doing here, Raphael?"

He took another step closer, his face serious. "Look, I'm sorry, ok? You don't understand how hard this is for me. I don't know how to act in situations like this. Look at me! I'm a freakin' mutant turtle!"

She glared at him. "Bullshit. You just don't like me!" She turned around to walk out the apartment. Suddenly she felt him grab her arm, twist her around and pulled her close to his chest. Before she knew what was happening he leaned down and violently pressed his lips to hers. In that one quick moment she felt herself dissolve into his kiss. All her fears and worries were swept away as she melted into his chest and felt his arms wrap around her. When they parted he spoke softly, "I DO like you. So much that it scares me." Becky stood there a moment, unable to believe it. Then his words washed over her like a warm wave. She smiled happily and closed her eyes. He pressed his finger under her chin and gently tilted her head back for another kiss. She parted her lips and felt his soft tongue enter her mouth seeking hers. They touched softly and she felt a deep shudder run over her body. They kissed again and she let her hands roam over his decadent body as she whispered "I love you" over and over again, unable to damn the flood of emotion overtaking her body and heart. He lowered his mouth and began planting little nibbles against her neck. She sighed and tightened her grip on his arms. She felt him reach underneath the back of her shirt and fumble with the bra strap, giggling softly at his frown of concentration as he tried to get it undone. It finally gave way and with a rush of heat she felt him take one of her breasts in his hand. She gasped with pleasure as he fingered her small, pert nipples. She ran her fingernails down the front of his plastron and heard him begin to growl.
Before she had time to protest he scooped her up in his arms and whispered, "Bedroom…where?"

She weakly pointed towards the closed door down the end of the hall. He carried her to the room and laid her down gently across the bed. The shades were drawn and moonlight spilled in from the window, illuminating his form as he stood next to her bed. She pulled off her shirt and bra and began to undue the button on her jeans.

"Don't" he growled. "Let me do it." He climbed on top of her and kissed her. The heat from his lips spread through her until it felt as though she had become a wildfire. He brought his mouth to her breast and began working his tongue around her nipple. With his other hand he toyed slowly with the top of her jeans. She panted softly, pressing her hips against his. "Please," she gasped.

He chuckled huskily. "What do you want, baby?"

She looked him in the eyes and urgently whispered, "You. Now."

He smiled deviously at her before finally unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them and her panties off of her. Becky usually hated being naked in front of other people, it usually made her feel self conscious. But this was completely different. This was Raph. Her Raph. And she wanted him to see and feel all of her. He began kissing her belly softly before slowly moving down even further. She gasped when she felt his warm breath on her thigh. She cried out as his tongue flicked swiftly over her clit. Her fingers tightened in the sheets as he made love to her with his mouth. She was on fire. She ran her fingers down his plastron and stroked his tail. He moaned and let himself finally slide out from his slit. His member was huge, and already pulsing with raw energy. Amazed, she leaned down and licked the tip of him.

"Oh God," he moaned and closed his eyes. She slid his shaft deeper into her mouth, delighting in the taste and his sensual cries. He slid one finger across her moist sex. She purred softly as she continued to work him in her mouth. It was amazing. Becky had no idea how anything could feel so good. She felt his finger slide inside her. She ached to have him all the way inside her. Sensing this, Raph grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her back down onto the pillow. She lazily untied his bandana and let it drop to the floor. Raph spread her thighs with his and she felt the tip of his hardness brush up against her. Her heart was beating so fast against her chest it felt as though it would burst. With his eyes locked deeply with hers he began pushing his throbbing erection inside her. It was pure bliss. It was if her heart and soul were melting into her body, as if they were becoming one being. She pumped her hips up to take him farther and deeper into her and he groaned with pleasure and thrust harder…faster. It was an act of sublime rapture. Losing themselves in the rhythm of their passion it became hard to distinguish where her body ended and his began. Suddenly the feeling climaxed and spread like a tidal wave crashing throughout her body. The feeling sank its teeth into her and shook her to the core as she cried out in the throes of orgasm. He felt the slick walls of her heated sex tighten around his cock and couldn't hold back any longer. Biting her shoulder, he released himself into the deepest part of her. Spent, he collapsed, pressing his cool weight on top of her. Still breathing deeply she kissed his forehead and felt herself into sleep.

Awakening to the warmth of sunlight across her face, Becky slowly opened her eyes. 'Was that a dream?' she thought sleepily. She looked beside her and saw Raph asleep under the covers. Smiling, satisfied, she sank back down into the crook of his arm and closed her eyes. She couldn't remember a time when she had ever felt so happy. Right before she sank back into sleep Becky could have sworn she heard him whisper, 'I love you too…'