A couple of months ago, I thought I was only a vice to Misaki…

Satou thought this to himself as Misaki lay beside him.

"She really dodged a scary situation, I can't even imagine if one of my daughters were…" This was spoken by the older nurse had been caring for Misaki throughout the night. "Hm…well good thing she has such a gallant boyfriend like you to care for her." The nurse, Haiko, gave Satou a slight smile and winked.

"She should be ready to go by tonight."

Misaki was only in the hospital for a panic attack. As soon as Masashi saw Tatsuhiro he whimpered out and ran. Nakahara was so surprised she fainted.

She looks so peaceful just sleeping there… On impulse he reached and stroked her hair.

Tatsuhiro had been there all night waiting by her side. He knew that it wasn't such a serious thing but still, he wanted to be there and make sure she was secure. She had woken up a few times throughout the night but Haiko would just tell her to get more rest.

Satou started to recall the events prior to that morning. He felt as though it was his fault somehow...

He was even more disturbed that the bastard Masashi was on the loose. What if he came back to get Misaki? What if he already knows where she lives?

It's official, Satou thought deeply to himself, I'm never leaving her side until I know she's completely safe.

He didn't want her to feel scared anymore. He wanted to hold her. That's when Tatsuhiro started to question his own feelings of her.

He knew deep down to himself that he had some non-platonic feelings for her, that was for sure. Though, he wanted the best for her and he didn't exactly think that he was it.

Two crazy people like us…shouldn't be together. We aren't safe for each other

He still wanted her for himself though. He'd never even officially had a real girlfriend, someone he could comfort and hold, someone he could reassure that everything was gonna be alright in the long term, someone he could also depend on for his needs.

He never experienced that.

Thus, Tatsuhiro Satou thought to himself what it would be like if he did date Misaki.

Would it be a complete disaster?

Or the over romanticized portrayal that Satou had about relationships?


Hello! Its been soooo long! My name on here used to be MiMiYunHee but now it's Amilovely so dont worry still me! I actually have been busy but I decided I will commit to this again. Okay so I sort of KIIIIINDA have EXCITING NEWWWWS!

For a school assignment, in Honors English we had to send a letter to someone who inspires you/is courageous.

Guess who I chose?

Takimoto Tatsuhiko.

Who's he?

The CREATOR of Welcome To The NHK! novel and manga(I think).

He was actually Hikkimori himself then got out then got back and now is again reintegrated into society. NHK! is also quite controversial which is another reason he's brave.

Okay so everyone including my mom, and most people in my class were skeptical. Like "he wont reply blah blah blah" I was starting to loose hope as his publisher site didnt site a fanmail address,

I looked up his twitter.

No less than 24 hours he replied.

He knows English too.

He gave me an email address but when I stated the teacher prefers(If we can) to send it in the mail.

Sooo he gave me his home address.

I can speak Japanese quite well as I've been learning through private lessons since I was 11, buuuuuut they barely taught me to read. As a child reading in English was quite a challenge for me. So a friend is translating the letter because when I told Takimoto I'd translate the letter he was very happy and said thank you because he's not confident in his English.

I'll most likely be sending it next week, oh and he said he's write me back so I'll update on that too!

Sorry this was kind of a rant but I found it VERY relevant.

I'm sorry also if this chapter seemed like a"filler". It wasnt though.

I have a dire sinister plan for allllllll of this to play into...

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